15 MLB Superstars: Who Are They Dating?

What’s love got to do with it?

Well, apparently enough that these 15 Major League Baseball superstars are totally smitten and don’t care who knows it.

Despite living in a world of constant motion, MLB players are a lot like you and me. Sure, they’re superstar athletes who play in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans night in and night out and probably have more money than they know what to do with. But they’re still susceptible to Cupid’s arrow, no matter what their celebrity status might be.

You can imagine each and every one of these guys has had their fair share of love-struck cleat-chasers clamoring for a shot at romance with their pinstriped prince charming. After all, these guys are a total catch. Young, rich, athletic and plenty of ambition. What’s not to love?

It’s safe to say the lucky ladies on this list have hit the jackpot in their superstar lover. Although one look at these beauties and you could easily make the argument that it’s the ball players who have out-kicked their coverage. Either way, there’s a lot to be said about maintaining a power-couple romance in today’s world of tabloid rumors and the prying eyes of social media.

So, while you’re suffering through the offseason waiting for pitchers and catchers to report to Spring Training, take a stroll down Lovers’ Lane, as we peer into the love lives of 15 MLB superstars and the women they’re dating.

15 J.D. Martinez (Ariana Aubert)

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Dressed up or casual, J.D. Martinez’s ladylove, Ariana Aubert, is like the girl next door you’ve always had that crush on. A 2012 Pro Bowl cheerleader and former member of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad for five years, Aubert now stays plenty active and still serves as a cheerleader coordinator for the team.

In her free time, she’s big on travel and stays involved with major support of the U.S. Military. During her time as a cheerleader, she even visited U.S. troops overseas in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

She can also rock a bikini like nobody’s business, which, if we’re being honest, nearly puts her out of J.D.’s league.

14 Russell Martin (Marikym Hervieux)

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Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin sure knows how to pick ‘em. He has somehow locked down blazingly hot French-Canadian model and actress Marikym Hervieux, and now you’re probably Google searching more photos of her, huh?

Legend has it Martin met Hervieux in an L.A. nightclub during his stint with the Dodgers, at which time the pair decided to divert from the party scene and go steady. Martin credits Hervieux for calming him down and helping him focus on his game. She’s even gotten involved in a big way with some of Martin’s charitable endeavors.

If you haven’t pinpointed exactly where you’ve seen Hervieux before, let me help you out. She appeared in a 2005 episode of the HBO series Entourage, in which she played Ima, girlfriend of Josh Weinstein.

13 Matt Harvey (several)

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Call him a lady-killer, a man about town or just a guy who enjoys the bachelor life of a well-to-do pro athlete, but New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey’s dating life almost deserves its own book – or maybe a reality show.

Never one to be tied down for too long, Harvey seems to have a type: models – especially blonde ones. He’s been linked to more sexy seductresses in just a few years than anyone can keep up with, and he’s apparently taking after former New York Yankee playboy Derek Jeter, as he romps through women in the Big Apple.

Harvey’s list of past lovers includes names like model Ania Cywinska, Devon Windsor of Victoria’s Secret fame, Sports Illustrated model Anna V, model Ashley Haas and model Asha Leo. Notice the pattern there?

No news on his current lady situation, but there are only so many models in the world.

12 David Price (Tiffany Smith)

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You know the old saying: “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman.” That much is true for Red Sox superstar starting pitcher David Price. His longtime girlfriend, Tiffany Smith, has been with him through thick and thin, supporting his career and faithfully defending his honor as he has he steered his career through four different American League teams.

Smith isn’t afraid to stand up for her man and has, on more than one occasion, taken to Twitter with a few incendiary tweets about opposing fans and Price’s pitching performances.

Away from baseball, she’s a major fan of her Alma Mater, Kansas State. One quick scroll through her Twitter feed on game days will tell you all you need to know. Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, she is knockout beautiful. Price would be smart to keep her around.

11 Francisco Lindor (Nilmarie Huertas)

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While Francisco Lindor’s Cleveland Indians fell one heartbreaking game short of a World Series title, he can’t stay mad for long if he gets to come home his bombshell girlfriend, Nilmarie Huertas every day.

