15 "Not So PG" Pictures Of MLB WAGs You HAVE To See

Athletes always end up with the beautiful women. This isn't new. We've been over this numerous times and you've come here countless times for proof. And while it's long been proven that hockey players, basketball players, and football (and soccer) players have litte trouble securing the finest women on the planet, it's hard to say if that was always the case for baseball players. Just take a minute to think about the heyday of baseball, when players had the body shape of Babe Ruth and aspired to be just like the Sultan of Swing. Nobody cared to exercise in the offseason, while some didn't bother doing so during the season. You can even look at someone as recent as Bartolo Colon, who has held tight to that mantra and gained over one hundred pounds throughout his playing career.

In fact, former player John Kruk has a popular quote: "I ain't an athlete, lady. I'm a baseball player." So you see, it isn't hard to imagine baseball players might have had the most trouble out of all professional athletes in attracting beautiful women - although, if we're being honest, it still probably wasn't that hard. However, things have changed. The Bryce Harpers, Matt Harveys, and Aaron Judges of the world are in tremendous shape and, as such, can probably date whomever they like. Hell, Justin Verlander is engaged to arguably the sexiest woman on the planet - Kate Upton. And there's plenty of other players dating women who either are or should be models.


15 Chelsea Goff (Freddie Freeman)

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Freddie Freeman is enjoying a breakout season with the Atlanta Braves, one in which he could potentially leverage into a relationship with a popular model. However, that doesn't seem like it'll be the case. Freeman has been happily married for over three years now and is the proud father of a baby boy. And although his wife, Chelsea Goff, gave birth only nine months ago, she's already back in incredible shape and beautiful as ever.

An alumnus of the University of Central Florida, Goff modeled briefly from 2010 to 2013 for companies such as Ferrari and Harley Davidson. She's currently one of the hottest (we presume) realtors in the state of Georgia. She appeared on a 2015 episode of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, in which, you guessed it, she picked out a wedding dress.

14 Ashley Haas (Matt Harvey) 

When it comes to New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey, we can never be too sure who he's dating. The hard-throwing right-handed hurler has a history of dating beautiful women and has even been criticized for focusing too much on his off-the-field endeavors. He's currently tied to another beautiful model (we'll get to her later), but we couldn't create this list without including Ashley Haas, who the Mets pitcher dated on-and-off in the past few years. In fact, we could probably even create a list solely based on Matt Harvey WAGs.

Haas would almost certainly be near the top of the list. The popular model has over 136,000 followers on Instagram and not because people want to know what Harvey's ex-girlfriend is up to. Nearly all of her posts are of her in stunning, skin-showing outfits and, although she's probably just over 100-pounds, she doesn't lack in the "assets" category, if you catch our drift.

13 Amanda McCarthy (Brandon McCarthy)

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The husband of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy, Amanda McCarthy isn't the typical player's wife. Whereas many on this list are popular models and swimsuit cover girls who only met their baseball-playing beau in recent years, Brandon and Amanda have been together since high school and married each other in 2010. That doesn't mean the Dodgers pitcher settled; in fact, quite the opposite. He was fortunate enough to lock down Amanda when he had the chance.

Not only is she a tall, beautiful, dark-haired babe - she has since become a fashion model, naturally - she is one of the more popular MLB WAGs on Twitter, owing to her fandom of the teams for which Brandon plays as well as her sense of humor. Her birthday tweet one year to Brandon was, "Happy Birthday babe!! Congrats.. your balls are a little saggier today." Clearly, she wasn't talking about baseballs.

12 Dallas Latos (Mat Latos) 

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Toronto Blue Jays farmhand Mat Latos had quite a quick decline from dominant pitcher to minor league player. The 29 year old won 14 games in three of his first five seasons in the league, but has struggled to keep a job in the past three seasons, playing for six different teams. As long as he's married to his wife Dallas, however, chances are he's doing alright in his personal life.

