15 MLB Players That Hooked Up With The Most Women

This past May 10, Miami Marlins “breast fan” Korina Evaniuk flashed her bodacious twins behind home plate in a failed attempt to distract visiting St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Brett Cecil while he was facing the Marlins hitter, Christian Yelich. However, Cecil wasn’t distracted in the least, and struck out the capable Yelich as part of the Cardinals’ 7-5 victory over the Marlins. The blue-eyed beauty Korina and her obviously artificial attributes became an instant viral sensation, though Ms. Evaniuk promised Inside Edition that she wouldn’t shimmy her twins the next time she attends a game at Marlins Park.

The laughable irony of this “controversy” was that no major league player in history--including Brett Cecil--has ever needed to see a free flash from a female in the stands--because there are bevies of babes awaiting to do so much more for players in virtually every big league town.

Same as it ever was, the all-stars of these teams tend to attract the most attention from the media, fans--and females. That's the reason the majority of major leaguers on this list are of the Hall of Fame--or at least All-Star--variety.  However there a few more obscure players, in the interest of demonstrating that all MLBers can score--even if they have to do it after the game.

And despite our entries opening with a member of the New York Mets, if you’re a Yankees fan, you may love or hate our selections, depending on your perspective on the issue of “womanizing," as there are Bronx Bombers aplenty peppering this list. Not to mention other Yankees we left off, such as noted strip-club devotee David Wells.

But this is no simple countdown of lascivious big-leaguers, but rather, a collection of scandals, rivalries and when you get right down to it, often to-be-envied tales of MLB players who get the most--and in some instances, the best--women.


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The youngest--and only still active player on our list (Josh Hamilton hasn’t played since 2015), New York Mets right-hander Harvey gains entry based on his highly publicized nightlife--and how it’s spilled into his game days.

On May 6, controversy erupted like the only way it can in New York when Harvey didn't show at Citi Field for the Mets' 11-3 triumph over the Marlins. Even though the "Dark Knight" claimed he had a "migraine," it was in actuality a hangover. And surprise, surprise--supermodel and super-sports groupie--Adriana Lima was in the middle of the mess. Harvey went on his Friday night May 5 bender when he learned Lima had sashayed back to New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, as the pair were spotted being “flirty” together” at a Rihanna after-party on May 1.  They were together at the NYC club 1Oak , the very same bar that Harvey got hammered at until 4 a.m. on May 6.

 The Brazilian beauty Lima allegedly rubbed social-media salt in Harvey’s emo wounds when she stopped following him on Instagram, which is the millennial equivalent of, "she’s just not that into you."  Harvey got suspended for missing the Marlins game, and the Dark Knight later humbly apologized to teammates. 

Not that Harvey doesn't have his options; he's been quoted as looking up to former New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter.  Yet Harvey's admiration didn't stem from Jeter's Hall of Fame play, but rather Jeter's ability to date so many incredible women under the media radar! 


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Back in baseball’s ancient days there was a rivalry between the Tigers' Ty Cobb--who embodied the base-to-base precision and speed of the “dead ball era,” versus Babe Ruth of the Yankees--who launched towering home runs that forever transformed the national pastime. Cobb swatted three homers in a game in 1925--part of a six-hit game--then blasted two more the next day, to demonstrate he was just as capable of the Babe as hitting dingers over the fence. Per Today I Found Out, this pair of major league immortals also competed in the bedroom--Ruth eventually married Claire Merritt Hodgson, who wasn’t the hottest chick in history, but she must have had something if she bagged the womanizing Babe (keep reading this list) and got him to quit his cheating ways! But before Ruth came along, Ty Cobb claimed to be in a relationship with Hodgson that at one point got serious. But then, Cobb never took any woman--even any of his wives--as seriously as he did his art of hitting. Cobb carried on many affairs--and was also rumored to consort with hookers at illegal gambling and liquor parties held by the Georgia Peach and his pals in clandestine woodland locations, as portrayed in the 1993 narrative film Cobb.


