15 Pictures Of Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Doesn't Want You To See

Since debuting on In Living Color back in 1991, Jennifer Lopez has taken the world of entertainment by storm. Having achieved success as singer, actor, and model; the Puerto Rican mega star is one of the most versatile celebrities in the world today.

The Bronx, New York native has fame, fortune, and a physique that most women would kill for. The artist whose fans affectionately refer to her as J.Lo certainly has a lot going for her. While she may still be “Jenny from the block,” the 48-year-old mother of two is also widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Anyone who has ever laid their eyes on the sultry singer won’t be surprised to find out that she has had her share of celebrity suitors over the years. However, these days Lopez is involved in a relationship with former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod has dated his share of celebrities over the years who have likely shared steamy photos with the public. That being said, given the longevity of J.Lo’s career she may have a few more risqué pics out there than the former all-star would like.

With that in mind, here 15 gorgeous pictures of Jennifer Lopez that A-Rod may not want you to see.

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15 Revealing A Lot Of Skin While Dancing

Jennifer Lopez shows off the moves that helped make her famous in this fun Instagram post. This unique outfit highlights the star's well-toned legs as she performers for the adoring masses. J.Lo looks every bit the diva with her immaculate hair and near flawless hour glass figure. This photo serves as a reminder as to why so many people consider Lopez to be one of the most beautiful and talented performers in the music industry.

Fun Fact: J.Lo’s big break came in 1997 when she landed the lead role in the biographical musical drama, Selena. 21,000 people showed up in various cities throughout the United States to audition for the role. In the end, after a grueling audition, it was Lopez who ended up winning out.

14 Mesh Top

via pinterest.com

Jennifer Lopez looks smoking hot in this see through mesh top as she stares seductively into the camera. The New York native is definitely someone who takes her fitness regiment seriously, and the result can be seen in photos like this one. The image serves to highlight the singer's toned mid section and lean frame. Lopez looks ready for a magazine cover in this stunning pic.

Fun Fact: J.Lo’s first big break came in 1991 when she was selected as a backup dancer for the New Kids on the Block, an iconic boy band from the late-1980s/early-1990s. She performed with the group during the 18th Annual American Music Awards. However, her first full-time gig came when she was selected to a dancer for the Fox television show In Living Color.

13 Those Sunglasses

via pinterest.com

J.Lo looks nothing short of amazing sporting her large sunglasses and stylish one piece bathing suit. The swimsuit definitely showcases the actress’s lower half, as she appears to be enjoying a relaxing day at the pool. The gorgeous Latina likely turned more than a few heads that day in this flattering attire.

Fun Fact: 1993 was a big year for Jennifer Lopez. It was the year she landed her first role in a film (as an adult anyway) called Lost in the Wild. She played Rosie Romero in the direct-to-video drama. The film also starred Lindsay Wagner and Robert Loggia. 1993 also saw Lopez land a role in the CBS television series known as Second Chances. The series was short-lived, but it still served as a significant milestone in the young actress' career at the time.

12 Cover Up

via pinterest.com

The sultry singer looks stunning (and a bit startled) while sitting on a bench with nothing but white sheets. It couldn’t have been comfortable sleeping in the buff on a wooden bench. That being said, J.Lo certainly doesn’t look any the worse for wear. The actress and pop sensation proves once again that she can produce a seemingly endless supply of amazing pics.

Fun Fact: In 1999 Lopez release her debut single “If You Had My Love” which helped launch her musical career. The single ended up becoming the number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. The hit has featured on her first album On the 6. The album was a commercial success and also included one of Lopez’s other better-known hit singles “Waiting for Tonight.”

11 The Window

via thetrentonline.com

This artistic black and white photo shows the actress leaning over in front of her window while locking eyes with the camera. J.Lo demonstrates that she doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini or flashy stage costume to look amazing, as we can see from this photo. The tank top and white bottoms look amazing on the singing sensation, then again…what doesn’t?

Fun Fact: Jennifer Lopez was a very impressive filmography. As of 2014, she was the richest actress in Hollywood with an estimated net worth around $320 million. Some of her most successful and well-known films include Anaconda, Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, and Shall We Dance? She was also done voice work in successful films such as Antz and the Ice Age movies.

10 Rear View

Via: etonline.com

This picture proves that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need to be facing the camera in order to create a memorable photo. This image certainly draws attention to the beauty’s prominent lower half. J.Lo certainly isn’t shy about flaunting one the features that helped make her famous in this memorable shot. It would appear that the old saying holds true, “if you got it, flaunt it.”

Fun Fact: Prior to dating former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez was involved in a high-profile relationship with award-winning actor Ben Affleck. The media even began referring to the couple as Bennifer, and they were actually the couple that started the whole celebrity couple nickname phenomenon that has become so prevalent. The two were even engaged before finally calling it quits in 2004.

9 Retro

via pinterest.com

J.Lo appears to be having a good time while posing for this retro bikini photo. The actress smiles playfully for the camera while holding her hair into place. Lopez looks like she came straight out of the 1950s with her throwback swimwear. It’s clear that the chart topper has a look that is timeless and would, without question, be considered a great beauty in any decade.

Fun Fact: After her relationship with Ben Affleck came to an end, J.Lo began dating fellow singer, Marc Anthony. The couple married after a relatively brief courtship in June of 2004. The pair had two children together who were born back in February of 2008. However, the two didn’t go on to live happily ever after and would eventually finalize their divorce in June of 2014.

