15 Things You Didn't Know About Derek Jeter's Marriage

Almost everything about Derek Jeter is kept a secret. Unlike many athletes, Jeter tries to keep everything away from the media, that way no one knows everything that is going on his life. But unfortunately, the media many times ends up finding out my doing some extreme investigations, just to find out some of the smallest pieces of information about Derek, that many others may not know.

Just recently, after years of playing the field, Jeter finally went off the market, not too long after retiring. On July 9th, 2016 Derek and Hannah Davis got married. Many always said that Jeter was a man that eventually wanted to settle down, and it finally happened. For many Jeter fans around the world, it fills happiness in their heart that their captain is finally in love and happy. Fans are so dedicated to Jeter, that they always wish him nothing but the best.

Derek was loyal to New York, and stayed through everything. He helped bring five World Series rings to the Yankees, so the least fans could do is be happy for the man. Now that the gossip about Derek and Hannah is out, we need to reveal some important things we found out about the Jeter’s marriage. A lot of this information is very secretive, and may surprise you.


15 Jeter Proposed On The Eve Of Their Third Anniversary

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On the eve of their third anniversary, Derek Jeter finally dropped down on a knee, and asked Hannah Davis the big question. In an interview at Universal Studios Hollywood, Hannah admitted that she was caught off guard with the question, and at the time wasn’t sure anything about the marriage or what not, she was just happy with the proposal. Apparently, it was something that Jeter was planning for a while.

Jeter also even asked the parents for their permission to marry their daughter. Of course, Derek Jeter, the gentleman, would do nothing less but be the gentleman he is when asking to marry Hannah. Marriage and a family was everything what Jeter wanted, just something he couldn’t handle while he was playing for the New York Yankees.

14 They Have A 100 Pound Dog

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Well, Derek Jeter finally got his baby; he has a huge 100-pound dog. The dog is a Mastiff, and is a cute dog that kind of looks like a Pitbull. Jeter apparently had a fear of dogs before getting his dog, Kane. Who would ever think that the star shortstop of the Yankees was afraid of having a dog? Jeter is still learning to cope with having a dog, but says that as him and Kane spend more and more time together, they begin to get more comfortable with each other. At first, Jeter was panicking and freaking out because Kane wouldn’t listen to him. Like many puppies, it takes time to settle in and learn how to obey your owner, and it seems like even the Yankee legend still hasn’t realized that quite yet.


13 Jeter And Davis Have A Large Age Difference

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There’s a 16-year difference between Derek and Hannah. That means when Derek made his first appearance in the Major Leagues, Hannah was only five years old. Jeter also won a World Series before Hannah was even legal to have relationship with Derek. But, we are talking about Derek Jeter. He’s a great guy, who deserves to have a young beautiful woman he calls his wife. After dating many other woman, he felt that the young 27-year old Hannah Davis, would be the one for him. For some people, this age difference could be huge. But many times, in sports when players wait until they retire to get marry, this type of stuff happens. They’re still at the top of the world, even though they may be older.

12 The Relationship Was Kept Quiet For Some Time

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Like everything else that goes on in Derek Jeter’s life, his relationship wasn’t something that was really well known. With everything Jeter does, he usually doesn’t like to publicize it. At one point, they actually broke up because of Hannah Davis’s growing fame. The relationship was going on for about seven months, until the cat was finally let out of the bag. For the first two years of their relationship, they actually tried staying low-key about going out, that way the media wasn’t all up in their business. Of course, they can only do that so long, considering Jeter is an icon in New York, and Hannah Davis is a beautiful, successful model. Jeter actually did mention her in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but besides that, they were pretty good at keeping this thing they got away from everyone else.


11 Hannah Davis Is A Model

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Well, we all know where Derek Jeter gets his fame from, but where does Hannah Davis come in the picture? Hannah Davis (now Hannah Jeter), is a model for Sports Illustrated. Because of her publicity with modeling, the two actually had a rough start at a point in their relationship due to her growing fame. She is most known for her spot modeling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was even on the cover of the 2015 edition. Hannah was also known for working with Ralph Lauren fragrance, as she was the face of that brand at one point.

Some other companies that she has also modeled for includes American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, and Tommy Hilfiger. That is what makes this relationship even more interesting, is how much attention Davis gets, and how little attention Jeter wants. But they always say, opposites do attract.

10 Met Each Other Through A Mutual Friend

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You would think that someone like Derek Jeter was out and about somewhere nice, and that is how Jeter linked up with Hannah Davis. But they actually admit, that the two met through a mutual friend. Apparently, Davis was out to dinner with her mother, when a mutual friend contacted her about Jeter. There hasn’t been much information about who the mutual friend was who got the two together, but what else is new, as a lot of things regarding Derek Jeter are usually hidden.