Mat married Dallas in 2010 and the couple have been together ever since. Like Amanda McCarthy, Dallas Latos was known for her Twitter antics - she would post self-depreciating comments as well as supportive comments of her husband. Like most of the women on this list, she did some modeling, but is mostly concerned with charitable causes and animals. She reluctantly gave Mat a chance at the start of his baseball career - "In my mind, ball players were dirtbags," she once told USA Today - but it has worked out well for both parties.

11 Allie LaForce (Joe Smith) 

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A reliever with the Toronto Blue Jays, Joe Smith is about as generic a baseball player as you can imagine. He's a middle-tier reliever who has been successful at times and has been awful at times, not to mention the fact his first and last names are among the most common in North America. However, there's absolutely nothing generic about his wife, Allie LaForce, who is a college football sideline reporter for CBS and Turner Sports.

LaForce has talent, for sure, but she's also a smoking-hot blonde who would look great on any telecast. She has a solid background in sports as a former college basketball player with Ohio University, but is just as comfortable in a dress and swimsuit as she was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2005.

10 Larisa Fraser (Ryan Braun) 

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Let's be honest, Ryan Braun is a scumbag and arguably one of the most-hated players in MLB. Following his 65-game ban for PED use in 2013, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan didn't mince words when he labeled Braun "a liar nonpareil, a serial doper, [and] a raging narcissist." Yet, as we are all well aware of, being a douchebag doesn't impact one's ability to attract a beautiful woman, especially if you've got millions of dollars.

In fact, during the tumultuous 2013 calendar year, Braun married Larisa Fraser, with whom he had his first child two years prior. Braun attended college in Miami, where he met Fraser, who was unsurprisingly a model at the time. She's now a fitness enthusiast who shares her healthy eating habits "for moms that want healthy kids and hot bods" on her Instagram account.

9 Kim DeJesus (David DeJesus) 

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There was nothing special about outfielder David DeJesus. The former fourth round pick of the Kansas City Royals was never one of his team's best players, but he did play well enough to carve out a 13-year career in the league, during which time he hit for a .275 batting average. Yet, he's a player who, aside from his last name, you might have trouble remembering.

That's not at all the case with his wife, Kim. A model, dancer, and actor whose credits include Happy Ending and Dhoom 3, Kim is a fitness enthusiast whose Instagram profile states she is "probably on a juice cleanse somewhere talking about turmeric." Her posts, meanwhile, include numerous shots of her showcasing her curves and silky-smooth skin, including one in which she's back-on eating breakfast in the nude.

8 Brittany Binger (Grady Sizemore) 

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Once destined for multiple All-Star appearances, Grady Sizemore had his career affected drastically by injuries, but was fortunate enough to be taken care of by Brittany Binger, who he married in 2012. A native of Ohio, the 30-year-old Binger has been a model since she was 13 and appeared on TV shows such as CSI: New York, Nick Cannon Presents: Wild n' Out, and Deal or No Deal.

Binger's modeling career really took off in June of 2007, when she was Playboy's Playmate of the Month. Binger and Sizemore have a child together now, but that hasn't affected Binger's looks. In fact, the busty bombshell might be hotter now than she was at 20 and you can find proof of that by diving into her Instagram, which has over 47,000 followers.

7 Brielle Biermann (Michael Kopech) 

There's a very high chance that you might not have heard of either Michael Kopech or Brielle Biermann, but the couple has a chance to become the "it" couple of baseball. Kopech is a rising prospect in the Chicago White Sox organization who can regularly hit 100 miles per hour on the gun and should likely make his debut as a September call-up. He was part of the Chris Sale trade last off-season and certainly has the chance to become as good as Sale.

Biermann, meanwhile, is already a popular reality TV star. She and her mother, Kim Zolciak, starred in The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Biermann is well-known on social media as the creator of "belfies," also known as butt selfies. It sounds stupid, but it's clear a big butt is the key to popularity; Biermann has over one million followers on Instagram.

