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10 Superstars You Forgot Defeated Triple H

There aren’t too many duos in wrestling that are as joked about as Triple H… and a shovel. The Cerebral Assassin has made quite the name for himself over the past 24 years and continues to change the ...


10 Wrestlers You Forgot Won At WrestleMania

There are certain WrestleMania moments that we can barely go a day without thinking about. The Undertaker’s streak coming to an end. Daniel Bryan’s phenomenal showing in taking out all of Evolution in...


10 Best Wrestlers To Follow On Instagram

Since the dawn of social media, kayfabe has gone out the window. TV rivals are shown as best friends behind the scenes, and bad guys are clearly actually just nice people in real life. But these aren'...


15 WWE Divas That Got The Most Backstage Heat

You have to imagine that being a WWE Superstar is pretty tough. Travelling for more than 300 days a year (away from your family), you’re undoubtedly going to get annoyed occasionally with some of thos...


Top 15 Things The Rock Has Never Accomplished

Who doesn’t love The Rock? He has everything that you could want in a WWE superstar – in fact, he has more than anyone has. He's strong and slick in the ring and one of the greatest of all-time on the...

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