15 Disturbing Things You Didn't Know About The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are one of the most historic teams in sports history. They have the most championships in MLB history and some of the greatest baseball legends to wear pinstripes. We have seen some of the best to wear pinstripes from Babe Ruth to Reggie Jackson to Derek Jeter. Playing in New York means the spotlight on the players and high expectations. Unfortunately, not everyone has lived up to their hype.

There have been there share of stars on the Yankees, but also there have been many players that have failed. Star players such as Jacoby Ellsbury and Kei Igawa. Unfortunately, the spotlight sometimes is too much for players and they cannot play under the pressure that comes with being a sports player in New York.

The Yankees have a great history that goes all the way back to 1901. There are so many things that are so great about the culture and history of the Yankees. However, some things that have happened within the team and the stadium has been a little strange. The Yankees have paid players a lot of money that haven’t necessarily performed to what their contract speaks for. Some of the fans have made questionable decisions that have made the headlines in New York. There are also other things that have happened in the history of the New York Yankees, that just may completely shock baseball fans.

Here are 15 Disturbing Things You Didn’t Know About The Yankees:

16 The New York Yankees Used To Be The Baltimore Orioles

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Yes, the New York Yankees' original name was the Baltimore Orioles. In the 1901 season, the team which is now the Yankees, were called the Orioles. They played as the Orioles for one season until they moved to New York City and became the New York Highlanders. Eventually in 1913, the Highlanders finally switched to what is now the New York Yankees. It’s ironic that the team the many Yankee fans hate, are a team that is considered part of the Yankees history. It is always awkward between fans of rival teams, but it is even more awkward to say your great ancestors were both Yankee and Orioles fans. This part of Yankee history is usually ignored due to this only lasting for one season.

15 An Employee Was Exposed As A Vile Twitter Troll

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You always wonder to yourself, what if you could get a look at what a Twitter troll looks like in real life. Then you wonder just what it is they do for a living and what possesses them to say such vile things online. Well, one former Yankees employee was exposed as one and promptly fired by the team. About five years ago Curt Schilling announced his daughter Gabby would be pitching Salve Regina's college softball team. In response, some nasty things were said regarding his daughter, which Schilling claims included: “tweets with the word rape, bloody underwear and pretty much every other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom,”

Among those outed was part-time Yankees ticket taker Sean McDonald who was promptly fired by the team after those scathing posts. No matter how people may feel about Schilling, it was downright wrong for his daughter to get the tweets she did and it was troubling that someone working for a prestigious organization like the Yankees would stoop to that level.

14 The Bleacher Creatures

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If you’re a Yankee fan, this probably isn’t uncomfortable to think about at all. A tourist or fan of another MLB team may be a little creeped out when hearing about the Bleacher Creatures. The Bleacher Creatures are a nickname for the fans that sit in the bleachers in the outfield of Yankee Stadium. However, they are not your average fans. These fans are loud and not afraid to speak their mind. The Bleacher Creatures begin each game cheering each individual player during the top of the first inning. They continue to cheer for that player until that player acknowledges them.

The Bleacher Creatures can get pretty wild. These fans are known for getting in the face of visiting fans and letting them know where they are. They can make a relaxing baseball game, very disturbing for the average baseball fan.

13 Yankees Joined Venture With The Dallas Cowboys

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Many Yankee fans tend to also be fans of the New York Giants. It has been a known thing that many Yankee fans also root for the Giants. However, the New York Yankees have a venture together with the Giants’ rival, the Dallas Cowboys. The Yankees and Cowboys have come together to form Legends Hospitality Management. They deal with all of the merchandise and concessions in the stadiums.

This may tick off some hardcore Yankee and Giant fans knowing that their favorite baseball team partners with their biggest football rival. It may be hard to completely hate the Dallas Cowboys as a Giants fan, if you love attending ball games at Yankee Stadium. Legends Hospitality Management has done an excellent job providing great service to contribute to the experience at both Yankee Stadium and AT&T Stadium.

