15 MLB Stars You Didn’t Know Had Famous WAGs

Celebrities often date celebrities. Although these relationships sometimes don’t last due to the heavy scrutiny and constant attention, there are some true power couples. Of course, this celebrity-dating-celebrity trend is also evident in professional sports. The NHL has Mike Fisher and country star Carrie Underwood, the NBA has Dwyane Wade and Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union, and the NFL has Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen. But Major League Baseball also has its own share of famous couples.

The majority of the WAGs on this list are models and actresses, proving that fame, wealth, and athletic ability go far towards attracting beautiful, successful women. While some of the names in this article are not A-List celebrities or MLB superstars, they are all great at what they do and are in the public spotlight because of it.

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15 Reid Brignac: Married to Lauren Anderson

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Brignac is not exactly an MLB All-Star, but he has had a decent career. After being drafted 45th overall by the then-Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2004, the St. Amant, Louisiana native Brignac spent four seasons developing in their minor league system. He spent parts of five seasons from 2008-2012 with the Rays’ big-league squad. In the four seasons since he was traded from the Rays, he has been with the Rockies twice, the Yankees, the Phillies, the Marlins, and the Braves. The 31-year-old shortstop is currently plying his trade in the Houston Astros minor league system.

While Brignac’s baseball career hasn’t made him a household name, his wife is a fairly big celebrity. She isn’t exactly someone you’d brag about to your parents though - she has earned her fame as a Playboy model. Lauren Anderson and Reid Brignac began their relationship in 2010 when Brignac was with the Rays and they have been dating ever since, even having two children together, a four-year-old named Reid Jr. and a four-month-old names Jace.

14 Ben Zobrist: Married to Julianna Zobrist

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Zobrist is a well-known MLB player who has been in the league for 11 years. In the 2004 MLB draft, Zobrist was selected in the 6th round by the Houston Astros. He spent most of his career with the Tampa Bay Rays as a super-utility player. He has also played with the Oakland Athletics, the Kansas City Royals, and the Chicago Cubs. His recent credentials are incredibly impressive. In 2015, he won the World Series with the Royals, and 2016 he did it again with the Cubs, this time taking home World Series MVP honours.

Zobrist has made his mark in the MLB with one of his wife Julianna Zobrist’s songs as his walk-up music. Juliana is a Christian Pop and EDM singer and songwriter. Although, she isn’t a huge star, two of her songs made it to the Billboard charts. In her genre music, she had a song peak on the Christian AC Indicator chart and another on the Christian Digital Songs chart. The Zobrists got married in 2006. Since then, they have had three children: one son, Zion Benjamin, and two daughters, Kruse Allegra and Blaise Roya.

13 Ryan Howard: Married to Krystle Campbell

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Howard’s career has taken a complete nosedive. The 6’4”, 250-pound man mountain was taken in the 5th round of the 2001 draft by the Philadelphia Phillies and used his immense size to set numerous home run records on his road to the show. Once he cracked the major league roster in 2004, Howard continued his dinger-swinging, winning Rookie of the Year honours in 2005, NL MVP in 2006, and a World Series title in 2008, along with his two MLB home run titles. In recent years, his production has fallen off a cliff. He hit .229 in 2015 and fell to .196 in 2016, losing the starting job to rookie Tommy Joseph. His team option was declined and he was reduced to a minor league deal with the Atlanta Braves in 2017.

Luckily, through this trying time in his career, Howard has the support of his beautiful wife. He married Krystle Campbell in 2012 and the two have been together since, helping to raise a now-16-year-old son named Darian Alexander whom Howard had with a previous girlfriend. Campbell made her name as a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, which is how she met Howard when he played with the Phils.

12 Josh Hamilton: Married to Katie Chadwick

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Hamilton is currently a free agent, but he was as deadly a hitter as any in his heyday. He was drafted first overall by the then-Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the 1999 MLB Draft, then was traded to the Cincinnati Reds for money. He spent a year with the Reds, then four years with the Texas Rangers, one year with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and one more with the Rangers. In 2016, Hamilton suffered a knee injury and announced he would be out the whole season. This season, he was signed with the Rangers’ minor league team in the hopes of making a comeback, but he suffered another injury and was released.

Although Hamilton's career is slowing down, the 2010 AL MVP’s wife Katie Chadwick is about to appear on the 10th season of Real Housewives of Orange County that airs this summer. She may not be well-known yet, but this popular TV program will definitely bring fame her way. The two married back in 2004. Since then, they have had three children: Stella Faith, Michaela Grace, and Sierra. Katie also has a daughter from a previous relationship: Julia Shea. The two are currently still married, but Josh’s substance abuse issues have taken a toll on their relationship. He has filed for divorce, and the two are living amicably as the process is finalized.

