15 Pictures Of Aaron Judge's Girlfriend That Would Drive Him Crazy

If you can perform well in New York, you are setting yourself up for a great life. That was the case this year for one New York Yankee outfielder. Aaron Judge is a 6'7 monster that took the American League by storm this year. He had a career year, hitting .284 with 52 home runs and 114 RBIs. Judge should be proud of his season and Yankees fans everywhere should be excited for him to be a part of a young nucleus that could bring back memories of the Jeter-Rodriguez-Posada-Rivera years of winning. They just didn't have the depth to take out the Astros. Jose Altuve may have his World Series ring, but at least Judge has a beautiful girlfriend that he can boast about.

Judge is dating the beautiful Jen Flaum. This seems like a match made in heaven for the both of them. Flaum is dating a professional baseball player who will surely get a big pay day if he continues to put up numbers similar to his 2017 campaign. Judge is dating a woman who is beautiful, a college graduate, and a big Yankee fan which is obviously a huge plus. She is so good-looking that we just have to show her off for the world to see, sorry Aaron. But let's take a look at 15 pictures of Jen Flaum that will drive Aaron Judge crazy.

15 Flaum Rocking Her Man's Team

To open up the new season of ogling Aaron Judge's new flame, we start off with a very simple picture of her at Yankee stadium. The ripped jeans make her slender legs show for this particular photo. The best part of it all obviously is the Yankees shirt she is wearing. She isn't the typical girl that just goes to the game to watch her man, she actually goes because she enjoys baseball and is an avid Yankee fan. It must be a thrill for her to go to the games knowing she is now dating the current Yankee right fielder. Maybe she will even get into the judge's chamber next season. But for now, we'll just enjoy this picture of her enjoying America's past time. Every guy that plays sports always wants that girlfriend that will go to his games, enjoy going, and actually know what is going on. Flaum checks off all three of those boxes, making her a great girlfriend for Aaron Judge.

14 The Pool and a Dog...What a Combo

We won't make you wait too long to see Flaum in a bikini in the water and it is quite a sight to behold. We see her flat stomach in the water, probably a result of working out and trying to keep up with a professional athlete that continuously work out. Her dog makes an appearance in the water and it is cute to see her giving the dog "swim lessons."

She also shows off nice curves that are holding up in her white top and a basketball hoop so she can work on her game to beat Judge in a wet and wild game. She probably is at a disadvantage considering Judge in 6'7, but hey it's the heart and hustle that count at the end of the day. We love that Flaum is comfortable enough to post a picture of her in her bikini on Instagram. It might drive Judge crazy because that can be something he wants strictly for his eyes only.

13 White and Blue Till She Dies

Flaum is a Michigan girl until the end of time and she shows it in this last photo. She shows off a white bikini and blue Michigan hat, giving her old Alma Mater some love and respect. With the plants and such in the background, it makes for a great photo to sit on this list. Judge probably does not want men ogling his girlfriend's body. Then again, he is 6'7 so he could probably take care of business if some other man stepped out of line in front of him and his woman. However with Judge playing in the media hotbed of New York and playing for the Yankees, it's only a matter of time before Flaum gets more media exposure.

12 Classy and Elegant

New York City can be known for its wild nightlife and cast of interesting characters you may encounter on the weekends. There are also the girls that like to go out and just look for a good time with whatever handsome man may come their way. Luckily for Judge, he found a girl in Jen Flaum that certainly looks always classy, and never trashy.

Flaum looks good with her low cut top and gray yoga pants with a glass of wine in her hand and a beautiful view in the background. Maybe she is on a golf course and wants to show everyone she enjoys the finer things in life. She also could want to show Aaron Judge that she can keep up with him athletically and still enjoy a drink after their match. Whatever the case is, she looks phenomenal and Aaron is one lucky guy.

11 She Knows How to Go Out and Have Fun

So we know that Flaum look good whether its in the city or at home. But we haven't really seen yet how she looks when she gets dressed up to go out with her friends...until now. Flaum is a pretty girl, so naturally she is going to attract attention wherever she goes. But this particular photo makes her really stand out as somebody that we all wish was still single.