12 Legends Haunted The Old Yankee Stadium

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This is one of the myths that circle around regarding the old Yankee Stadium. Many fans and players have claimed that the old Yankee Stadium was haunted by the Yankee legends. Reporters have stated that Jason Giambi and Derek Jeter have seen “unusual things” at the stadium. No one will ever know if this is true or not, but it has become a very popular myth that goes around through the Yankee fan base and organization. Some have said that the legends did not make their way to the new park as others have said that they have traveled with the team across the street. This may make visitors uncomfortable as they visit the legendary stadium, but may have to keep an eye out for some unusual events that may happen in the Bronx.

11 The Awkward Departure Of Alex Rodriguez

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One of the biggest headlines in 2016 was the retirement of Alex Rodriguez. As a Yankee, Rodriguez ended his career with a .283 batting average, 351 homeruns, and 1,096 RBIs. After seeing the way, the Yankees treated Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, you would think Alex Rodriguez would get some special treatment. Not exactly. The ceremony was nothing close to the magnitude of either player. The weather came and helped finish his ceremony early with the rain swooping in. Alex Rodriguez made a last-minute decision choosing to retire soon after his announcement. When his last game ended, there was no story tale ending, it was just goodbye. The week up to A-Rod’s departure, Rodriguez saw very little playing time. During his final game when Rodriguez asked to start third-base, his request was denied. The breakup of Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees created an awkward relationship between the two.

10 Carl Pavano: The Bust

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The Carl Pavano signing was a confusing one for Yankees fans to understand. On December 20, 2004, Carl Pavano signed a 4-year deal worth $39.95 million with the New York Yankees. Pavano never seemed to truly stand out before he reached the Yankees, yet was being offered a lot of money from many teams and got a close to $40 million deal with the Yankees.

Before Pavano reached the Yankees, he had a winning percentage of .407 with the Expos and .500 with the Twins. These numbers aren’t stand out numbers, but they were enough for the Yankees to pay. As a starting pitcher for the Yankees, expectations were high. Pavano unfortunately could not stay healthy during his time, playing only three years with the team achieving a 9-8 record with a 5.00 ERA. Pagano goes down as one of the biggest Yankee busts in history. Many Yankee fans would love to forget that the Yankees ever signed him.


8 Former Yankee Employee Claimed Jeter And Posada Were  Lovers

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When it comes to celebrities and popular organizations, many people like to spread rumors about anything they can to make the news. This piece of news may make many Yankee fans feel very confused. There is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuals, but with Posada being married and Jeter recently getting married, many people may wonder how this came up and if it is actually true.

Both Jeter and Posada grew together as Yankees and are considered part of the Core Four. Former Yankee assistant equipment manager Paul Priore and co-writer Gary Toushek wrote in a 500 page “tell-all,” about Jeter and Posada’s relationship off the field. Priore and Toushek claim that Jeter and Posada engaged in homosexual activity in the sauna of the clubhouse during their rookie seasons. Priore also makes claims that the two stars allowed Priore to perform oral sex on them to keep Priore from saying something to someone else. This just being a rumor that an ex-Yankee employee started, may disturb many Yankee fans.

7 The Yankees Signed Kevin Youkilis

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As many know, the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry is one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports history. In 2012, the Yankees signed first baseman, Kevin Youkilis to a one year, $12 million deal. Many may say the Johnny Damon could be considered a risky pick too, but Damon made his team worth it throughout his time as a Yankee. Youkilis was a very vocal Red Sox during rivalry games and was hated by many Yankee fans. At the end of his career, he went to the team that some would say he hated.

During his time as a Yankee, he played 28 games, hit 2 home runs and had 8 RBIs. For many fans, it was an awkward time having a player that fans hated wearing pinstripes. Luckily Yankee fans did not have to deal with rooting for Youkilis for long as he left after one season where he finished his career in Chicago. Anytime a Red Sox throws on pinstripes, things get a bit awkward for Yankee fans.