8 White Bikini

via gotceleb.com

It seems nearly impossible to find a bad picture of Jennifer Lopez. “Jenny from the block” shows she knows how look stylish in swimwear with her figure-flattering white bikini. The starlet flashes a seductive smile for the camera as she adjusts her fashionable white straw hat. One would be hard-pressed to find a celebrity out there with a better bikini bod. The pop star once again makes looking good seem easy.

Fun Fact: Jennifer Lopez has had more than her fair share of success as an actress. However, one of her films that didn’t receive critical acclaim was the romantic comedy Gigli. The movie featured J.Lo and her real-life boyfriend at the time, Ben Affleck. The film brought in only $7.2 million at the box office and cost around $75.6 million to make.

7 Cover Girl

Lopez sums up her Instagram post nicely as the caption reads “feeling, sexy, youthful, and happy.” All of those things seem to go with the image here. She follows up her initial remarks with the hashtag #BeTheGirl, which is likely meant to inspire her droves of female followers on social media. The chart topper looks smoking hot in her revealing one piece bathing suit as she poses for a popular magazine cover.

Fun Fact: During the 11th seasons of the hit television series American Idol, J.Lo debuted as a judge. It was reported that she earned an eye-popping $20 million for her judging services. She also returned to the show a second time for the 13th season and this time reportedly earned as much as $17.5 million.

6 Self

There are few people that can look as good as Jennifer Lopez while struggling to do a pull-up. The vivacious former backup dancer shows off her fit physique in this attractive white outfit. Based on the caption it would appear that J.Lo is posing for the cover of yet another high-profile publication. After seeing this photo, it’s quite clear why Lopez has been a cover girl for so many magazines over the years.

Fun Fact: Lopez has been a part of two major tours thus far. In 2007 she went on the road with her husband Marc Anthony, and in 2012 she performed live on her Dance Again World Tour. She also has had three residency concerts; Let’s Get Loud, Q’Viva The Chosen Live, and Jennifer Lopez All I Have.

5 With Iggy Azalea

J.Lo teams with her fellow pop star Iggy Azalea to promote their song entitled “Booty.” These starlets proudly flaunt their ample lower halves in an Instagram post that is sure to grab folks' attention. Lopez’ s caption “#BootyBootyBootyEverywehere” sums this photo up quite nicely. A photo featuring two of the hottest singers in the world today is sure to be a hit on Instagram.

Fun Fact: J.Lo has released eight major studio albums thus far including; On the 6, J.Lo, This is me…Then, Rebirth, Como Ama Una Mujer, Brave, Love?, and last but not least, A.K.A. back in 2014. She also has two compilation albums which include J to tha L-O! The Remixes and Dance Again…The Hits. There are numerous chart-topping hits scattered throughout her discography.

4 Warrior Woman

via hdimagelib.com

Xena Warrior Princess has got nothing on this gorgeous pop icon. The lovely Latina looks ready to slay a dragon or two in her proactive bikini armor outfit. While this costume might not provide a great deal of coverage in the event of a sword fight, it sure looks good on the award winning artist. There are certainly more than a few guys out there who would love to storm a castle with Jennifer Lopez.

Fun Fact: Since her debut on In Living Color back in 1991 Lopez has gone on to appear in numerous television shows. She was made appearances on such hit shows as South Central, Will & Grace, and How I Met Your Mother, just to name a few. She is also scheduled to star in a television show called Bye Bye Birdie Live! in 2018.

3 Ready For Vegas

Lopez appears to be getting in her zone in preparation for her Las Vegas show in this particular photo. The pop star looks to be an excellent physical condition as she stares at herself in the mirror in her sweatpants and tank top. Even well into her 40s, J.Lo shows that she still one of the best looking women in Hollywood, with this steamy Instagram post. Images like this are likely a part of the reason she has such a massive following on social media.

Fun Fact: Jennifer Lopez, who is no stranger to controversy, was arrested back in 1999 in connection with a shooting which happened in her home state of New York. However, she would eventually be exonerated as it was determined that she wasn’t involved in the incident.

2 A VERY Revealing Angel

via Pinterest.com

The Puerto Rican-American pop star looks ready to ascend to the heavens in this breathtaking photo. Despite having her arms folded and the wing strategically placed over her, this photo still leaves very little to the imagination. The image is certainly revealing, but it also manages to be tasteful and highlights the photographer’s artistic flair. Lopez looks ready to take flight in this captivating pic.

Fun Fact: While her first straight-to-video film appearance came in 1993, The actress’s big screen debut didn’t occur until 1995 in a film called My Family. In the drama, about a Mexican-American family living in Los Angeles, J.Lo played the role of Young Maria, though the role was unaccredited at the time. The film received an 83% Fresh rating on the (critic) site Rotten Tomatoes.

1 Looking Back

via pinterest.com

Jennifer Lopez clearly isn’t taking leg days off in the gym, as the New York native’s legs look ripped in this memorable photograph. The high heels also help to make the 5-foot-5 singer’s legs look longer. The image  highlights the former American Idol Judge’s extremely noticeable bottom half. J.Lo looks surprised to see the photographer in this photo as her hair covers part of her iconic face.

Fun Fact: As a musician, Jennifer Lopez has sold over 80 million albums over the course of her career. Moreover, as an actress, her films have grossed over $2.89 million. It’s stats like that which prompted Forbes magazine to name her the most powerful celebrity in the world back in 2012. There is no denying that Lopez is truly an international star.

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