15 Baseball Players You Forgot Dated These Hot Women

It's pretty well known that all professional athletes get good looking girlfriends and wives. Don't believe us? Veteran broadcaster Brent Musburger had this to say during the 2013 BCS National Championship, when cameras showed Katherine Webb (the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback, A.J. McCarron):

"I'm telling you, you quarterbacks get all the good-looking women. What a beautiful woman. Wow!"

With all due respect to Mr. Musburger, let's not discount baseball players. Some of guys simply put on a glove, tied up the cleat and donned the cap. Next thing you know, they are dating some of the most gorgeous and dreamy women to ever live.

One of the main reasons people dream of being famous is because they get three luxurious things: Money, fame and all the beautiful people to fall in love with them. Though everyone knows MLB players have no problem finding attractive women to date, some guys wound up with super attractive women that you didn't know or forgot about.

16 Evan Longoria: Jaime Faith Edmondson

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Longoria has been one of the best third basemen in baseball during the 2010s. He owns a career .270 batting average, .831 OPS and has (as of this writing) 245 home runs and 819 RBI. He also has a career .968 fielding percentage, but Longoria's biggest catch is his beautiful gal, Jaime Faith Edmondson.

Though her name may not ring a bell to some, there's a good chance you've seen her on television. Edmondson was the January 2010 Playmate of the Month for Playboy, appeared on The Amazing Race 14 and used to be a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins.

Longoria and Edmondson tied the knot in December of 2015 and had their first child together in 2013. Longoria can make pitchers jealous all he wants with his home runs off of them, but they're probably most jealous of his beautiful woman.

15 Josh Beckett: Leeann Tweeden

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Josh Beckett was one of baseball's most underrated yet dominant pitchers of the young 21st century. The three-time All-Star won the World Series in 2003 and 2007 with the Florida Marlins and Boston Red Sox, respectively. Beckett won 138 games and posted a 3.88 ERA and 1,901 career strikeouts.

But back in 2007, Beckett was dating a beautiful sportscaster, Leeann Tweeden. She's worked with Fox Sports, NBC, Poker After Dark, UFC and other major sports television programming. Tweeden also did work with Playboy and Hooters.

Reports go that these two met at Super Bowl XXXIV which took place in Houston, but it doesn't appear as though the relationship lasted long. Not a whole lot of information is available on their relationship. But we know they dated....so...Josh Beckett and Leeann Tweeden...

14 Kris Benson: Anna Benson

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Kris Benson played for five MLB teams in a career that lasted from 1999 to 2010, but struggled to find consistency as a starter. He finished with a 70-75 record, 4.42 ERA and 806 strikeouts. Benson may not have earned as much fame or money as other MLB players, but he really won himself in a beautiful woman -- Anna Benson.

While Kris was playing minor league ball, he met Anna -- a stripper in Atlanta. They got married in 1999 and had four children together, but their relationship was extremely rocky. Anna actually filed for divorce back in 2006, then chose to withdraw her papers. In 2013, Anna was arrested for going into Kris' home and threatening him with a gun and baton. Their marriage ended in 2012.

Beauty isn't everything, men. A good personality and clean behavior is more important.

13 Bo Belinsky: Mamie Van Doren

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Many of you probably aren't familiar with the career of Bo Belinsky. He struggled as a starting pitcher during his time in the majors, going 28-51 with a .410 ERA and 476 strikeouts. But he did throw a no hitter on May 5, 1962.

But Belinsky dated a lot of famous Hollywood celebrities during his MLB career. He was pretty lucky to be playing for the California Angels, where many of the celebrities lived. One of his most well-documented relationships was with Mamie Van Doren, who gained notoriety for trying to pull off a Marilyn Monroe-type look.

Belinsky and Van Doren's relationship reportedly look place during the '60s, and the two were even engaged. However, the two broke up for good in 1964.

12 Nick Swisher: JoAnna Garcia

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Nick Swisher is a guy of many things: He was a solid outfielder during his career who helped the New York Yankees win the 2009 World Series. Swisher is one of the guys with one of the coolest last names in MLB history, and you can't help but think he was born to be a basketball player...with the last name "Swisher" and all.