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Out on the open road, you’ve probably seen that ubiquitous bumper sticker on some car that reads “Hugs, Not Drugs.” Well, whenever Josh Hamilton read that, he asked himself one simple question--"Why not both?"  Bleacher Report detailed Hamilton's 2009 alcohol relapse and noted his womanizing.  And there then was Josh's infamous backsliding into booze at a Dallas bar called Sherlock's in January 2012.

An unidentified witness provided a “blow-by-blow” account of Hamilton's antics, which included bathroom sex with a “very average looking woman”. The newly acquainted pair started off slapping each other’s butts and making out, then ventured to a men’s bathroom where, “loud, sexually oriented noise (was) emanating."  The girl walked out first, followed by Hamilton, who was encouraged to leave--which he did immediately.

A "shrine" to the incident was...erected in the very stall where the alleged sex act took place, complete with a cardboard cutout of Hamilton. Alas, Sherlock's is no more, having closed in January 2016, when its lease expired, around the same time the same thing happened to Hamilton's derailed career.


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Lo Duca was a good--never great--player, as a catcher and the final New York Met to make this list, as he was part of the 2006 Mets squad that nearly won the N.L. pennant.  LoDuca's exploits at attracting gorgeous--and younger--females was even more impressive than his highly respectable for a catcher lifetime .286 batting average in 11 MLB seasons.  Per New York Post, Lo Duca’s story is the opposite of Harvey’s tale--instead of having a famous babe go behind is back, Lo Duca cheated on his wife Sonia--who just happened to be a former Playboy model--with teenage temptress Krista Guterman during that '06 season.   "He's fun--for an older man," the then 19-year old brunette babe disclosed   Apparently, Sonia didn't agree, as she filed from divorce from Paul that same year, accurately charging him with adultery. Not that Sonia's an angel--per NY Daily News, she even did a soft-core video for Playboy entitled "Latin Lovelies"


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Giambi certainly lived to his personal credo of “Play like an all-star, party like a rockstar and f*** like a p*** star” during his controversial career that saw him linked to steroids, recreational drugs and rampant womanizing. In the endnotes for the 2010 book Baseball and Rhetorics of Purity by Michael L Butterworth, there is a reference to an ad for men’s sexual enhancement drug Viagra that was done by Rafael Palmeiro in 2003, despite Raffy's own personal steroid use that was as egregious if not more so than Giambi’s.

The end-note referenced that besides the 'roids, Giambi’s “well known” reputation as a “ladies man” rendered him unacceptable for a Viagra ad, which chose the “family man” Palmeiro for the campaign. 


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Such were Pepitone's exploits with women that he actually wrote a book about it! The former Yankees and Cubs pop culture icon--his name has been referenced in TV shows as popular as Seinfeld, The Sopranos and Mystery Science Theater 3000--penned an explosive tell-all in 1975 entitled Joe, You Coulda Made Us Proud. In his autobiography, Pepitone shared stories of hitting baseballs and Manhattan's hottest nightclubs during his hey days as a fan favorite and flashy New York Yankee in the swinging 1960s. He even shared an apartment--and certain banned substances--with legend Mickey Mantle.

Even after Joe's MLB career ended and he played in Japan, Pepitone's name was soon adopted into the local Japanese lexicon as meaning "goof off"--due to Joe's habits of faking injuries to avoid playing so he could save his energy to hit the discos at night. In the above photo from a 9/11 charity event in 2014, you can see that Joe still likes the lovely ladies, pictured here with Pamela Anderson.


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This Bo knows women. The “Playboy Pitcher,” as he was dubbed, may not have bedded the most babes-but he arguably had the most spectacular love life outside of Jeter of any of the players on this list. He’s also far and away the most mediocre entry, as Belinsky only managed a career record from 1962-1970 of 28-51, although it was Bo--and not legend Sandy Koufax--that pitched the first no-hitter in Dodger Stadium in 1962 as a member of the Los Angeles Angels, when they shared Chavez Ravine with the Dodgers.

