15 Pictures Of MLB WAGs That Are Hot AF

By now, it’s pretty routine: pro athlete becomes a star; pro athlete signs an enormous contract; pro athlete gets the girl. Models, actresses, heiresses and even adult stars – they all come flocking, and apparently Major League Baseball players are just their type.

It doesn’t seem fair, really. Not only do these players have more athletic ability in the tips of their pinky fingers than most of us do combined, but they’ve also got more money than they could spend in a lifetime and the company of some of the most drop-dead gorgeous women hanging on their arms wherever they go.

A marvel all to themselves, the wives and girlfriends of Major League Baseball players are something to behold. Physically gifted in all the right places and photogenic as hell, most of them are celebrities in their own right, and I’m sure you can see why. When they’re not busy doing steamy photoshoots for various spreads and magazines, these beauties are making our jaws drop with their straight fire Instagram pics highlighting all their most prominent assets.

So, loosen that collar up, fellas, because you’re about to get all hot and bothered. Here are 15 pictures, in no particular order, of MLB WAGs that are ridiculously hot AF.

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15 Brittany Binger: Married To Grady Sizemore

Photo by @joshryanphotos makeup by @bookjanelle

A post shared by brittanybinger (@brittanybinger) on

Brittany Binger makes that skimpy lingerie look good, doesn’t she? Then, there’s those f*** me eyes, the hair, the flat stomach and that mega-sexy suggestive pose and we’ve started this list out with a resounding bang.

Binger is a smoking hot 5-foot-7, 30-year-old model, actress and reality TV personality who’s married to Grady Sizemore, former Major League centerfielder and current player development advisor for the Cleveland Indians. She began modeling at just 13, and in 2006, moved to California to pursue her trade full-time. Obviously somebody noticed how hot she was, and she ended up being named Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for June 2007, after only a year on the job.

But if you think this picture is hot, you should see her social media accounts.

14 Alexandra Cooper: Dating Noah Syndergaard


A post shared by Alexandra Cooper (@_alexandracooper_) on

Two words: tan lines.

Boston University student and former NCAA D-1 soccer player Alexandra Cooper is New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard’s brand-new 22-year-old model girlfriend who is already heating up the interwebs with pictures like this.

The two were spotted sitting courtside together at a New York Knicks game earlier in April, sending the MLB and Tri-state area media into a frenzy with the news of the hot new couple.

But can we talk about that perfect hourglass figure for a second? God blessed Cooper with handcrafted curves that are making men go crazy and Major League pitchers come calling. That barely-there one-piece swimsuit and flowing golden locks framed in green foliage with a beach background make this photo unquestionably hot as you-know-what.

13 Aura Avila: Married To Ronny Cedeno

via elestimulo.com

Are you sweating yet? If not, this shot of former Major League infielder Ronny Cedeno’s wife, Aura Avila, ought to do it. She’s a former Venezuelan beauty queen and a top finisher in the Miss Venezuela pageant in 2003 with an exotic degree of hotness that probably makes you wonder how she’s only No. 13 on this list.

There are so many things going on in this photo that I don’t know where to start. She’s topless, drinking straight from a coconut with an eyes-closed “O” face and wet, jet-black hair flowing straight down from her tilted head all in full view of what looks like a public beach. That’s confidence, folks, and that’s hot. Cedeno might have struck out almost 600 times in the Majors, but he obviously hit a home run in the Wife Department.

12 Chelsea Goff: Married To Freddie Freeman

via modelmayhem.com

Chelsea Goff’s cute girl-next-door smile and bubbly demeanor defines her personality pretty well, but as this photo is evidence, she’s well in touch with her sexy side. Of course, that’s because she’s had plenty of practice. The wife of Atlanta Braves All-Star first baseman Freddie Freeman, Goff is a former bikini model who steamed up the campus at the University of Central Florida, where she attended until 2010 while building her portfolio doing work with companies like Harley Davidson, Ferrari and Black Roberts Rum.

