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Royal Rumble: 10 Most Surprising Entrants

WWE's second most popular show of the year has to be the Royal Rumble. Thirty competitors enter in two-minute increments, with the last person standing getting a headline match at WrestleMania.


10 WWE Wrestlers Poised To Breakout In 2020

Between its three brands, WWE’s roster has never been better than it is at this moment. In the past year, we’ve seen matches we never thought we’d see, and they didn’t disappoint. From the Royal Rumbl...


WWE Vs AEW: 10 Dream Matches We'd Love To See

Wrestling fans who remember the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW know that the best part of the competition was imagining what would happen if the two companies really went head to head. We’re st...


Nia Jax: 10 Best Feuds For When She Returns

Following a severe double knee surgery, WWE’s Irresistible Force, Nia Jax, has been out for several months. We’re hoping to see her back soon, perhaps for the Royal Rumble. The growth of the women’s d...


The 5 Best and 5 Worst Hell in a Cell Matches

Hell in Cell matches are the most brutal in all of WWE. Anything goes, so they are used to settle a rivalry when nothing else will work. They also come up when management wants to make sure the winner of a title cannot be disputed.


10 WWE Tag Teams We Want To See Reunited

Though they often don’t get the respect they deserve, tag teams are the backbone of the wrestling business. Throughout its long history, WWE has had legendary teams like the Road Warriors, the Hart Fo...

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