6 Hannah Davis (Derek Jeter) 

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For years, Derek Jeter was the most eligible bachelor in all of sports. Women wanted to date him and men wanted to be him. Jeter, meanwhile, was regarded for his excellence on the field as well as his game off the field. Rumors about his relationships grew over the years to the point it became well known that he handed girls gift baskets of his own memorabilia upon dumping them. That's probably not true, but we'd love to believe it.

Jeter, however, has left the bachelor life, but for good reason. The Yankees legend married Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Hannah Davis in 2016. The model has excellent curves and cheekbones that most girls can only dream of. She isn't as busty as some of the women on this list, but her beauty is undeniable.

5 Lauren Anderson (Reid Brignac) 

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A second-round pick of the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2004 MLB Amateur Draft, Reid Brignac had a terrible career that somehow lasted parts of nine seasons. In 951 plate appearances, the infielder hit for a .219 batting average and .264 on-base percentage. None of that really matters when you consider he was - and still is as far as we can tell - dating former Playboy playmate Lauren Anderson.

The couple have been dating since 2009, following Anderson's failed relationship with former NBA player Matt Walsh. They had their first child in 2012. Motherhood might have changed the former playmate as her Instagram is prominently filled with pictures of the couple's two children, but she's still a bombshell who could pose for Playboy tomorrow if asked.

4 Kate Upton (Justin Verlander) 

Aperol Spritz are calling my name #Capri

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Alright, we know what you're thinking: How is Kate Upton not number one on this list? She's universally regarded as one of the hottest women on the planet, so is it that she's not even in the top-three of the hottest baseball WAGs? You might be right, but sometimes less is more and we can only assume that, given Upton's presence on social media and in popular culture, you've seen nearly every photo we could find.

After all, she does have nearly five million followers on Instagram, so chances are if you're reading this you might be one of those followers - if you're not, what are you doing with your life? Regardless, we're confident you'll be impressed with our top three choices, but that takes nothing away from Upton, who has rightly risen to superstardom by her looks alone.

3 Lisa Dergan (Scott Podsednik) 

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The third former Playboy playmate to appear on this list, Lisa Dergan might be 46-years-old, but credit where credit is due. She's still an absolute babe and, in her prime, there might not be another woman on this list that could come close to her combination of beauty, sex appeal, and, well, "assets."

Dergan married former outfielder Scott Podsednik, who was best known for his time as a speedy stolen base threat with the Chicago White Sox. In addition to posing for sexy photos in her younger days, Dergan pursued a career in sports broadcasting and covered events for FOX Sports such as the Super Bowl, U.S. Open, and Kentucky Derby. Better yet, she became the first real life figure to become a Bond girl when she was written into a James Bond short story in 1999, in which 007 visits the Playboy Mansion.

2 Adriana Lima (Matt Harvey) 

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As mentioned, Matt Harvey has quite a decorated history with women. In fact, the pitcher hasn't quite lived up to lofty expectations on the mound, but he has crushed them off the field. In addition to Ashley Haas, he has dated popular Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima, who is eight years older than Harvey, but arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world. We tend to think of Kate Upton as the holder of that title in the United States, but her 4.8 million Instagram followers is nothing compared to the 11.1 million that Lima has.

Lima is one of Forbes' top-earning models and she has had minor roles in film and television, including How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty. Harvey has been rumored to be on-again off-again with Lima, who has also been tied to New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

1 Jaime Edmondson (Evan Longoria) 

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Surprise, surprise, we have another former Playboy playmate. Jaime Edmondson is a 38-year-old fiery redhead from Florida who was Miss January 2010. Before Playboy, she earned a degree in criminology and worked as a police officer in Boca Raton. She quit the force to work as a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins and was even named a Pro Bowl cheerleader in 2007.

Because of her dealings in Miami, Edmondson met Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria, who she married in 2015 following three years of dating. Edmondson played herself in the 2010 TV movie The Bunny House and has also appeared in season 14 and season 18 of The Amazing Race. A quick Google image search reveals photos of Edmondson modeling sexy low-cut shirts of almost every team in the NFL. You know she's a smoke-show when she can even make the New York Jets and Chicago Bears shirts sexy.

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