15 Things You Didn’t Know About Derek Jeter And Hannah Davis’ Relationship

If you’re discussing sports power couples, a pair that should be near the top of the list is Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis. Of course Derek Jeter is one of baseball’s all-time greats and an absolute legend for the New York Yankees. He played for 20 seasons, earning 3000 hits, over 1300 RBI and 260 home runs. While his lovely wife, Hannah Davis, is one of the most successful modern models, posing for the Sports illustrated Swimsuit Edition multiple times, modelling for Victoria Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and a whole hell of a lot more.

Okay, so they’re talented, beautiful and wealthy. It’s no wonder these two ended up together. You’ve watch Derek crush homeruns on Major League Baseball for years, and ogled over pictures of Hannah, but there is a lot you didn’t know about one of sports’ power couples. Right here on TheSportster, here at the 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis’s Relationship.

15 Jeter Has 16 Years On Hannah

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There has been some scrutiny over the vast age gap between these two. Born on June 26, 1974 in New Jersey, Derek Jeter is now 42 years old. But, that didn’t stop him from getting with the 26 year old Hannah Davis, who was born May 5, 1990. Yes, 1990. To put that into perspective, in 1974 Nixon announced his resignation from the presidency over the Watergate scandal. Hank Aaron overcame Babe Ruth as the all-time MLB hits leader. The year Hannah was born; George H W Bush was president. Home Alone was released on the big screen. So, yeah, things were a bit different. But hey, age is just a number right? The heart wants what the heart wants. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the face that Jeter is a sports legend and Davis is one of the hottest women on the planet. It’s true love, obviously.

14 Hannah Had No Idea Who Jeter Was

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Hey now. Don’t snicker. Some people just don’t watch sports and have been living under a rock their entire lives. Hannah has been quoted in saying than when the future man and wife met in 2012 through a mutual friend, Hannah had no idea that the man she was meeting was in fact legendary New York Yankee Derek Jeter. Hmm…okay. She says that it was actually more ideal that way, as she had no preconceived notions of who he was or what kind of person she was dating. Hannah resisted the urge to Google her new beau and the pair got along famously. Apparently Hannah was smitten right off the bat, excuse the obvious pun, and I’m sure that once she discovered who she was actually dating, her excitement only grew. Oh, he’s a professional baseball player and makes how much a year? Yeah, sure, we can go on a second date.

13 Hannah Fell For Jeter’s Family Values

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Alright, so you recently discover you’re dating one of MLB’s all-time greats, unbeknownst to you, who is worth a sickening amount of money. What would be the most attractive aspect of said person? Their incredible skills on the baseball diamond? Or maybe their insanely huge bank account? Nah. According to Hannah Davis, it was Derek Jeter’s homegrown family values that attracted her most to him. When the couple began dating in 2012, Hannah was surprised by Derek’s humble and down-to-Earth personality. She’s quoted as to saying; “Trying to impress you with material things? I think that’s lame,” the future Mrs. Jeter explained to the NY Post. “I wanted someone whose family is a big, important part of their life.” Looks like Hannah found a keeper. Who needs material things when you’re two of the richest people on the planet? All these two need is love, and they’ve found it. How adorable.

12 Hannah Isn’t the Only Model Jeter Has Dated

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Derek Jeter is a lucky, lucky man. Let’s just get that said and out of the way right now. It’s no surprise that women are attracted to athletes. We all know that. But Derek’s track record for dating hot, talented, incredible, drop-dead gorgeous women is just down-right ridiculous. Alright, prepared to get super jealous, as here’s just a taste of the notches Jeter has on this bedpost. Ready? He dated Victoria Secret Angel Adriana Lima. My God. From Friday Night Lights, Jeter was with Minka Kelly for quite some time. Wow. Oh, he was also with actress Jessica Alba for a while. Not bad, Mr. Jeter. Not to mention Mariah Carey, Jordana Brewster, Jessica Biel, Tyra Banks, and was rumoured, although it was denied, to have hooked up with Scarlett Johansson. Well, sorry guys, but if you weren’t jealous before, you are now. That’s quite the all-star line-up Jeter put together.

