15 Things The MLB Doesn't Want You To Know About The New York Yankees

Every team in professional sports has their skeletons that they hide in the closet, the things that they don't want others knowing about them. In the MLB, there seems to be a lot of teams with deep, dark secrets that they would want people to forget. Take a look at the Boston Red Sox for example. In the 1900s, they were the last team to integrate black/foreign players on their roster; thanks to relatively known racist owner Tom Yawkey. The 2000s haven't been particularly kind to the Red Sox either. Sure they have won three World Series titles in 2004, 2007, and 2013 and those were great accomplishments. But with great triumph came great controversy. The 2011 team essentially blew a large lead in the American League East and then had allegations of eating fried chicken and drinking beer during the games. The 2012 team saw Bobby Valentine be completely unapproachable and led to him being fired and having John Farrell be hired. The point being, all teams have those skeletons; including the highly powerful New York Yankees.

The Yankees just wreak of the winning smell. 27 World Series championships in the teams history gives off the winning perspective. They have had some all time greats put on the pinstripes such as Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Derek Jeter just to name a few. The Yankees are the more beloved team in New York (sorry Mets fans!) and know how to compete. But there are some little tidbits that you probably never thought would relate to the Yankees. But, I am here today to reveal 15 things the MLB doesn't want you to know about the powerhouse MLB team known as the New York Yankees.

15 Derek Jeter Gave An Insulting Nickname To A Kid In The Clubhouse

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Derek Jeter had his fair share of nicknames throughout his time as a New York Yankee. Some included "The Captain", "Mr. November", among others were a part of his legacy. But I bet you Yankee fans out there didn't even know that Jeter gave everyone in the Yankee organization nicknames if he didn't like their name. Well, that was the case. There was even a batboy that claimed Jeter gave him the nickname "Squeegee". Huh, interesting choice from the captain right there. It is tough enough as a young kid to go into a professional sports locker room trying to fit in and not embarrass yourself. But then, you have one of the biggest sports icon in the history of Major League Baseball giving you a humiliating nickname? Come on Captain, you have to know better than that! For all the claims that Jeter had such class and respect for everyone, apparently he didn't think the same thing with dealing with a kid.

14 Gerald Williams Had An Affair With An Underage Concessions Worker

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Gerald Williams spent a decent amount of time in the Yankee organization, seven years to be exact. But he didn't necessarily do a lot of work on the field for the Yankees. He hit a career .241 for the Bronx Bombers with 18 homeruns and 85 RBI's. That would have been decent...if that was in one season. But needless to say, he stunk with the Yankees. Where he had some "success" was supposedly off of the field. Williams supposedly had sexual relations with a concession stand worker who was underage at that point. It is amazing to think about in this day of age. Not only would Williams be arrested, but he would probably be spending a long time in prison and not be received too well by inmates. This is a story that definitely doesn't get talked about, but it definitely should have gotten more attention. Williams might have thought it was healthy fun, but in the end; he just looks abysmal in the eyes of people who read this!

13 Andy Pettitte Took HGH To Be Healthy

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Steroid and HGH use are two huge issues dealt with in sports off of the field, especially in the MLB. It is frowned upon to do, but sometimes you have to just do it. Former lefty pitcher Andy Pettitte served many years as one of the top pitchers in the Yankee rotation alongside Roger Clemens that helped the Yankees win multiple titles in the late 1990's and early 2000's. There was a situation where Pettitte used HGH and regretted it. In 2002, he had an injury to his elbow and took it to heal the injury. Pettitte even went out of his way to say he was sorry that he did and did it for the sole purpose of recovering quickly, not trying to gain any type of advantage.

In hindsight, it isn't the worst thing in the history of baseball. But for Pettitte, it makes the Yankees look bad because they are supposed to be this team that is clean from their facial hair to their image. This is one incident the Yankees will want to look past.

12 The Yankees Signed Two Guys With Known Substance Problems in the '90s

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The Yankees knew how to attract the big name players. They had the Big Apple, the spotlight of being in one of the biggest sports markets in the world, and they had the winning tradition. On the other side of the tracks was the New York Mets who were an up and coming team with a star pitcher in Doc Gooden and a star outfielder in Darryl Strawberry. They helped the Mets win an improbable World Series in 1986. However, their time for the Mets ran out and in 1996, they both were a part of the mighty Yankees.

They did win a World Series with the Yankees as well, but it didn't come without drama off of the field. Strawberry was a well-known alcoholic and Gooden had a hard core drug problem. He was even rumored to throwing a no-hitter in his Met days while on ecstasy! For a team with a high moral standards like the Yankees, this move of bringing them both in was suspect on a character level.

