Articles by Ryan Pangilinan


Top 15 Wrestlers Who Need A Break From WWE

For wrestling fans, this is somewhat of a golden age that we’re in. We are able to connect with other fans around the world, watch clips of small organizations on YouTube, and we have access to the th...


15 WCW Wrestlers Who Deserved A Bigger Push

Ah World Championship Wrestling (WCW) -- it was once the bastion of great wrestlers, but the company’s mismanagement is legendary in the annals of biggest sports boners, bested by when the Orlando Mag...


Top 15 Wrestlers Who Overstayed Their Welcome

When a wrestler is at their peak there’s nothing more exciting than to watch them in the squared circle, explode, and just join along the chorus of cheers or jeers. But, alas, time waits for no man, a...


Top 15 Hottest Moments in Wrestling History

Everything on this list of the hottest moments in wrestling history could be about WWE's Attitude Era alone, but there is some extension beyond that. Even in the current PG/Modern era, the company has...