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Top 15 Brock Lesnar Memes That Are Savage AF

Brock Lesnar is known as one of the most dominant WWE superstars to ever grace the ring, with some labeling him with terms like “beast” and “savage.” There are fans that absolutely love the guy, and f...


15 Rumored Heel Turns That Never Happened

Over the years, there have been plenty of moments when a wrestler would tease a heel turn through his/her actions, but nothing would come out of it. WWE can be predictable at times, but they do like t...


15 Times WWE Divas 'Broke The Internet'

The term “break the internet” became popular after a racy Kim Kardashian photo shoot made the cover of Paper Magazine with the headline “Break the Internet.” The term is also the name of an award give...


16 HUGE Fights UFC Should Book In 2017

2016 was the UFC’s biggest earning year, with stars Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey leading as their biggest draws. McGregor alone accounted for twice as many PPV buys in one year than the entire UFC ...