15 Ridiculous Pics Of Drunk MLB Players

Baseball has always been a great American pastime. Throughout the history of the game, baseball players have given fans some of the most legendary moments in sports to make the game a true favorite.

Throughout their long history, Major League Baseball continues to bring together some of the most talented athletes from around the world in the hopes of giving the fans pure enjoyment of this time-consuming game that has captivated many of the players around of the league and the fans alike.

From the humble start of the MLB, all the up to the present day, alcohol has played a role in the league whether we like it or not; from fans having a beer and watching the game to having the games sponsored by beer companies, alcohol has always just seemed to go hand and hand with the game. Legendary player and home hitter Babe Ruth indulged in the beverages and some would even say it helped him hit more home runs, but that is a debate that we can save for a different time.

So as of today, we wanted to highlight some ridiculous drunk moments from some of the MLB's greats to the rising stars that are quickly makeing their name known. In this list of photos you'll find MLB players having just a little bit too much fun after a win or unwinding after a long nine innings of play. So without any further ado, check out our top 15.

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15 Zach Duke

via flickr.com

Starting out our list of ridiculous drunk photos of the MLB's players is none other than St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Zach Duke who as of recently made a great comeback to the game after having surgery to repair his forearm flexor muscle and the UCL in his left arm. Overall it's great to see him back in the game throwing down some strikes and continuing his career.

Here we see Zach Duke hanging out while having a good time with a half smile on his face. Among of things here in this photo Zach lets his Sharpie face tell it all leaving us with the big question why and how did he get this on his face. It must have been another great night out.

14 Dustin Pedroia

via jimbo.info

Boston's second baseman, four time Gold Glove winner, and four-time All-Star Dustin Pedroia has accomplished so many things throughout his long career as a Major League Baseball player. As of recently Dustin is having some troubles with a few injuries and is currently on the disabled list with soreness in his knee. Here now from everyone at TheSportster we would like to wish the all-star a speedy recovery overall.

Pedroia can really do it all from home runs to getting many outs as a talented second baseman, but here we see Dustin behind the bar with a bottle in one hand and a cup in his other hand. I wonder how this night ended? This picture was taken following a World Series win and Pedroia's clearly enjoying that bottle of Jim Beam.

13 Jason Giambi


Jason Giambi gave the MLB so many great memories that will live on in baseball history. During his long run, Giambi would capture the player of the year title three times while playing with the Oakland A's. Later on in his career Giambi would also be given the prestige Player of the Year award for the American League making his accomplishments even more memorable.

Even though Giambi made great steps forward with the game he will be also remembered for his involvement in the 2003 scandal involving steroids and for his testimony against Barry Bonds in a March 2009 trial. But here we see the player having a great time with friends and family as they celebrate what looks to be his birthday. He clearly doesn't seem to be in his sober state of mind.

12  12. Josh Hamilton

via sherlocks.com

Adding to our list with a ridiculous photo is MLB outfielder Josh Hamilton. Here we see a moment showcasing that baseball players are true to life party animals. This 2010 American League MVP was known to be the life of the party in the beginning of his career but he would eventually slow down with partying, as he was revealed to have been struggling with addiction.

Josh Hamilton is shown here in full party mode while hanging out with some female fans. Honestly, this looks like a bar scene that could've  been straight out of a movie. While this picture may have been amusing at the time it came out, with Hamilton's problems having surfaced, we're glad that he addressed his problems by entering rehab.

11 Sir Sidney Ponson

via battleofthebeltway.blogspot.com

Nothing says 'let's party' like a bottle of Cristal and in this photo, we see another major league player in full party mode and enjoying life. Pitcher Sidney Ponson gave the league 12 seasons of baseball from 1998 to 2009 alongside various teams. Ponson started out his career with Baltimore Orioles and from there this MLB pitcher would be a part seven other teams before ending his MLB career with the Kansas City Royals.

So here we see Sidney Ponson adding to our list with some high spirits while having a good time with wide eyes and tongue out/ mouth open nothing says 'we're wasted' like the surprised look Sidney is giving the camera. We're just wondering how Ponson felt the next morning. We've all been there, right?

10 Brett Lawrie


Baseball players are known to be party animals and this photo truly stands by that statement fully. Brett Lawrie joins our list with this major standout moment that I'm sure he won't ever forget (then again, maybe he did). Brett went from the minor leagues to the majors overnight. He started as a catcher and he would quickly be moved to playing as a talented second and third baseman.

So far Brett has been in the majors for six seasons but as of recently, Brett was released by the White Sox for reasons undisclosed. Here we have Brett in party animal mode with a 40oz taped to his hand. Some of you have probably tried that challenge where your hands won't be untaped until you finish what's in your hand. Talk about a challenge.

9 Wade Boggs


The only word I can think of to describe our next player on the list of ridiculous photos is amazing. MLB veteran Wade Boggs gave Major Leauge Baseball and the fans 18 golden seasons of baseball that ultimately made him a Hall Of Famer when it was said and done.