11 Cole Hamels: Married to Heidi Strobel

via nbcsports.com

Hamels is a pitcher who has spent his entire career with only two teams. Straight out of high school, Hamels was drafted in the first round of the 2002 MLB draft, 17th overall to the Philadelphia Phillies, and began his career in their minor league system. In 2006, he was called up to the Phillies and spent nine years with them, capturing the 2008 World Series as the team’s ace. In 2015, he was traded to the Texas Rangers, where he currently plies his trade.

This MLB star’s wife, Heidi Strobel, is an actress who has appeared in a variety of TV series. She has appeared on E! True Hollywood Story and I Love The '90s Parts 1 and 2, but her most renowned appearance was as a contestant on Survivor. She appeared on the show in 2003 and became famous for stripping naked with another contestant in order to get peanut butter, a rare commodity on the island where they were filming. Cole and Heidi married in 2006 and have three children together: two sons, Caleb Michael (7-years-old) and Braxton (5-years-old), and one daughter, Reeve.

10 Ryan Braun: Married to Larisa Fraser

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Braun is a left fielder who has played only with the Milwaukee Brewers since his debut in 2007. He was taken in the 2005 MLB draft by the Brewers 5th overall as a third baseman and spent two years in the minors before making it to the Show. Over his ten-year career with the Brewers, he has won many awards. He is a six-time All-Star, five-time Silver Slugger, former NL MVP and home run leader, and former Rookie of the Year. He has had some run-ins with drug testing and was suspended without pay for two seasons. This most recent season, he was moved back to left field.

Braun’s career hasn’t been much to brag about lately, but his wife Larisa Fraser is a Canadian Model for Elite Model Management. She has been modeling with them since 2008. She is a lingerie model, which is not necessarily someone who your parents would approve of, but the two married in 2013. Since both have busy careers they have only had one child, a girl named Celine Elysse.

9 Evan Longoria: Married to Jaime Edmondson

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Longoria, a third baseman, is the franchise player of the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2006, the then-Devil Rays drafted Longoria third overall in the MLB draft. Longoria was also called the “best pure hitter” among college players by Baseball America. For two years, he played for the Rays’ farm team, developing for the majors. In 2008, he made his major league debut, replacing Willy Aybar after he was placed on the DL. Over his time with the Rays, he has been acknowledged as a three-time All-Star, has won AL Rookie of the Year, is a two-time Gold Glove Award winner, and a Silver Slugger. Longoria also hit his 4th career Opening Day home run this year on April 2nd.

Longoria is a well-known baseball player, and his wife Jaime Edmondson is a well-known Playboy bunny. Like fellow list-member Reid Brignac’s wife, she isn’t someone that you would bring home to meet mom. From 2009 to 2010, she appeared in The Girls Next Door TV series and then, in 2010, The Bunny House. Besides these things, she has also had many admirable accomplishments: she has a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Criminal Justice and worked as a police officer for two years. She also competed on The Amazing Race in 2009 and was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader for six years.

8 Zack Greinke: Marrid to Emily Greinke

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Greinke is a starting pitcher, currently playing with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was selected in the first round of the 2002 MLB draft by the Kansas City Royals. In 2004, he made his major league debut and remained with the team until 2010. In 2011, he played for the Milwaukee Brewers, in 2012 he was traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, then played for the Los Angeles Dodgers for two seasons, and in 2016 he was traded to the Diamondbacks where he currently plies his trade. Over his time in MLB, the now-33-year-old has won many awards: he is a three-time All-Star, two-time MLB ERA leader, AL Cy Young Award winner, three-time Golden Glove winner, and Silver Slugger.

Alongside Greinke’s amazing years in the MLB, his wife Emily Greinke is known by many, definitely not shy to the spotlight. She was a former Miss Daytona Beach winner in 2009 as well as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for two years out of high school. In 2009 the two got married after Greinke won his Cy Young. In 2015, they gave birth to their only son, Bode Nicholas.

7 Kyle Kendrick: Married to Stephenie LaGrossa

via nbcphiladelphia.com

Kendrick has a lot in common with fellow list member Cole Hamels, though he has not had the same sustained success. Like Hamels, he was drafted by the Phillies and won the World Series with them in 2008 as a pitcher. The righty from Houston, Texas was a two-sport star in high school and turned down a football scholarship from Washington State University to sign with the Phils. Since Kendrick’s six-year obligation to the Phillies ended, he has spent time with the Rockies, Braves, and Angels, and is currently signed to a minor-league deal with the Boston Red Sox.

While Kendrick’s best days as a pitcher are likely behind him, he does have a semi-famous wife and two kids to go home to at night. Strangely enough, the other thing that Kendrick and Hamels have in common is the reason their wives are famous: they are both Survivor alumni. Stephenie LaGrossa was a contestant on the show in 2004 and then met Kendrick in 2009, marrying him in 2010. The couple have two kids: a girl named Sophia Marguerite and a boy named Kyle Jr. LaGrossa was also an in-arena host for the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers and now works for a Philadelphia radio station.

