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15 Great Soccer Players Who Were Terrible Human Beings

Playing football at the highest level is a balancing act that only the best of the best can truly master. Trying to stay at the pinnacle is not an easy task to accomplish, but when it’s done right, it is a truly masterful feat to behold.


Top 20 Worst Players In Serie A History

Serie A has always been one of the most exciting and entertaining leagues in European football. The history, drama and flair of Italy's top flight has often made it a thrilling spectacle for fans both inside and outside the boot-shaped nation.


Top 15 Most Useless Awards in Sports

Most athletes take part in sport not because they want to participate, but because they want to win at all costs. Some are better at that than others, but it binds them together as a unifying identifiable trait.


Top 20 Most Hated Premier League Players

The Premier League has a long and illustrious history that stretches back nearly 25 years. Having seen its inaugural campaign begin with the 1992-93 season, its fabric has been added to time and again...


Top 15 Things You Need to Know About Formula E

Watching cars spin around a track at high-octane speed has always been a spectacle to behold for thrill-seekers everywhere, and Formula E is certainly proving that notion to be true all over again.


Top 15 Most Selfish Soccer Stars of All Time

Football can be quite a cut-throat sport, not to mention how ruthless it can be from a business perspective. Making it to the top of the highest peaks in any country is never an easy undertaking, but ...


Top 15 Soccer Prodigies Who Lost Their Way

Narrowing down a list of prodigious soccer stars who have lost their way is no enviable task. Down through the years there have been quite a number of youngsters who have promised so much only for the reality of life to kick in...hard.


Top 15 Soccer Stars Who Were Terrible At First

Tales of rising superstars, exceptional talents and wonder-kids always make for a brilliantly captivating story. Shining brightly from a young age, players with an innate talent can often attract the ...


Top 10 Forgotten Premier League Winners

Nowadays, the Premier League trophy is competed for by a small handful of big teams. Try as they might, clubs have done their best to smash through the long-standing status quo built up over the years...

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