11 Jeter Proposed With a Ridiculously Big Ring

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Yes, the Clooney-like bachelor finally decided he’d met the love of his life and wanted to settle down and start a family. Good for you, Mr. Jeter. Not long after retiring from the New York Yankees and professional baseball all together, Derek popped the question to a lucky Hannah Davis, who, to absolutely nobody’s surprise, said yes. And of course, being a super-successful super-rich athlete helped Derek spend a ridiculous amount on an incredible engagement ring. The classic round solitaire diamond is set upon a ring of white gold, completely covered in diamonds, and is apparently worth somewhere in the ballpark of 350-450 thousand dollars. Check out the pictures, but be sure to put on some sunglasses. That is one hell of a ring, looking absolutely spectacular on a stunning bride-to-be. Not sure if Derek had help picking out this ring, but it looks like it’s got some good taste. That’s ring is a home run.

10 Hannah Hit up Miami for Her Bachelorette

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How does a supermodel celebrate her bachelorette party? You party in Miami with ten of your other smoking-hot model girlfriends, obviously. The group of ladies were seen soaking in the sun on Mondrian South Beach in Miami during the day, no doubt showing off their Victoria Secret bodies, and by night, they put on their sexiest dresses at hit up Rockwell Nightclub. The ladies partied it up until about 3:00am, when they finally decided to call it a night. Rockwell Nightclub is known for their incredible parties, with pumping music and scantily clad people everywhere. Now, a guy can only dream about what would happen exactly inside a bachelorette party involving 10 gorgeous models. I like to think they all have an alcohol-fueled sweaty-dance fest at the club followed by a pillow-fight in their pajamas at the hotel. I guess we’ll never know, as these bachelorette parties can get pretty secretive. Just, don’t burst my bubble, alright?

9 Jeter’s Bachelor Party was Low-Key

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Alright, so we’ve answered the supermodel bachelorette question. Now, what does a filthy-rich MLB legend do for his bachelor party? You’d think there would be an endless number of strippers involved, but apparently that wasn’t the case with Derek Jeter’s bachelor party. Derek and ‘his boys’, Jorge Posada, Tino Martinez and Andruw Jones hit up Dominican Republic for an extended golf trip. The bachelor party also stayed in an ocean-view private villa for three days and two nights and were seen dining out and posting pictures on social media of them casually relaxing poolside. Golf, food and drinks; it all seemed like a surprisingly relaxing affair between a group of close friends. With Derek’s money, I don’t think there’s another man on the planet that wouldn’t have hit up ever strip club in the surrounding area. But, the more we learn about Derek, the more he actually seems like a low-key dude.

8 Their Wedding Was Outside and All Class

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In July of 2016, just over three years after they met, Derek Jeter wed Hannah Davis in an intimate, outdoor setting. At Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St. Helena, California, the wedding was only around 100 guests and oozed class and sophistication. Hannah wore a Vera Wang mermaid bridal gown, whatever that means, while Derek wore a traditional tux with a white bowtie. They both smiled, holding hands, looking extremely happy and looking forward to their new lives together. The reception was inside a greenhouse, decorated with tons of white. The guests included Jeter’s baseball pals, and on the bride’s side, there were a number of Hannah’s model girlfriends in attendance. Say what you want about Jeter’s previous track record with the ladies, but it seems like Mr. Jeter has finally found the woman he belongs with. Sorry boys and girls, but these two are officially off the market.

7 They Honeymooned in Europe

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After the biggest day of their lives…and that’s saying a lot, as one is a MLB World Champion and the other a model extraordinaire – the newlyweds decided they’d take three weeks travelling Europe for their honeymoon, Yes, three weeks. And why not? Jeter is retired. She is a model. Take all the time away you want, right? They soaked up the sun and saw the sights, travelling from here to there, but they shouldn’t get too used to maxing and relaxing, as they couple has been quoted to saying they want to get busy starting a family right away. Get busy being the operative term there. I’m sure on their three week honeymoon in Europe they’ll have plenty of time to get close and think about how beautiful and successful their little offspring will be. Travelling Europe for three weeks with your model bride; it’s a tough life for Mr. Jeter.

6 Hannah Took Jeter's Name

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Just moments after tying the knot, Hannah went to her social media accounts and changed her last name to Hannah Jeter. Because that’s what you do in this day and age. I think we all assumed, at least for her modelling career, she’d keep her last name. Brands are important. However, the Jeter brand is an especially powerful one, so this decision makes some sense. When asked, she was quoted very nonchalantly saying; “I got married. I changed my name, like most people.” But when asked again, that even her professional name has changed? “Everything,” she said. There you have it. Yes, next time you open the Sports Illustrated, don’t expect to see Hannah Davis any longer. Now, the name beside that beautiful brunette in the itsy-bitsy bikini will be Hannah Jeter. And that, my good friends, is the power of a brand. Or, in this case, a last name.

