Articles by Peter Sotiriou


WCW Clone: 10 Mistakes AEW Needs To Avoid

AEW's Dynamite has only just recently debuted, but the similarities between WCW and AEW are already very apparent. So far, so good, but Cody and his merry gang of Elite better be careful to only apply...


Pushed Wrestlers

World Wrestling Entertainment pushes people based off a multitude of factors: looks, marketability, popularity, talent, health, age and ethnicity. While most of these factors remain a constant, popularity rises and falls every now and again.


15 Huge Takeaways From WWE Payback

WrestleMania has come and gone, so welcome to the worst time to be a wrestling fan during the year. Kidding aside, there is some truth to that statement, as WWE seems to get complacent after their big...

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