Articles by Stephen Nixon


Top 10 Worst NHL First Overall Draft Picks

Getting drafted first overall in the National Hockey League (NHL) is quite the thrill for one lucky individual each summer, but unfortunately for some of those players, they can’t live up to the hype.


Top 25 WWE Divas of All-Time

The WWE Diva’s Division may not be the most talked about division in professional wrestling, but there have been many ladies who have had an incredibly successful career from it.


Top 15 2014 NFL Wide Receiver Busts

The definition of a bust can have many meanings. In terms of Fantasy Football, a player may have a significant season, but a few less touchdowns and couple less yards than projected can have a major i...


Top 15 NFL Combine Freaks of All-Time

The NFL Draft Combine is a place where many young athletes can make or break their football careers. For some players, it’s the first place where many scouts are able to watch them in person and if th...


Top 15 Best Pitchers in the MLB Right Now

A major league baseball team will only go as far as its pitcher will take them. Although hitting homeruns may make the highlight reel more often than a nasty curveball, the men on the mound are the mo...