Articles by Simon Cotton


The 8 Worst & 7 Best WWE Contracts Of 2016

The WWE has a lot of wrestlers on their rosters in 2016 with varying looks and abilities. While the roster is far removed from the days of most competitors resembling body builders, the roster now has...


Ranking Every WWE PPV Main Event This Year

More often than not, the main event match is the culmination or continuation of weeks of build-up, trash talk, and physical attacks. All those factors lead to the big match that most of the fans are i...


15 Genius WWE Storylines That Never Happened

Storylines in professional wrestling are one of the most important aspects of any promotion that has weekly programming. The actual wrestling match should be good as well, but sometimes a great storyl...


15 Mind Blowing nWo Stats & Facts

In 1996, WCW would truly kicked off the Monday Night Wars with the introduction of the legendary stable, the New World Order (nWo). It started when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall signed to WCW and Eric Bis...

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