Articles by Stephanie Whitfield


Top 12 Unbreakable Records in WWE History

Many times throughout history, people have separated the concept of being ordinary and being extraordinary. However in the world of WWE, these extraordinary wrestlers have heightened the bar one step ...


Top 15 Sexiest Women in Racing

It may seem that in the history of motorsports, racing has been a display of male diligence and it comes as no surprise in consideration of the stereotypical nature of a career involving mechanics, ph...


Top 20 NFL Players Who Are Former Wrestlers

Over the years in the world of sports, there has been a long tradition of great NFL stars that have excelled in both football and wrestling at some point in their careers. Some, with impressive wrestl...


Top 15 Awesome Bromances in WWE History

Every once in a while, WWE finds two significant characters that come together to create a friendship that can rather entertain crowds for a few months, or change the world of wrestling forever. Profe...


Top 25 Wardrobe Fails in Sports History

Sports and wardrobe malfunctions can often be seen in the same light and are a common part of the celebrity and social culture of this modern society. While most athletes concentrate solely on the gam...


Top 15 WWE Wrestlers With a Soft Side

Through years of watching and witnessing, WWE fans have seen the biggest, baddest wrestlers in world wrestling history, so much that it has become difficult to believe that some of these superstars ha...