15 Rumored NHL Players That Are Already On The Trading Block

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A little about myself…….I am a big sports fan, a lot of my life incorporates sports and fitness, whether it is playing, coaching, training, watching, reading or even video gaming. I have been writing about sports on a variety of different avenues both print and online for over fifteen years, be it on the grassroots or professional level. My main writing focus has been basketball related, however I also enjoy sharing my thoughts on the NHL, MLB, NFL and secretly (though I guess now, not so much) the WWE. Heck I am proud enough to say that I am even a fan of the CFL BC Lions. Whereas my passion lies deep for the Lakers, so to does my distaste for the Duke Blue Devils.

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15 Must See NBA Games Of The 2017-18 Season

15 Must See NBA Games Of The 2017-18 Season

Remember the movie Fever Pitch? You know the underrated sports/love story/comedy with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. Okay, anyways, chances are slim, but we move on. Jimmy’s character Ben inherited …
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