The nightclub is a great place to see women look their best. They dress up in clothing that is sure to get the attention of some lucky gentleman. In this photo, she is with one of her good friends showing us a fierce look and love of the nightlife. Aaron Judge may be a New York Yankee, but sometimes he has to unwind some stress too just like we all do. So the fact that Judge can take his girlfriend out and she can look like this must drive him nuts in the best way possible. Maybe they even get down on the dance floor as well.

10 Somewhere Sunny and 75

We only have two more chances to really make Aaron Judge go crazy about the photos that everyone can see of his girlfriend, Jen Flaum. Jen has shown us a few glimpses of her in a bathing suit. But now, we have a photo that gives us the up close and personal view that would turn many heads at the beach. We can easily say that it is a sight to behold.

We see the lovely Flaum in a green and white bikni laying out on a lounge chair smiling with her sunglasses on. As we have repeatedly say and will say again, her legs are smooth and glowing. Her stomach does a great job of showing how tight it is, and she just looks naturally comfortable in front of a camera. We don't know if she actually does any modeling, but if she doesn't; certain modeling agencies will be calling very soon. This is good enough to be number one on just about every other list there is, but we couldn't wait to share it.

9 Can't Go Wrong with The Bunny

The Halloween spirit can have many different costumes coming out to play. Flaum also shows us that if she wants to, she can show Judge and the rest of us a revealing side that will keep everyone drooling.

Her shapely figure shows off nicely here. Her fishnet stockings reveal her beautiful legs. Her tail shows off nicely in the back for all of us to see. She also looks sexy with her confident smile that basically says, "Yeah, we know we look good!". To have that much confidence and not cockiness is a big turn-on for a lot of men. Unfortunately Hugh Hefner is no longer with us (RIP) because if he was and saw Judge's girlfriend, he might recruit her to be an actual Playboy bunny in his big mansion.

8 Go Go Power Rangers

Halloween has recently come and gone and there are a lot of good costumes that are out there. Some take the revealing approach and dress up as a "sexy nurse", a Playboy bunny, the list goes on and on. Some take the conservative route and will come up with something like Sherlock Holmes, a dinosaur, or a Disney character. Jen Flaum shows she loves to get into the Halloween season with her next photo.

She is dressed up as a pink Power Ranger which definitely shows she likes to still be a little kid and get into the Halloween spirit. Her playful fight pose shows she likes to goof around and she still looks amazing even if she is a character that can kick anybody's butt at a moment's notice. The Pink Power Ranger was a favorite of young boys everywhere when the Power Rangers were popular. Judge probably smiles and drives himself crazy because he could be thinking about how every guy wants to get with the Pink Power Ranger.

7 Loving the Beach View

Chicago seems like it is a favorite spot of Flaum's as you can see on her Instagram feed. This is another photo where we see her on a beach, albeit not in a bathing suit. For now, let's enjoy her smile and poise as she points out at the ocean and gives us something to look at and talk about.

Here she is in a low cut shirt and jean shorts with a pair of sneakers just looking out into the water. What was she thinking about when looking into the water? Was she thinking where her true love might be? Was she thinking about the right fielder of the Yankees before she started dating him? Nobody knows except for her. What we do know now is that Judge has won her heart for the time being and it will probably drive him crazy wondering what or even who she was thinking about when she was looking out onto the water.

6 She's More Than Just a Cleat Chaser

The thing we have to remember with Jen Flaum is that she didn't end up at a low end Division One school like a Bryant University or Sacred Heart University. She ended up going to the powerhouse known as the University of Michigan which has big time sports especially football. Flaum has shown her love for the Wolverines by taking a picture in the endzone of Michigan Stadium.

She has really pretty eyes and nice smile that obviously won Judge over. Plus, we really get a good look at her rear. It shows off nicely in her jeans as she remembers the good times at Michigan. They may not be a powerhouse right now in football, but at least she knows what it is like to be in a crazy sports environment. Dating a New York Yankee, you have to be able to handle it and Flaum has proven she can do just that. Judge has to be a little bit driven crazy by the fact that she has a love for big time sports and can look that good laying down in an endzone.