But, Bo was in Hollywood at the right place at the right time, as he pitched for the L.A. Angels when they actually played in L.A., enabling Bo easy access to starlets such as sultry Ann Margaret, sexy Connie Stevens, and the magnificent Mamie Van Doren--whom he was engaged to for a year.

But most impressively, Bo got with Ginger of “Gilligan’s Island”--Tina Louise, the red-headed embodiment of every man’s fantasy and schoolboy's crush after they cast eyes upon Louise’s potent sexuality at her peak as a Marilyn Monroe wannabe. Belinsky did marry Playmate Jo Collins, later became “born again” in Vegas of all places, and died of a heart attack in 2001 at age 64. 


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Canseco is always great for some comic relief--like the ball bouncing off his head as a Rangers' outfielder in 1993 for a home run for the Indians' Carlos Martinez--but he broke hearts along the way, too. This was in full evidence when Jose trashed the love he once received from ex wife Jessica Canseco, who said that “the biggest issue with Jose was his adultery. That killed me for a long time.” She wrote a 2005 book exposing her life with Jose--and his cheating--entitled Juicy: Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife. Not to be outshone by his ex, Canseco's 2005 autobiography Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big detailed his own womanizing as well as that of other MLB players.  Maybe coming from such a crazy broken home explains why Jose's 19-year-old daughter Josie posed naked in Playboy in 2016. 


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At Derek Jeter’s recent May 14 number retirement ceremony at Yankee Stadium, in which his #2 uniform number was retired by the Bronx Bombers, the future-hall-of-fame shortstop made sure to thank his family, teammates and fans. But we think he should have thanked all the incredible women he bedded during his two-decade career! Jeter's list of ex’s reads like a red-carpet roundup of the Academy Awards: Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, Adriana Lima (what, her again?), Scarlett Johansson, Minka Kelly--oh, and Jessica Alba, perhaps the finest of them all.

Forget other baseball players, the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio is jealous of Jeter! Like Bo Belinsky, it’s an issue of quality versus quantity. Jeter is also commended for being so discreet and classy about his famous relationships--see Matt Harvey's praising of Jeter in #15 on our list--unlike Jeter's former teammate Alex Rodriguez, who made a mess out of everything (for that story, keep reading).


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Chipper Jones's bedroom conquests were so legendary there's even a book written about it! Chipper at the “hot corner”--third base--was one of the Braves primary mainstays during their 1991-2005 divisional dynasty. Yet Mr. Jones wasn’t nearly as reliable when it came to his marriage, derailing his vows to first wife, the current-Dr. Karin Luise, who detailed Chipper's cheating during the 1990's--such as his 18-month affair with a bodacious Hooter's waitress that produced a "love child"--in her brand new book Ballplayer, (Random House).

After his second marriage fell apart, Chipper hooked up with gorgeous University of Kentucky cheerleader Taylor Higgins, a cam girl who went by the pseudonym “Lexi Ray” and was also selected as a Playboy "Coed of the Week".

The pair married in June 2015. Perhaps having a younger gal in the stable will finally keep Chipper satisfied and on the straight and narrow.


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There is virtually no aspect of A-Rod’s career that is untouched by controversy; from his $252 million contract signed in 2000, to the end of career steroid revelations. Thus it seems inevitable cheating on his wife had to be a bullet point on Alex’s bio. In 2008 A-Rod's wife, Cynthia, married to the slugging shortstop from 2002-08, divorced him over his affair with music megastar Madonna.

But even before he got down with the Material Girl, A-Rod was blatantly cheating on Cynthia, as he did with Toronto stripper Joslyn Morse in Canada in 2007.