Throughout his storied career, Wade Boggs won many awards with the Major League Baseball and is celebrated by many of his peers for being a hardworking and dedicated player. So here we see the legend enjoying life with out a worry or care in the world most of all, it seems to be nothing that could bring the big down Wade's big drunken smile. I mean, look at that shirt he has on... You only wear that if you're partying hard.

8 David Wells


This might be my favorite entry on the list and it comes from a player who played 21 seasons in the majors. David Wells joins the list with a ridiculous photo that only comes second to one of the most talked about moments in baseball, when he pitched a perfect game wasted.

So the story goes that David Wells pitched a perfect game while drunk.. So it's an honor to highlight this and here we see Wells alongside a Babe Ruth plaque having a drink while celebrating life. How fitting was it that Wells toasted to Ruth in this moment?

David played 21 seasons which took a toll on the body so when a player gives us that much playing time all we can do is applaud him and raise a glass.

7 Mike Napoli


Our next player adding to our ridiculous drunken photo list goes to Mike Napoli who is known to have a good time with friends enjoying drinks during the season. When the Boston Red Sox won the pennant in 2013, it proved that not only was the Curse of the Bambino broken (it was broken nine years earlier) but that this era of Red Sox baseball was going to be making up for lost years.

In this photo, we see the Boston Redsox first baseman/ catcher with his shirt off and smoking a cigarette after a full day of drinking. We can only imagine how nice his sleep was when he got home from this day of drinking and running around local Boston bars celebrating with fans.

6 A. J. Pierzynski


For the most part, catchers are known to be tough guys that keep things in order while always being alert and able to make a play and for 19 seasons of Major League Baseball that's exactly what A. J. Pierzynski did while he played alongside some the greats from 1998 to until 2016. During this long run the two-time major league all-star would eventually go on to win the silver slugger award.

As of recently the former Twin and White Sox World Series Champion is a Fox analyst who is staying close to the game of baseball even though he is not on the field. Here we see A.J. out having drinks giving that 'I'm wasted' face that can be seen throughout our list.

5 Miguel Cabrera

via TrendsHot-blogger.com

A sure way to get drunk fast is to drink the liquor straight out of the bottle as we see here the 11 time all-star Miguel Cabrera did just that with no regards as he celebrates with his teammates after a big win.

Miguel is a talented player who is known to be a drinker and the life of the party. Although Miguel has been in trouble for drinking and driving, it didn't slow him down at all as he moved forward from the situation. As of recently, the two-time Major Leauge player Miguel Cabrera is recovering from a lower back injury but we can all look forward to seeing him returning to the lineup but for now, enjoy this ridiculous photo.

4 Munenori Kawasaki

via.Sporting News.com

A moment that will live on in baseball history as one of the funniest moments while making for a ridiculous photo on our list is when the Japanese born Munenori Kawasaki came out and just said "Yeah I'm Drunk" during an interview with a Sportsnet reporter after the Toronto Blue jays scored a big win. This win would put the team in the playoffs and bring enjoyment to every player on the team, as you can see here.

Kawasaki definitely brought a smile to everyone who has had the chance of seeing this ridiculous baseball moment when he didn't hold anything back. Honestly, it goes without saying; what is baseball without a few cold drinks on hand before or after the game.

3 Anthony Rizzo

via CBSChicago.com

Another young major league player that is on the road to a promising career is Chicago Cubs first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo is already starting out to be a star playing on the team with his standout performances that have been seen all through his seven seasons of professional baseball.

In this ridiculous photo, we see the three time all star Anthony Rizzo out and about on the town after a big win with a smile on his face that is telling us everything we need to know about how the night has been so far. Although we don't see a beverage in Rizzo's hand, you know he was living it up with a buzz when this photo was taken. Who are the girls alongside him though???

2 A-Rod

via WineSpectator.com

There are so many things to be said about this all American hero that gave Major League Baseball 22 seasons of play. Alex Rodriguez who will go down in history alongside the greats as a highly celebrated but also a highly scrutinized player that accumulated so many accomplishments during his 22 season run.

Here we have the baseball legend enjoying his retirement alongside friends and teammates while making for another ridiculous photo for our list that we can look back on for years and laugh. As of recently, A-Rod is working alongside other greats legends giving us the insights of the game as an analyst. He's clearly a natural for the job so it looks like he's set for life. Keep up the good work A-Rod.

1 Babe Ruth

via lordsofthedrinks.com

Honestly this list wouldn't be complete with mentioning one of the pioneers of drinking while playing the game and after the game. Babe Ruth is in baseball history for feats that seemed to be almost superhuman.

Many of Babe Ruth's peers knew him as a heavy hitter that could give the team home runs completely sober or completely wasted while at bat and everyone knows playing baseball drunk is not an easy task but for the Babe, baseball seemed to be second nature and as a hitter Ruth was very popular with fans from his era and is still popular with players and fans of the sport today without a doubt.

Here we see the MLB great relaxing with a large beer river side. We can only speculate that his buzz was on and judge by the amount of fish caught it was only right to celebrate with a nice good ole buzz.

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