Articles by Scott Seningen


Every NHL Team's Most Underrated Player

Which NHL players just don’t get the publicity they deserve? Each team has at least one player who is toiling away in relative anonymity. Contributors to their team who, whether they prefer it or not, are usually not in the limelight.


Building The All-NHL Team of the 2010s

If you could build the ultimate NHL Dream Team for the 2010s, which player would you select first? Alexander Ovechkin? Sidney Crosby? Maybe you’d go with a defenseman, or goaltender? It’s fun to think about building such a team.


Top 15 KHL Players NHL Teams Should Sign This Summer

The Kontinental Hockey League, or KHL, is one of the best professional hockey leagues in the world. Many European players, and quite a few North American players, have decided to play the game in this Russian-based hockey league.


Top 15 Huge NHL Trades We Wish Would Happen

A hockey fan can dream, right? There are just some players you'd like to see on another team. If making National Hockey League trades happened as easily as it does fantasy hockey, maybe some of these ...


Every NHL Team's Biggest Draft Steal of All Time

Every NHL team has been able to select a player in the mid-to-late draft rounds who panned out to be a quality NHL contributor. Some of the players taken turned out to be real steals. You’ll always ha...