Articles by Theo Salaun


Top 15 Swaggiest Players in NBA History

'Swaggy' can feel a little ambiguous. Sometimes called 'flash', 'style', or 'swag', certain players have always done things with a little more character or pizzazz. Playing swaggy, in its varied form,...


Top 15 Athletes Who Also Rap

Athletes flex muscles to score points. Rappers flex mental aptitudes for sonic effect. Sometimes athletes try and flex multitasking muscles to show that their mental runs parallel with their physical,...


Top 15 Muslim Athletes in America

Last week, when discussing how best to combat Daesh, Obama mentioned that “Muslim-Americans are our friends and our neighbors, our co-workers, our sports heroes.” Donald Trump, our Bizarro World presi...


Top 15 Tales of Kobe Bryant's Insane Work Ethic

Few in the history of the Association have climbed as high up the mountain of hoops (aka the Himalayups) as Kobe Bryant. Past boulders of frontcourts and crevasses of double-teams, Kobe has ascended l...