Now that you know a little bit about Swisher, we can explain why he's on this list. He's been married to actress JoAnna Garcia since 2010, and the two have a pair of children together. Many of you probably remember Sam from Are You Afraid of the Dark? -- one of the greatest television shows of the '90s. Yep, that's Joanna Garcia. Garcia has also appeared in Once Upon a Time, American Pie 2 and other television series.

11 Brad Penny: Karina Smirnoff

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Brad Penny is one of the forgotten MLB stars of the 2000s. This is a guy who played a big part of the Florida Marlins' 2003 World Series championship team. He was a two-time All-Star with a great fastball which helped him win 121 games while racking up 1,273 strikeouts. Penny led the National League in wins back in 2006, too.

But even non-baseball fans probably heard Penny's name pretty frequently. That's because he was once in a relationship with Karina Smirnoff, a famous ballroom dancer who won season 13 of Dancing with the Stars.

Smirnoff and Penny began a relationship in 2009, and the two got engaged a year later. However, their relationship (and engagement), came to an end in 2011. Opposites often attract, but a baseball pitcher and a world-class ballroom dancer weren't mean to be.

10 Carl Crawford: Evelyn Lozada

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Carl Crawford's failed disaster with the Boston Red Sox after signing a seven-year, $142 million contract shouldn't overshadow the impressive career he had. He was still one of baseball's best defensive and offensive outfielders during his time with the Tampa Bay Rays. Crawford, a 2010 Gold Glover, was named to four All-Star teams and led the American League in bases stolen four times.

But Crawford (like many guys on this list), saw his biggest accomplishment take place off the field. That would be the women of his choice -- Evelyn Lozada -- who has gained fame for her work on Basketball Wives. She also had a previous relationship with Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco. So there's that.

Crawford and Lozada got engaged in December of 2013 and have a son together.

9 Carl Pavano: Alyssa Milano

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15 years in the majors, 108 career wins, 1,901 strikeouts, a 2003 World Series Championship and a selection to the 2004 All-Star Game. It's safe to say former pitcher Carl Pavano (who played for five teams throughout his career), enjoyed some success in the big leagues.

But hey, there are thousands of guys who can say they threw a pitch in the majors. Less than 0.1 percent of them can say they got the chance to date Alyssa Milano, though. According to Deadspin (via Hugging Harold Reynolds), here's how Milano discussed the relationship:

"This was right after he won the World Series. So he was kind of baseball royalty. It was before he came to the Yankees...and became the Carl Pavano you know."

People.com reported back in 2007 that Milano confessed to being "done dating athletes." So we can assume her and Pavano's relationship didn't end well. Pavano is now married to Alissa Zandy.

8 Matt Kemp and Rihanna

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Matt Kemp's unexpected regression over the year has overshadowed his previous accomplishments. The two-time All-Star, Gold Glover and Silver Slugger Award winner turned the Los Angeles Dodgers into a National League juggernaut. He played two seasons with the San Diego Padres and is now a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Though many remember Kemp and his superstar days with the Dodgers, some non-sports fans probably heard his name while reading celebrity news. The two began dating in 2009 and the relationship ended in December of 2010. Rihanna told Elle magazine how "comfortable" she was with Kemp, and that the relationship "was easy".

Unfortunately, this power couple didn't get back together. Though it wasn't a long-term relationship, they really seemed to be one of the more successful Hollywood pairs. But there are plenty of fish in the sea, right Matt and Rihana?


6 Barry Zito: Paris Hilton

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Barry Zito Zito may own the worst contract for a pitcher in MLB history. The San Francisco Giants signed the guy and his nasty curveball to a seven-year deal worth $126 million, but they really got next to nothing out of the deal. But let's remember that Zito was among the top pitchers during his time with the Oakland Athletics, being named to three All-Star games while taking home the 2002 AL Cy Young award.