5 The Only Thing More Adorable than Hannah is Their Dog

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What do you get the man that has everything? An Italian Mastiff puppy named Kane, apparently. A tough athlete like Jeter, you’d figure wouldn’t be scared of very much. Well, you’d figure wrong. Jeter, all his life, has had an irrational fear of dogs. His family never had them growing up, nor did his friends. So, when fiancée Hannah brought home the adorable Mastiff puppy named Kane, Jeter panicked. Puppies are rambunctious, and Mastiff grow big. Like, really big. That being said, it seemed like Kane helped Derek get over his fear of dogs, as the two can now be seen cuddling on Twitter. What better way to get over your irrational fear of dogs than owning a 1 year old 100 pound Italian Mastiff? Jump in with both feet, Derek. He’s just a legendary Yankee enjoying retirement with his adorable puppy and smoking-hot model wife. Life just keeps getting better.

4 Jeter is Going to Be a Daddy

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He’s a baseball player. He’s a husband. He’s a dog-owner. And now, Derek Jeter is going to be a father. That’s right! Hannah took to social media to announce their recent pregnancy with a picture of Derek holding a bouquet of pink balloons and look out – it’s a girl! That’s right; Derek is going to be the daddy of the most precious little girl the baseball and modelling world has ever seen. And although this little one is being born into a boat-load of money and a super-famous last name to go along with it, both Derek and Hannah have stated they want their little girl to grow up with a normal life and not rely heavily on their famous last name. Yeah, good luck with that one. Apparently, Derek has already picked out a name, but hasn’t sold Hannah on it quite yet. Get used to not winning those battles Derek, as soon you’re going to be outnumbered by the ladies in your life.

3 Hannah Posed While Pregnant

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Alright, so you know those smoking hot pictures of Hannah Davis…sorry, Hannah Jeter in the most recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? She’s showing off her goods in the tiniest bikinis you’ve ever seen and the pictures…are…amazing. Yeah, she totally had a baby in her belly the whole time. But don’t feel creepy or weird about it. Hannah participated in the shoot only mere weeks after she discovered she was preggers. It’s not like she was 8 months along or anything. Trust me; you won’t be thinking about the baby at all when you see pictures like these. Hannah truly is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, even with a tiny little Jeter in her belly. Hannah has hinted that the baby girl is set to arrive in May, so it’s going to be an interesting summer for the Jeter’s. Okay, so Derek learned how to be a dog owner…can he learn how to be a father? I’m sure he’ll do great.

2 Hannah Recently Got Stuck in an Elevator

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Sometimes, pregnant ladies can get a tad…dramatic. Its hormones, sure, but you don’t want to spend too much time with an emotional pregnant woman, let alone stuck in an elevator with one. But that’s exactly what happened to poor Hannah Jeter at a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition event recently. In a gown that revealed her growing baby bump, the glowing mom-to-be left the party around 10:00pm with fellow model Hannah Ferguson. Hannah didn’t want to take the stairs, but the elevator jammed, trapping the two models inside for over 30 minutes. There was a big commotion, the fire department were called, and eventually two trucks with twenty firemen arrived to save the duo. After the situation was resolved and the pair of Hannah’s was rescued, Mrs. Jeter took it all in stride and appeared to be in good spirits. Derek was absent from the party, but I can only imagine he would’ve been overly worried about his bride and growing baby.

1 Jeter Could Be an MLB Owner

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After retiring from the MLB, Jeter has been fairly off the radar when it comes to baseball. Until recently, that is. Rumour has it that Major League Baseball is looking for a new owner for the Miami Marlins, after Jeffrey Loria has stepped down. Jeter lives in Miami and has expressed interest in being an owner of an MLB club. In 2014, after he retired, he was given a tour of Marlins’ Park. MLB is doing all that they can to fill these types of positions with well-respected people in baseball. And that makes a whole lot of sense. The Lakers are doing the same thing right now with Magic Johnson. The Pittsburgh Penguins did it Mario Lemieux. It’s worked in the past and can bring some leadership and respectability to a franchise that struggles to fill seats and bring in revenue. Not sure how Mrs. Jeter will feel about her hubby heading back to work, especially with a baby on the way, and it would be especially weird to see Jeter wearing anything other than Yankee pin stripes.

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