Other hall-of-fame hotties that Rodriguez allegedly bedded include actresses Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and former wrestler turned fitness model Torrie Wilson.  And even now, in his post-playing days, A-Rod is still doing well with women--per Us Magazine, this past May 19, Rodriguez visited current love Jennifer Lopez on the set of her TV show Shades of Blue in Brooklyn. Media and fans refer to the couple as "J-Rod."  


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In the original book detailing the utter insanity of New York City in 1977 that spawned an ESPN dramatic mini-series, The Bronx is Burning, there are several references to Reggie’s dalliances with the dames. As noted in the book, when Reggie arrived at the Big Apple in ‘77, his preference in women was proven when he landed in the Big Apple with a blonde on his arm. Per page 57 of the 2005 hardcover edition, when Jackson played for the three-time world champion (1972-74) Oakland Athletics, he got down with the A’s hot-pants wearing ball-girls, again, singling out the blondes for attention.

Later, with the Yankees, a gorgeous black woman hit on Jackson at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, prompting Reggie’s teammate, the wisecracking third baseman Graig Nettles to rhetorically ask the woman who was unaware of Reggie's tastes, “Do you have a blonde wig?”


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Another entry on this list, another Yankee. Like a little boy with something to prove, Mantle loved the ladies, engaging in one affair after another while his poor suffering wife--with the poorer name of Merlyn--stood by and took it like a dutiful old-school spouse. In a 1980 interview with New York magazine, long past his playing days, Mickey was still so comfortable with his misogyny, when asked by the reporter, “What do you hunt?” Mantle crudely replied “Pu**” (slang for female anatomy).

Mantle not only bedded a lot of women, he also engaged in juvenile sexual hijinks with his fellow Yankee teammates as chronicled in the groundbreaking baseball book Ball Four by Jim Bouton. Mantle and his teammates would go “beaver shooting,” code for eyeing a naked woman in a nearby apartment, visible from the team’s hotel. 


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The closest the baseball world has ever seen to any player approaching Ty Cobb, Peter Edward Rose, baseball's undisputed “Hit King,” also bagged a lot of women outside of marriage-just like Cobb. Pete’s ex-wife Karolyn Rose--one of the first female sportscasters--revealed in 2012 the reason she divorced Pete in 1980 was that she didn’t want their children, including Pete Rose, Jr., to have the impression it was acceptable to cheat on your spouse. The Catholic-raised Mrs. Rose couldn’t abide her husband’s philandering forever.

In 2011, Pete allegedly divorced his second wife, this one, Carol-with-a-”C”, a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles who Pete got to know during his stint in Philly, when Rose and his unrelenting will-to-win catapulted the Phillies to their first World Series title in 1980. However, Pete wasn’t even officially divorced from wife #2 when he had his sights set on #3, the curvaceous Korean Kiana Kim.

Pete and Kiana did a reality show, the unfortunately titled Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs, which lasted only six episodes on TLC. The title and concept made no sense because the now-76 years old Rose has never actually married the ex-Playmate Ms. Kim, reportedly some 40 years his junior.


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The immortal “Sultan of Swat” was also the “Sultan of Shag,” as it seems all too fitting for a New York Yankee to top this lascivious list. Ruth’s larger-than-life exploits almost seem the work of tall-tale fiction from American mythology. Ruth’s accomplishments defy belief, first as a dominating pitcher for the Red Sox and then as he revolutionized the game with his endless parade of home runs, altering the once mediocre Yankees into the feared "Bronx Bombers."  

Per Today I Found Out it was said that Ruth didn't discriminate when it came to sex with the fairer sex--from down-and-out prostitutes to on-top-of-the-world starlets (such as the aforementioned Claire Merritt Hodgson), Ruth sampled them all.

In St. Louis whenever the Yankees were playing the Browns (now the Baltimore Orioles), he was known to frequent "The House of the Good Shepherd," which unsuspecting folks assumed to be a church of some sort. In reality, it was an Arch City brothel. 

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