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Top 10 Wrestlers Who Should Have Been More

“CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” “LET’S GO CENA! CENA SUCKS!” “ROCKY! ROCKY!” The resounding echoes of fans cheering, jeering, protesting, or demonstrating, but what would the landscape of pro wrestling be today i...


Who Deserved to be WWE Superstar of the Year?

We are now one week into 2015.  After the re-emergence of the Authority, and Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erik Rowan going on unemployment, I’m still hearing people talk about the joke of a Slammy Award...


Can a Professional Wrestler Compete in MMA?

Brock Lesnar took the sports world by storm on June 2nd, 2007 when he stepped into the ring against Min Soo Kim. Kim, a professional mixed martial artist with a career 3-7 record to date, is no Randy ...


Does the Anonymous RAW GM Work?

The Anonymous Raw General Manager. Say it out loud. The…ANONYMOUS…RAW…General Manager. Quite possibly one of the hokiest things we’ve seen on televised wrestling since Mantaur. Look that one up in you...


Does Dolph ZIggler Deserve a Push?

Every fan has their opinion of who should be “pushed” by The Machine. Whether you’re in the pre-teen demographic who rabidly supports the Cenation, or you’re an old-school wrestling kind of guy who pr...