But did you know that Zito was briefly linked to controversial yet gorgeous Hollywood star, Paris Hilton? The details of the relationship (if there truly was one), are very limited. Zito was also linked to actress Alyssa Milano, in case you weren't already impressed enough.

Zito is now married to Amber Seyer, and the two had a son born in 2014.

5 Justin Verlander: Kate Upton

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Justin Verlander is one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball right now. As of this writing, Verlander has a 174-108 record with a 3.48 ERA and 2,227 strikeouts. The six-time All-Star also won the 2011 A.L. MVP and Cy Young Awards while helping Detroit win the 2012 American League Championship Series over the New York Yankees.

Despite all of those remarkable accomplishments, Verlander is winning most off the field. More specifically, we are talking about his relationship with famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Kate Upton. You've also seen her in plenty of video game commercials and in some films -- notably Tower Heist.

Upton and Verlander have been together since 2011, and the couple got engaged last year. If you want to know how much they love each other, go ahead and google search Upton's twitter. reaction when she learned Rick Porcello won the 2016 AL Cy Young over Verlander.

4 David Justice: Halle Berry

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David Justice is one of the most forgotten stars of the '90s. The three-time All-Star also won a World Series with the Atlanta Braves in 1995 and the New York Yankees in 2000. The 1990 A.L. Rookie of the Year finished with a .279 batting average, 305 home runs and 1,017 RBIs.

But Justice should be most proud of once being married to Hollywood star, Halle Berry. That's right, Mr. Justice married the beautiful Ms. Berry in 1992. Their marriage lasted just over three years before they separated in 1996. Justice and Berry divorced in 1997 after she sought a restraining order against him.

Hey, it's cool that he got to date a woman who was in some of my favourite childhood movies -- The Flinstones and the James Bond film, Die Another Day. But yeah, too bad their marriage didn't end on nice terms.

3 Alex Rodriguez: Many Great Women

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There are a lot of reasons people don't like Alex Rodriguez. Is it because his career is tarnished for taking steroids? Is it because he leaked a photo of himself kissing his own mirror reflection? Or that he played for America's most hated sports team, the New York Yankees? Or the fact he was just a great baseball player and hit a ton of home runs off your favourite team?

Listen, people don't like a guy who gets everything. A-Rod made hundreds of millions in his career and got some of the most beautiful women in the world. He dated Cameron Diaz, who may be like the greatest Hollywood actress of the '90s. He dated former WWE diva, Torrie Wilson. He dated Madonna, who was the biggest deal in the '80s.

Who's he dating now? Just Jennifer Lopez. No big deal.

2 Derek Jeter: A LOT of Women

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New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter led the team to five World Series Championships and gave folks of The Bronx someone to cheer for every single night. Watching no. 2 field a ball and throw it to first or simply walking up to the batter's box -- what sights to behold.

Instead of throwing one woman on the heading, we just thought it would be easier to list all the attractive women Jeter dated. It started with star singer Mariah Carey (the relationship lasted from 1997 to 1998). He also dated two of Hollywood's favourite Jessica's -- Ms. Biel and Ms. Alba. Jeter also other actresses like Minka Kelly, Jordana Brewster and Lara Dutta -- Miss Universe 2000.

Jeter is now married to gorgeous model, Hannah Davis. They are expecting their first child together. Gotta give Jeter credit for being able to tie himself down to one girl. That is one impressive dating resume.

1 Joe DiMaggio: Marilyn Monroe

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Joe DiMaggio is one of the most legendary and iconic players in MLB history. The New York Yankees hero was named to 13 All-Stars, won three American League MVPs and led The Pinstripes to nine World Series championships. The common baseball fan will know how much DiMaggio meant to the game of baseball.

But many have no idea he was married to a woman that many believe is the most beautiful and gorgeous to ever exist; the perfect woman if there ever was one. The lovely and dashing Ms. Marilyn Monroe.

Widely regarded as the first true beauty of Hollywood that every man in the world dreamed of marrying, Monroe tied the knot with Joe DiMaggio in 1954. The marriage only lasted one year before the two divorced in 1955. The two did remain close friends until her untimely and tragic death in 1962.

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