Articles by Tara Hennemann


The Most Overrated Player On Every 2017 NFL Team

You know when females boost each other’s egos in the comments of their friend’s social media feeds, stating things like “OMG you are so beautiful!” and “I simply cannot deal with how skinny you are,” ...


Top 15 Pictures The NFL Doesn't Want You To See

Just like any of us who demand friends to remove tags from Facebook photos that are not showing off our best side (to put it mildly), the NFL has many photos that they would love to keep under wraps. ...


Todd McShay's 15 Biggest NFL Draft Mistakes

There's no denying it, Todd McShay is the man when it comes to what he does. NFL Draft and College Football Analyst for ESPN since 2006, McShay is best known for his television appearances/commentary ...


15 NFL Players You Didn't Know Lived With Disorders

Most of us have little inhibition when it comes to expressing our feelings to friends or family regarding any personal issues we may be dealing with. Letting it all out is therapeutic. Now, imagine wh...