Articles by Eric Sundstrom


15 NBA Stars That Grew Up In Random Locations

While basketball's international popularity continues to grow—with massive fanbases developing in places like China—the NBA is still predominately made up of American players, of course. Evidence of t...


15 Forgotten Players Who Are Still On NHL Payrolls

Considering the huge salaries that athletes in America's major pro sports leagues command, it's no surprise that sometimes things go wrong. Usually, it's in a team's best interests to lock down their ...


15 People Who Can't Stand Sidney Crosby

There are few athletes who have managed to both be likeable and the best in the world at their sport. The unbridled ambition and motivation that it takes to rise to the very peak of athletic stardom i...


Every NHL Franchise's Worst First Round Pick

If you take a look at the NHL's recent Stanley Cup-winning teams, you'll notice that they largely have one thing in common. Most of the league's most successful teams were built through the draft, and...


Top 15 People Who Aren't Fans Of Steph Curry

Stephen Curry is widely considered to be the greatest shooter in NBA history, which is a claim that he'll likely continue to prove as his career unfolds. He's still only 29-years-old, and historically...


The 20 Worst Players Currently In The NHL

On lists like these—about disappointing or downright bad athletes—there are always people sounding off in the comment section saying "well I don't see you playing in the NHL" and other things along th...

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