6 Josh Rutledge: Married to Laura McKeeman

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Rutledge is yet another member of this list whose wife is almost - if not as - famous as he is. After being selected in the 3rd round of the 2010 MLB Draft by the Colorado Rockies, Rutledge found a good level of success as a shortstop in the team’s minor league system. After hitting .348 in single-A and .308 in double-A, he was called up to the bigs in 2012. He had a fantastic first month, hitting .345, but injuries began to derail his career almost immediately. Rutledge was traded to the Angels and then to the Red Sox before being released, signing again with the Rockies, and was then selected by the Red Sox in the 2016 Rule 5 Draft. He currently plays in their minor league system.

Rutledge met his wife Laura while they were both on the job; she as a reporter for various sports networks such as Fox Sports and ESPN. She currently reports and hosts for CNN International, ESPN, and the SEC Network. Laura also won the Miss Florida beauty pageant in 2012, proving that she has beauty to go along with her brains. The couple married in late 2013 and do not yet have children.

5 Clay Buchholz: Married to Lindsay Clubine

via fabwags.com

Buchholz’s career has been a bit of a roller coaster. After being selected in the first round of the 2005 MLB Draft by the Boston Red Sox, he spent just two seasons in the minors before being called up to the bigs. In Buchholz’s second career MLB start, the righty pitched a no-hitter. After 10 seasons with the Red Sox, which included two World Series rings for the Nederland, Texas native, he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, where he began this season before he was hurt, an injury that will likely cost him the rest of the year.

In his injury recovery, Buchholz can turn to his wife, Lindsay Clubine, for support. Clubine earned her fame as a model on the Deal or No Deal TV show and was even named as one of People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” in 2007. Buchholz and Clubine married in 2009 and had their first and only daughter, Colbi Dawn, in 2010.

4 David Wright: Married to Molly Beers

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This third baseman is a very important person for the New York Mets, as he serves as the team's captain. In 2001, Wright was taken in the Amateur Draft by the New York Mets and played for their farm team until 2004, when he made his major league debut. Over his 13 years playing in MLB, he has only ever played for the Mets. He is a seven-time All-Star, and won the Gold Glove Award twice and the Silver Slugger Award twice.

Wright has had quite a memorable time during his MLB career, but his wife Molly Beers, is quite remarkable as well. She is an American fashion model and a TV icon that is present in a variety of fashion shows and ramp walks. She has also been a fashion model for many TV advertisements as well. The two married back in 2013 and since both have highly demanding careers, they only have one child, Olivia Shea, who was born in mid-2016.

3 Matt Harvey: Dating Ania Cywinska

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Harvey is part of the best pitching staff in baseball with the New York Mets. The now-28-year-old was taken in the 3rd round of the 2007 draft by the LA Angels but went to the University of North Carolina instead. He was selected again in 2010, this time 7th overall by the New York Mets, and after just one season in the minors, he was called up to the big squad. Other than missing the 2014 season with Tommy John surgery, Harvey has been solid and reliable in his four full seasons, even being named an All-Star in 2013.

Harvey’s impressive on-field career has been accompanied by a flashy off-field lifestyle. The righty owns an expensive Maserati sports car and has a history of dating models his current beau is the longest-lasting and most-famous of the all. Her name is Ania Cywinska, and she is a Polish model. The couple has been together since 2015 but given Harvey's playboy lifestyle, it's unlikely he is ready to truly settle down anytime soon.

2 Will Middlebrooks: Maried to Jenny Dell

Middlebrooks grew up in Texarkana, Texas, playing shortstop and pitcher in high school. He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 5th round in 2007 as a shortstop but they converted him to third base while he played in the minors. After cracking the major league roster in 2012, Middlebrooks spent three seasons in Boston before being traded to the San Diego Padres. He spent one season there but was not offered another contract, signing with the Milwaukee Brewers for a season, and then again with the Texas Rangers in 2016, where he currently plays in AAA.

Middlebrooks likes to date women who are also in the public spotlight. The Texan was engaged to Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Ann Lux but they separated in 2012. Later that year, while playing for the Red Sox, Middlebrooks met NESN reporter Jenny Dell. Though she left NESN and now covers the NFL as a CBS sideline reporter, the couple have stuck together. Now five years into their relationship, the two were married in early 2016.

1 Justin Verlander: Engaged to Kate Upton

via themajors.com

Verlander is a starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. The Virginia native is the longest-tenured player on the Tigers and the only player left on the squad from the American League Championship team in 2006. He was selected by the Tigers in the 2004 MLB draft and spent a year in the minors before making his debut in 2005. He has spent 12 seasons with the team, winning many awards and having lots of highlights, taking home both the Cy Young and AL MVP honours in 2011.

The outstanding righty has the most well-known WAG on this list: Kate Upton. Upton is mostly known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazines. Upton began her modelling career back in 2008 when she was casted for Elite Model Management. She then moved to New York City and signed with IMG Models. Alongside her modelling career, she has appeared in many films as part of the main and supporting cast. She is mostly known for her role in The Other Woman (2014). Upton has been the cover “athlete” for the SI Swimsuit Edition a record three times.

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