Articles by Tom Flight


All 32 ECW Champions: Where Are They Now?

To be a fan of ECW in the 1990s was to be a part of a movement. As WCW and WWE took wrestling into the mainstream with their weekly ratings duel during the Monday Night Wars, ECW was like a wrestling ...


Top 10 Loyal NBA Husbands And 10 Major Playboys

You’re young. You’re a multimillionaire. Most nights you’re on TV playing basketball which you are really good at. And women all over the country literally throw themselves at you. Can you honestly sa...


Top 5 Dunkers At Each NBA Position

It goes by many names; the dunk, the slam, the jam, the stuff. Basketball is unique in that the game’s most exhilarating method of scoring, is also the easiest for the players to do. Each night during...


15 Insane Stories About NBA Stars

In the 70-year existence, the NBA has given the world some of the biggest personalities. Unlike other sports, the league has always actively allowed the players to express themselves and let the big p...


Best Of Big D: Top 15 Dallas Mavericks Of All Time

It all started as a gift from a leading Texan businessman to his wife. “I was stupid enough to promise her a basketball team and had to keep that promise,” Don Carter said years later of his purchase ...


15 Best NBA Players Never To Play In The Finals

History remembers champions. Once you get a ring on your finger, your career and your legacy is instantly re-evaluated. Every year, the NBA Finals puts together the two teams who were able to endure t...