Goff and Freeman dated for a few years before getting engaged in January of 2014 and then tying the knot later that year. Now comfortably married to a $135 million man, Goff is a licensed realtor and mother to the couple’s young son, Charlie.

11 Jaime Edmondson: Married To Evan Longoria

via nydailynews.com

Beyond the obvious bunny suit and in-your-face rack that’s bursting out of her top, the fact that Jaime Edmondson, wife of Tampa Bay Rays star third baseman Evan Longoria, was once a badass police officer in Boca Raton, Florida is what makes this particular photo of her so damn hot.

I don’t know about you, but if I had been aware of this fact at the time, I probably would have flown to Boca and committed a crime just so that she’d have to chase me down, tackle me, put me in handcuffs and toss me in the backseat of her squad car. But save your fantasies for another time, gents.

Before (and after) swearing in as one of Boca Raton’s finest, Edmondson was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader and was also named Playboy’s January 2010 Playmate of the Month.

10 Kim DeJesus: Married To David DeJesus

via instagram.com

Lord almighty. I can’t blame you if you linger on this crazy-hot photo of Kim DeJesus for a while, so go ahead and take another good long look before getting the rundown on her. I’ll see you in the next paragraph.

DeJesus is the ultra-sultry wife of retired Major League outfielder David DeJesus, and as you can see, she literally oozes sex appeal from every pore of her ridiculous body. She’s a part-time model and actress and even appeared on the reality TV show The Amazing Race along with friend and fellow baseball wife Kim Getz.

I don’t know if it’s the intense eye contact or her perfectly round backside, but the fact that someone like David DeJesus wifed-up a dime like Kim makes me wish I had taken Little League a little more seriously than I had.

9 Jenna Blackley: Married To Travis Blackley

via instagram.com

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don’t even know if my entire vocabulary is half that, so I’ll just say “damn.” The knee-high socks, the flannel shirt and the “I woke up like this” stare while perched precariously on a kitchen counter must be some sort of fantasy wife starter kit, because if Texas Rangers pitcher Travis Blackley hadn’t put a ring on his wife Jenna’s left hand, I might have been the first in line.

She’s a model with some very notable credits to her name. She was Miss Regional California 2011, World’s Perfect Miss 2013, and as a Sonoma State University alumna, she’s got the brains to go along with the beauty. Who’s got a synonym for hot AF?

8 Larisa Fraser: Married To Ryan Braun

via starsmanagement.com

Speaking of models (have you noticed a pattern yet?), 28-year-old Larisa Frasier is a stunning former lingerie fashion model who has worked with notable brands like Michael Kors, Nordstrom, GQ and Jockey. As you can see here, you could literally throw random articles of clothing at her and Fraser would make it look good.

She’s the wife of Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, the six-time All-Star and 2011 NL MVP. The pair got hitched in 2013 and have battled through some infidelity issues on Braun’s part, but Fraser has stood by her man through it all, and it seems like they’ve mostly moved past the rough patch.

They keep fairly quiet about their personal lives, but if this photo tells us anything, Ryan Braun is a lucky guy who better watch his P’s and Q’s.

7 Molly Beers: Married To Davie Wright

via theledgesports.com

There’s something about this picture of Molly Beers, wife of New York Mets third baseman David Wright, that emanates an air of such sexy innocence that you’re not surprised when one minute, she’s the happy-go-lucky baseball fan cheering on her superstar husband from her seat in the ballpark and the next, she’s channeling her inner Tyra Banks as she struts her stuff down a fashion show runway.

Beers is – you guessed it – a fashion model with long legs, chiseled abs, a slim figure and a shapely bust that make her a total catch. She and Wright started dating all the way back in 2008 and kept their relationship secret for a couple of years and then finally got engaged in 2013 before marrying in December of that year.

6 Lauren Anderson: Married To Reid Brignac

via thecampussocialite.com

There’s nothing quite as timeless as the hand bra, and Lauren Anderson, spouse of Reid Brignac, the former Major Leaguer who now plays infielder for the AAA Fresno Grizzlies of the Pacific Coast League, has it down to a T in this sex-charged glamour shot.

