Articles by Philip Frazer

Top 15 Wrestlers Who Failed In NXT


In the eyes of hardcore wrestling fans, NXT is the golden child of the WWE. Maybe not in the eyes of the company itself but there is no doubt that diehards view the Orlando based promotion to be one o...

Top 15 Legends Who Openly Criticize WWE


There is little denying the dire state of the WWE product these past couple of years. Fans have been left disillusioned and things culminated with a controversial WrestleMania that saw the main event ...

Top 12 Most Improved WWE Performers In 2015


Wrestling fans are a very opinionated group of people, a trait that has only grown with the world of social media. With WWE having had a record low year, 2015 has seen a lot of negative opinions of th...

Top 25 Greatest Wrestling Sets Ever


First impressions are one of the most important things about any presentation. Whether applying for a job, meeting your partner's family, or any number of other scenarios, nobody wants to make a bad f...

Top 15 Wrestlers Who Retired On Top


Legacy is something that lingers in the back of the mind of every entertainer. The question of how, or if, they will be remembered by the public is integral to the motivations of those in the public e...

Top 15 Times Hulk Hogan Embarrassed Himself


Hulk Hogan was known as the face of professional wrestling to a generation of fans thanks to his larger-than-life persona and embodying 'the American spirit'. Legions of Hulkamaniacs idolized The Hulk...

Top 15 Managers Who Were Unjustly Fired


There is only one career that ages a person faster than politician - football manager. And for good reason. More than any other member of the club, the manager comes under constant scrutiny from both ...

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