6 The Yankees Let Nick Swisher Pitch In Game

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Usually in the MLB pitchers pitch, and fielders field. In a blowout where the Yankees were losing to the Tampa Rays, the Yankees brought in right fielder Nick Swisher to pitch as a reliever. The disturbing part for Yankees fans, is Swisher was a valuable asset to the team. 2009 was a great year for Swisher, which capped off with being a part of the 2009 World Series team.

Luckily for the Yankees, Swisher got out of the inning without harming himself.

For Rays fans, it may be disturbing to know that in an inning against a right fielder pitching, the Rays struck out once and could not score any runs against the right fielder. It can be upsetting for a team to be kept scoreless against poor pitchers, yet against a right fielder. Swisher helped make a blow out game bring some laughs to fans, but also concern to others.

5 2016 Disastrous Performance By First Basemen

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The 2016 season was a mess for the New York Yankees at the first baseman position. To begin the season, first baseman Greg Bird faced a season ending injury before the season began in February. Mid-way through the season, starting first baseman Mark Teixeira suffered articular cartilage tear sending him to the disabled list. Teixeira later on decided the 2016 season would be his last, as he retired following the end of the season. Five days after Teixeira suffered an injury, Dustin Ackley was told his season would end as for need of should surgery. Later on, in the season, Chris Parmelee also would have to hit the injury list.

2016 was a nightmare for fans and the Yankees organization slowly seeing their first baseman constantly fight injuries. As a team it is hard to see a team filled with injuries, yet a position filled with injuries.

4 Babe Ruth Wore Cabbage Under Hat To Keep Cool

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Playing baseball in the summer time can get very hot and exhausting. For Yankee legend Babe Ruth, he created an easy solution to this problem. Ruth would place cabbage leaves in an iced cooler to keep cold. When the game would start, he would place the leaves in his hat and where this hat during the game. It is said that these cabbage leaves helped keep him cool during games. It’s a bit disturbing to see someone put vegetables in their sweaty hat every night. No one may ever understand how this would have worked or if it actually worked, but the fans consider Babe Ruth as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Although is ethic to keep cool may be strange, it helped him and his game.

3 Negro League Teams Could Not Use Yankees Locker Room

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Times have changed a lot since the 1930s. Back then African Americans and white Americans were not allowed to play together in the same league. African Americans participated in the Negro Leagues. The old Yankee Stadium was home of many of these ball games. Many say that this league helped the emergence of African Americans into the MLB.

Unfortunately, when teams played at the old Yankee Stadium, they were not allowed to use the Yankees locker room. When the Negro Leagues team came to play, they were required to use the visiting locker room to get dressed for games. This information helps us show that times have changed and we continue to advance as many nations participate in the MLB. Unfortunately, at the time with segregation and things going on in the early 1900s, the Yankee organization prohibited those players from entering the home team’s locker room.

2 Construction Worker Burned Ortiz Jersey At Yankee Stadium

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When building the new Yankee Stadium, a construction worker that was a Red Sox fan, burned a David Ortiz jersey and put it under the stadium. The point of this act was to help curse the Yankees with this jersey. Unfortunately for the construction worker, the Yankees found the burned jersey and shipped it back to Boston to be auctioned off. Many fans may be bothered knowing that a David Ortiz was at one point buried into the soil of the new Yankee Stadium. Even with attempting to try and curse the Yankees, the construction worker could not seem to do that. The Yankees won the World Series their first year in the stadium. Red Sox fans also may be frustrated to know that an attempt to curse the new Yankee Stadium failed.

1 Man Died At Yankee Stadium

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What could be more disturbing to Yankee fans then to know that a fan at a game, fell and died at Yankee Stadium. In 1999, a man fell after he lost his balance while sitting on one of the handrails of an escalator. The man fell over 90 feet down. The man was pronounced dead at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center.

For any person, it is freaky to know that you are in a location where someone passed away. It is even freakier to know that someone died at one of the most well-known stadiums around the world. For fans this may encourage them to follow procedures while at the stadium to keep them safe. This may have been extremely disturbing for fans that went to see the Yankees, but had to witness the death of a 37-year-old man.

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