5 City Kind of Girl

New York always has something going on. Whether it is a sports game, a concert, a comedy show, etc., there always seems to be some high end form of entertainment. New York is also one of those areas where it looks really beautiful at night. Sure, there are other areas such as Los Angeles and Boston that give off the same type of vibe. But there is something different about New York where the lights are just a bit brighter and dreams seem like they can be made into a reality no matter where you turn. For Jen Flaum, she definitely knows how to look good even with a city in the background.

In this particular photo, she looks like she is enjoying seeing a different city as she is in Chicago. Chicago definitely has its perks with the Cubs and deep dish pizza. But the point of the photo is Flaum looks amazing especially with a beautiful view in the background. Once again, we see Flaum's butt looking really good in her jeans. She also has that look on her face that was probably saying at the time, "If only I could meet a man who loves big city living". Well Jen, you found your man now in Aaron Judge and he is surely going crazy over the fact that he couldn't enjoy that view with you.

4 Comfy in Her Calvins

Like we said before, Flaum is a Michigan girl. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and Marketing. That in itself is very appealing because she can help Judge when he is in a slump and can also help market his skills if she really wanted to. Michigan also can have some big time fun and wild parties which Flaum shows us in this photo. She also shows off her Calvins in this photo. Calvin Klein has come out with these comfortable underwear sets for women that they seem to love. They can workout in them or they can just take photos and leave a caption along the lines of "feeling good in my Calvins". She must have been feeling good in her Calvins as she has the biggest smile on her fact and also gives all of us a visual peak of what she has on underneath her jeans. Her caption mentions how she is winning in her Calvins, but now she has to be thinking she is winning in life dating Judge. Judge has to also be thinking he is winning if his current flame can drive him crazy with a photo like this one.

3 Everything is Better with a Dog

There would be some games where Aaron Judge would have 0-4 games with four strikeouts and would probably be looking for comfort. Especially during the postseason, Judge seemed to really struggle with breaking pitches on the outer part of the plate when he was behind in the count. At one point, he was striking out basically every time he came up to the plate without really much of a chance. So how do you get over that? By having a great girlfriend and a dog in the same setting could be one particular way.

Jen Flaum has wowed us so far with her looks in many different poses. In her black dress and knee high boots, she is looking stellar once again. Her assets show off and she looks really focused on the view ahead of her. Of course, not to be ignored is the dog in the photo as well. Honestly, how can one be mad at the end of the day with a girlfriend looking like her and man's best friend wagging their tail at you after not seeing you all day? If you are Aaron Judge, that is a hard question to answer. It probably drives Judge crazy to think that she could have been doing this with another man as opposed to him, but he can thank his lucky stars that is not the case.

2 She Found Her Superman

Every Cinderella needs a Prince Charming, every Pocahontas needs a John Smith, and every Lois Lane needs a Superman. Well it looks like Jen Flaum found her Superman in Aaron Judge. Apparently Judge likes to dress as Superman as we find a rare picture of the cute couple together, enjoying their first of hopefully many Halloweens together. We definitely like the fact that these two are happy together, but we also like looking more at Lois Lane in this photo. Sorry, Aaron!

Flaum's leg and high heel combination are really difficult to beat. Her shirt also makes her breasts come out very nicely. Overall, it is a great idea and good look for a costume. This is the type of photo that can drive Aaron Judge crazy in a good way. He can look at it and think to himself, "How did I get lucky enough to date a girl like that?". Of course, playing on the New York Yankees and having a 50 home run season definitely does help. Even if that isn't the case, it looks like Judge could swoop Flaum up in one motion and fly them off somewhere far, far away.

1 She Can Pull Off Sweatpants

Girls can't be dressed in nice dresses, high heels, and have makeup on 24/7/365. It is just ridiculous and incredibly unreasonable to ask of a significant other. Aaron Judge needed a girl that would be able to pull off going out for the night dressed up while also being able to pull off lounging around in sweatpants. Flaum does that extremely well in this photo that will have Aaron Judge be distracted from studying pitchers.

Flaum is dressed in a jean top and shorts. This is a very relaxing outfit, but still one that she looks incredibly beautiful in. She has her legs looking slender once again in this photo along with her blonde hair falling perfectly behind her. Flaum carries that very uncommon ability to be able to pull off both looks. Sometimes, girls just want to relax in comfy sweats and not care about their appearance. But luckily for Judge, he has someone that can look stunning doing both looks. What a home run he hit in that aspect!

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