She’s photogenic as hell and has curves in all the right places. No doubt she’s a head-turner whenever she walks into a room.

Lucky for Lindor, she’s more than just looks. Never one to miss a game, she supported him all season during the Indians’ run to the World Series and was always there to greet him with a post-game kiss in the dressing room.

Recently, the couple took an offseason trip to the Middle East, and by the look of it, they couldn’t be happier together.

10 Noah Syndergaard (Ellen Kraemer)

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I hesitate to put Noah Syndergaard’s beautiful, blonde-haired stunner of a girlfriend Ellen Kraemer on this list, because one look at her Instagram feed and you may forget to read the rest of this list. It’s straight fire, trust me.

Nonetheless, I’d be doing you a disservice if I left her out. I don’t know what kind of game Noah has or how he landed this absolute goddess, but I think we could all learn a thing or two from him.

Kraemer is a Jersey girl who enjoys spending her free time in skimpy bikinis by the pool or at the shore and posting salacious selfies on social media. She’s a graduate of Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania and also has two brothers, who are probably sick by now of fighting the men off of their knockout of a sister.

Syndergaard and Kraemer keep their relationship pretty quiet, but as you can see, Noah is a lucky, lucky man.

9 Anthony Rizzo (Emily Vakos)

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As if helping the Chicago Cubs break a 108-year World Series championship drought wasn’t enough, Anthony Rizzo is now showing off his beautiful new brunette girlfriend in exotic global locations, and all we can do is sit here being jealous.

Rizzo hooked up with Emily Vakos just a few months ago, while the Cubs were making their historic run towards the MLB playoffs. She was a nutritional intern for the Cubs during the season, and the two apparently couldn’t help but strike up a clubhouse romance despite all the chaos.

She attended Arizona State University before joining the Cubs organization, and now she’s the star of Rizzo’s Instagram account. There, you’ll find his nonstop documentation of their gallivanting adventures through places like Central Park, fancy restaurants, musical concerts, and most recently, Thailand, where they spent Thanksgiving and an extended, tropical offseason vacation.

8 Elvis Andrus (Cori Febles)

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Yes, Texas Rangers superstar shortstop Elvis Andrus’ girlfriend Cori Febles is the total package, but try not to stare. At least not in person.

Febles is extremely hot. So hot, in fact, that it may make your jaw drop. Fortunately for Elvis, if that happens to him – and it most assuredly does – she can offer a spoonful of her latest culinary creation to fill the void. You see, she’s a chef.

She attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and is constantly whipping up something new and delicious.

So add smart, talented and drop-dead gorgeous all together and what you do get? You guessed it, the total package.

And when she’s not plying her trade, the pair are doing things all normal couples do, like taking a vacation, hitting the driving range and posting lovey-dovey pictures all over the internet.

7 Rougned Odor (Liusca Criollo)

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Venezuela’s loss is America’s gain when it comes to Rougned Odor and his girlfriend, Liusca Criollo. These two compatriots found love in 2015, the same year Odor made his major league debut.

Always happy and wearing goofy grins in photos, Odor and Criollo might just be the cutest couple in the major leagues. He calls her things like “princess” and “flaca,” which translates roughly into “skinny,” and that’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.

They’re both from Venezuela, so they’re constantly jetsetting back and forth from the U.S. during the offseason to visit friends and family. She seems to be a bit of a beach bum too, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

6 Wil Myers (Maggie Reaves)

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Wil Myers’ beautiful girlfriend, Maggie Reaves, might be the coolest, most interesting gal on this list. Reaves and Myers have been dating since high school, and while Wil has his own ambitions, Reaves is a determined young lady who has seemingly done it all.

She once auditioned to be on reality TV show “Big Brother,” was a candidate to become Miss Coors Light and now works in marketing with clients like seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson and Team Lowe’s. Her Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of all sorts of Victory Lane photos and shots from the track.

Beyond that, she seems to enjoy shooting guns, flying in helicopters, fishing, snowmobiling and soaking up the sun on the beach in her two-piece.