11 George Steinbrenner Used To Spy On His Players In The Clubhouse

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George Steinbrenner was a tight-fisted, no nonsense type of owner, everybody knows that, From his multiple firings of Billy Martin to his strict dress codes regarding facial hair, he made sure there was no horseplay going on within the Yankee teams. But what people wouldn't know about "The Boss" is just how obsessive he was to make sure his policies were being followed down to the smallest factor. Steinbrenner reportedly used to have security cameras in the clubhouse wondering what his players were doing when they weren't on the diamond. Sure, some players probably needed to be watched like hawks. But, did everybody really needed to be spied on like that? It is quite a noticeable and frankly questionable move made by Steinbrenner.

Hope the cameras weren't near the showers because that might have been bad for everyone else involved. You can't buy your way out of that fiasco.

10 Some Signed Yankee Memorabilia Was Fake

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One of the best feelings in the world is getting a signed baseball, bat, or glove that could be worth millions one day. Some fans obtain memorabilia as a hobby, others for the memories, and even some for the money! But did you know there was a time when people were actually maniacal enough to think about coming up with gloves, bats, etc. that had fake autographs on them? The Yankee bat boys supposedly came up with a lot of forged autographs, like honestly, who does that? Who has the time to think of that or practice handwriting that is good enough to forge a signature like that? It truly is baffling to even consider. These guys clearly didn't care about the well-being of young fans or advocate collectors! It takes a special type of person to want to forge memorabilia like that and there were more than one willing participants to have the guts to do something like this. The Yankees are all about money, but I guess that means in any way possible!

9 The Yankees Are Not Allowed to Have Facial Hair

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Sometimes in sports, teams just have their fun things that they do when certain events happen. The Red Sox outfielders have their trademark "Win Dance Repeat" dances they do after every win whether at home or on the road. The Cubs do their thing where they do mock interviews in the dugout with props after a home run is hit. The Yankees meanwhile have their signature unwritten role: no facial hair allowed. There have been many instances where players who come to the Yankees have to hack off their hair to fit in. Randy Johnson had to cut his locks and signature moustache before he hit the mound for the Yanks. The most notable transformation had to be Johnny Damon where he went from looking like Jesus in Boston to being unrecognizable in New York when he cut all of his hair off as well.

The assumption is that the reason for the rule is to make it a professional business, show up with your lunch pail, do your work, and then go home. The problem with this is at the end of the day, baseball is a game. It is a game where the players should be free to express themselves in any way, so long as it is appropriate. The MLB does't want you to know that about the Yankees because the Yankee organization is basically taking away their right to grow their hair the way they want to...a bit strange.

8 Billy Martin Was Accused Of Using Racial Epithets

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The early days of the Yankees were full of trials and tribulations with some fiery exchanges thrown in. Who were they encounters with you might ask? Those were with none other than Billy Martin. Martin had to deal with the pressures of the Big Apple, George Steinbrenner and a team full of Yankees with big egos and personalities. He had the press conference with Steinbrenner where he was threatened to be fired...before he was even fully hired.

He also had the incident at Fenway Park when he pulled Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson out of right field and all hell broke loose after that. Martin ended up coaching the Yankees three separate times. People said George was tough, but it is hard to believe he was this tough.

However some of the most damming words spoken may have been his alleged use of racial epithets. Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson told ESPN that Martin had the tendency to use racial slurs towards some black and some Jewish players:

"I couldn't accept that. I couldn't accept the racial epithets in reference to players like Elliott Maddox or Billy Sample. There are players that played for him that would tell you that. So there was an uneasiness, a knowledge about the person that I was very uncomfortable with. ... I wasn't his choice and he wanted to show George (Steinbrenner)."

7 One Of Their Playoff Heroes Is Serving Time

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The Yankees began baseball's last great dynasty in the late 90s and early 2000s, rallying off four World Series wins in five years and almost made it a sixth one in 2001. In those years, the Yankees saw many heroes rise up come postseason time to help them win the Fall Classic. One of those in-game heroes was Chad Curtis, who hit a walk-off home run against the Atlanta Braves in the 1999 World Series. The Yanks would go on to win the series, but Curtis was always known for having a poor attitude. He proved to be anything but a hero off the field, as in 2012, while working at a school he was accused by several female students of inappropriate touching. Those accusations led to charges and in 2013, he was sentenced to seven to 15 years in prison.

It's safe to say when MLB shows highlight packages of the late 90s Yankees that they won't be showing much of Curtis's walkoff anytime soon.