In case her left arm covered a little bit too much of the goods for you, Anderson, a 36-year-old former model from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sports a 34D bust to go along with her 24-inch waist and 35-inch hips. And if you think those are prime measurements to warm men’s hearts with a little extra skin, you’re absolutely right. She was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for July 2002 after winning the TV special Who Wants to be a Playboy Centerfold? just a few months prior.

5 Lisalla Montenegro: Married To C.J. Wilson

via fansshare.com

As fun as Brazilian fashion model Lisalla Montenegro’s name is to say, you may find yourself at a loss for words at the sight of her striking, exotic beauty. She’s married to former Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson and cracks our top-5 with her toned, flat stomach and legs that go on for days and days.

Her modeling credits run the gamut from Victoria’s Secret to Lexus,to H&M to being the face of Maybelline, so while Wilson gets to come home to her every night, we’re all major beneficiaries of this red-hot minx. Plus, you just know she’s got a crazy-hot accent that sends guys like us over the edge. There’s just something about beautiful foreign women, am I right?

4 Hannah Davis: Married To Derek Jeter

via SI.com

Is “hottie with a body” selling Hannah Davis short? I mean, behind the next entry on this list, Davis is one of the most prominent swimsuit models on the entire planet. She not only has a slim, perfectly-sculpted 5-foot-10 frame, but she basically has the face of an angel with a smile that could bring tears to your eyes. Fortunately for the legend Derek Jeter (and unfortunately for all of us measly peasants), he gets to see that smile every day since he put a ring on it back in July 2016.

You’ve seen her in Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren and American Eagle but this shot right here might just trump them all. If her piercing stare and skimpy bikini weren’t enough, her posture’s telling me she’s looking for a special hammock buddy and she’s looking for him now. Too bad Jeter had to ruin all the fun.

3 Kate Upton: Married to Justin Verlander

via si.com

Real talk, is there one single photo of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander’s world-famous supermodel fiancée Kate Upton that isn’t hot AF? Those meandering curves, voluptuous breasts and sexy-cute face all work together in perfect harmony to make men from every corner of the globe stop and stare at her wondrous figure.

She’s splashed across commercials, magazine covers, the movies and every other list like this out there, but when she keeps on churning out photos like the one above, which she did for Sports Illustrated, you can’t not include her.

Justin Verlander is a lucky, lucky man.

2 Lisa Dergan Podsednik: Married To Scott Podsednik

via listal.com

Show me a smokeshow blonde bombshell wearing revealing white lingerie in bed, and I’ll show you a room full of guys hitting right-click and save faster than you can finish reading this sentence. Lisa Dergan, wife of retired Major League outfielder Scott Podsednik, is an actress, media personality, sportscaster, and most importantly, a former Playboy centerfold model, so there’s a lot more of where this photo came from. You’re welcome.

She has a degree in Art History from San Diego State University and is also fluent in Japanese, so clearly Podsednik must have seen more than just the looks when he married Dergan back in 2008. Rumor has it, though, that the couple recently split, but that doesn’t mean the photos of her are any less downloadable.

1 Dominique Rizzo: Dating Zack Wheeler

Oh, hello! A sun-splashed Dominique Rizzo, girlfriend of New York Mets pitcher Zack Wheeler, takes “hot” both literally and figuratively in this poolside Instagram post. That is one teeny bikini on one sizzling, killer body. The way the straps accentuate her perfect curves takes the hot-factor to a whole new level, leaving just enough to the imagination to make you stare a few minutes longer and really soak up the extraordinary view.

Rizzo is a hard 10 and it’s no wonder Wheeler locked her down as soon as he did. Her slap-your-mother sex appeal could break necks the way she turns heads, and you might as well cancel the rest of your day if you happen to land on her Instagram account. You’ll be hooked forever.

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