Articles by Uttiyo Sarkar

20 Soccer Stars Who Will Change Clubs In 2019


Looking at the frantic pace at which soccer players are changing clubs with each passing year, it’s for certain that there will be a lot of activity next year. Be it in the relatively quieter January ...

20 Forgotten Members Of WWE Stables


The stables in WWE have often given birth to some really memorable segments throughout the history of its programming, with many superstars being created with their great work as part of a stable. In ...

25 Soccer Records That Will Never Be Broken


Soccer being such a vastly followed sport by millions all around the world has allowed it to grow by leaps and bounds over the years, and because of the innumerable stats, rules, and regulations surro...

Top 20 Goal Scorers In Champions League History


The UEFA Champions League has maintained a charm of its own over the years, where it has asserted itself as the premier competition of Europe because of its reputation. The best clubs from around Euro...

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