6 Supposedly, A Few Yankees Players Wanted Some Fun With An Equipment Manager

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Paul Priore definitely witnessed a lot during his time working with the New York Yankees. There are a lot of things that go on in a professional sports locker room that kids should never be exposed to. A few Yankees were supposedly wanting to have some fun with Pirore and not in a friendly, joking way either. Supposedly, three players including legendary Yankee closer Mariano Rivera tried to assault Priore by sticking a baseball bat in a certain orifice. That is stuff you might see in Rated R videos or vial stories you might come across upon on the internet. But to hear that this might have happened in real life might make any weak stomached individual throw up.

These men are still role models to kids and what are they saying if they are instilling violence on other organization workers? This story definitely doesn't look good to the Yankee legacy, but it definitely isn't the most cringeworthy thing that the MLB wouldn't want you to know about the Yankees.

5 Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada Was Blackmailed By A Former Equipment Manager

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Blackmail is the worst thing that can ever happen to someone. It can involve doing a disgusting or graphic act in order to keep a very big secret quiet. Former assistant equipment manager Paul Priore came out with one of the most outrageous stories to ever hit in the history of the Yankees. Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada were big names during the dynamic years of the Yankees. Apparently, they liked to have fun in the sauna room at the end of the season by bringing women there to have relations with the two former Yankees. Priore found out and threatened to make the information public.

Supposedly, Jeter and Posada agreed to have Priore perform oral stimulation on the both of them in order to keep the big secret quiet. Now, these are just allegations, but they're certainly allegations the MLB wouldn't want to come to light again.

4 A-Rod Was VERY High Maintenance

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The MLB went at war with Alex Rodriguez throughout the whole PED scandal, but just in case you didn't hate A-Rod enough, there are stories about how much of a pain he was to deal with. The former Yankee slugger had a personal assistant with him in the Yankees clubhouse and The New York Post had a story published a few years ago that went into some detail over just how demanding A-Rod was. A former Yankees batboy recalled that A-Rod even loved his toothbrush and toothpaste to be arranged a certain way:

"He required his personal assistant to position his toothbrush on a certain part of the sink, specifically the edge near the right-hand cold water tap, leaning with bristles up over the basin."

Is the MLB running a baseball league or a country club?

3 The Yankees Bought Their Way To The 2009 World Series Title

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The Yankees know what it takes to get what they want. Why do they get it you might ask? The money man, the money! That's what everyone does it for. On a more serious note, the Yankees have had a reputation for many years now as the "big buyers" in the MLB. They seem to always find a way to sneak away the top players in the league whether it is via free agency or a trade! The two biggest examples are Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. A-Rod and Tex were both on the verge of signing with Boston, but then George Steinbrenner and the Yankees came calling and gave them bigger contracts and eventually signed. If you take a look at the roster of the 2009 Yankees, almost all of them were bought for their World Series title. Rodriguez, Tex, Swisher, Hughes, Sabathia, the list goes on and on. A lot of teams like the Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs will take their time and develop their players to make long, deep postseason runs. Not the Yankees

! The Bronx Bombers will typically just open up their wallets and bank accounts to get any player they want, and they showed that with their 2009 team. The MLB believes in more home-grown teams and the Yankees concept of buying everyone is spreading to other sports such as the NBA with the Golden State Warriors. It is definitely not a good sign for things to come in the future of professional sports.

2 Derek Jeter Used A Trainer As His Wingman

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We all know that Derek Jeter had no trouble getting any woman he wanted. After all when you're a New York Yankee, you already have an advantage many men don't. You throw in being a good-looking bachelor on top of that and you're bound to get some female attention. However, Jeter rarely actually approached women himself in a bar. Guys out there would probably love to hear what Jeter would say to a woman, but Jeter refrained from using any pick-up tricks.

Jeter would simply have his eyes around a bar, would pick a woman he found interesting or attractive, and send a team trainer to go talk to the woman, saying Jeter was interested. The woman would then (usually) follow Jeter outside where they would do... whatever Jeter does.

The purported reason for doing this was that Jeter could keep his rendezvous secret and out of gossip by having women leave the bar with the trainer instead.

1 A Worker Tried To Plant A David Ortiz Jersey In Yankee Stadium

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Back when the new Yankee stadium was being built, the Yankees were fading behind the Red Sox as a franchise. The Sox had won two World Series in the previous five years, which of course included that epic 3-0 series comeback in 2004. While the Yankees' new home was being built, one of the workers on the stadium happened to be a Red Sox fan, and given that his team had just suffered an 86-year curse, he figured he'd try and place one on the Yankees, by planting a David Ortiz jersey underneath the field. Of course as we know, Ortiz was a big part in the Sox breaking the Curse of the Bambino. So perhaps that fan was trying to start the Curse of the Big Papi?

In any event, the jersey was found before the stadium completed construction.

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