I assume she makes plenty of time for Wil, too, but there have been some nasty rumors about their current status as a couple.

5 Taijuan Walker (Heather Restrepo)

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It’s a wonder Seattle Mariners right-hander Taijuan Walker can throw pitches at all, let alone hit the strike zone without being mesmerized by the sheer beauty of his girlfriend, Heather Restrepo, sitting behind the backstop.

And believe it or not, she’s even got the brains to match. Restrepo is a Western Washington University grad, where she earned a business marketing degree just a couple years ago. Furthermore, and in case you hadn’t developed a crush just yet, she also played basketball for the WWU women’s team. Scholar, athlete, and so hot it hurts. They don’t make them like Restrepo anymore.

These days, Heather and Taijuan are pretty inseparable, and she’s a fixture at Safeco Field when the Mariners are in town. According to her Facebook page, she works at Ashton Manor, a popular Seattle nightclub, but with a boyfriend like Walker, I doubt she really needs to.

4 Corey Seager (Madisyn Van Ham)

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Let’s continue with Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager and his adorable love affair with his high school sweetheart, Madisyn Van Ham. The two met when they were just teenagers in North Carolina and have so far made it last despite Seager playing ball on the opposite coast.

Van Ham was a track star in her younger years and now attends East Carolina University, but these two lovebirds still make plenty of time to see each other. Van Ham regularly travels to watch her beau do his thing in various ballparks across the country. And when they’re away from the diamond, they’re constantly snapping cutesy couple pictures that inevitably end up all over social media.

3 Jose Bautista (Neisha Croyle)

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We don’t know a whole lot about power hitter Jose Bautista’s naturally beautiful girlfriend Neisha Croyle, and that’s probably by design.

Bautista and Croyle have been together for well over a decade and had their first daughter, Estela, together in April 2011. A year and a half later, their second, Ava, was born in November 2012, and their third, Emilia, arrived one year after that.

Other than the fact that, like her boyfriend, Croyle is from the Dominican Republic, she seems to keep a low profile, and people generally respect their privacy. It’s refreshing, in a way, that she doesn’t seek out the easy attention she could get as the SO of a baseball superstar. Now, whether there will ever be wedding bells in this couple’s future is the true mystery.

2 Scott Kazmir (Kim Seitler)

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Funny, smart and cute, Scott Kazmir’s main squeeze is the bee’s knees. Kim Seitler is a down-to-earth girl who owns and operates her own food blog called “I’m Bored Let’s Eat.” She describes herself as “a baseball gypsy that loves to eat and share my love for food with others” and is also admittedly in love with the couple’s French bulldog, Frito Bandito.

She follows Kazmir around from ballpark to ballpark during the season to watch her left-handed Dodger pitcher boyfriend light up opposing batters and is a regular at team-related events like Clayton Kershaw’s Annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose Celebrity Tournament, where she made an appearance earlier this year.

Half Filipino and the youngest of three sisters, Seitler is a major babe and a total catch for one Mr. Kazmir.

1 Justin Verlander (Kate Upton)

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I know, I know, they’re less dating and more engaged these days, but I’d be remiss to omit baseball’s No. 1 power couple, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton.

The star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers and the voluptuous Sports Illustrated cover model-turned actress started a flurry of rumors when they were spotted together on vacation in St. Thomas in early 2013, but it wasn’t officially official that they were a real item until a year later, when they stepped out together to a Philadelphia Flyers game.

Upton, a superstar in her own right with a giant, erm, personality, and Verlander, are a happy-go-lucky couple and claim to lead normal, private lives, but that’s hard to do when the paparazzi is constantly on your tail.

Perhaps one of the most defining moments of their high-profile romance is when Upton went on a Twitter rampage against the MLB in November 2016 after her beau was snubbed for the Cy Young award. Hey, at least she’s got his back.

The lovebirds were engaged just before the 2016 MLB season, and now they’re being fingered as the source of a widespread heartbreak pandemic in men and women alike.

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