But whoever brought them together must be one good person, as they set up these love birds together for happiness for eternity. See, even Derek and Hannah needed some help finding each other, that right there should prove that there’s nothing wrong with meeting through others.


9 First Publicized In Tampa, Florida

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The two were first spotted together at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida. It would make sense that they were there, considering Jeter has a house on Davis Island. It’s pretty shocking that the first place they would be caught together would be Tampa. Considering Tampa isn’t really an area that has the media hunting down celebrities all the time, it’s pretty shocking they wouldn’t have been located somewhere else. But the media did their job, and that’s how we found out about the beginning of this relationship. For those though that really love Jeter and want to know the scoop about his relationships, it may have been really important for them to figure out when who he was hanging out with. So, now you know that if you’re trying to hide your relationship from the media, don’t go to Tampa.

8 Derek Had A Secret Bachelor Party

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You would think the shortstop would have this huge bachelor party before he got married, but nope, it was very small and intimate. Pictures on social media spiraled around of them playing golf in the Dominican Republic, and of the group relaxing with some cocktails. The bachelor party was at the Casa de Campo resort. The only other people shown at the party, were Andruw Jones, Jorge Posada, and Tino Martinez. But, what else is to expect of Derek Jeter? He never wanted everyone knowing his business, and a big bachelor party would most likely hit every news station. Instead, Derek was very quiet and relaxed for his bachelor party, but it goes with Derek’s way of living. But a simple bachelor party with some of Derek’s closest friends were good enough for him.


7 Got Married At Meadowood Napa Valley Resort

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On July 9th, 2016 Hannah Davis finally became Hannah Jeter. The two got married at the Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St. Helena, California. The wedding was very small and private, as it was an outdoor ceremony. Some pictures of their wedding can be seen, but with very low quality as many of the pictures had to be taken from a far distance. Hannah wore a beautiful Vera Wang mermaid bridal gown, to accompany her new husband down the aisle.

The resort where they celebrated their marriage is absolutely beautiful. It looks like a huge mansion with so many spots, but perfectly tucked away that the two still get their privacy on their special day. The two looked very happy in their wedding pictures, and that’s all we can really hope for.

6 Their Wedding Was Fairly Small


You would think that Derek Jeter’s wedding would be huge, right? I mean Jeter was the face of New York for so long and played with so many different players, and Hannah probably also knows a ton of people from modeling for so many different companies. It has been said, that the wedding apparently had less than 100 people. Think about all the people that could know the two, and how little amount of people that is for a wedding.

Some average size families have over 200 people at their wedding, but the face of New York didn't even have 100 people. He probably could have hit 100,000 if he wanted to, but with the way Jeter is, he got the wedding he would have wanted. Secretive. The venue was tucked away perfectly, so the two really could have gotten away with whatever they liked, even though some members of the media still managed to snag some pictures from far away.


5 Hannah's Ring Is VERY Expensive

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When their time comes, young men are constantly saving up to spend a ton of money for their future wife to have the perfect wedding band. But wow, did Derek Jeter go above and beyond for Hannah to have the wedding band she would absolutely love. A wedding band can range from many different prices, but Jeter hit this one out of the park. The ring that Jeter got for Hannah, was a four-five carat set in platinum or white gold, which cost between $350K-$450K. Many people may not even make that money in their lifetime, yet Jeter spent it all on an engagement ring. The Captain must have some really good taste to go out and spend all that money on an engagement ring, or maybe he had someone help him pick it out.

4 The Honeymoon Was In The Caribbean

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What a beautiful place to vacation in the Caribbean. The honeymoon occurred in St. Thomas, which is one of the Virgin Islands. The island is known for its’ beautiful beaches and lovely scenery. They have a home with an open-air porch and bedecked West Indies plantation. It’s a beautiful area with nice reggae music. They have a beautiful air in the Caribbean to relax and spend their marriage. You would think that the Jeters would be in a nice area possibly in Europe going on a long vacation, but instead they decided to be in a calm area that allows the newlyweds to go enjoy their marriage together in an area that they can get away from all the paparazzi and everything. This is typical Derek Jeter stuff.


3 They Have A Child Named Bella

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Derek Jeter finally got his wish of having a child. Derek and Hannah finally had their first child on August 17th, 2017. Bella Raine adds to the third part of the Jeter family. Many people may have thought that their child would have come a lot sooner than it did, but they eventually had at when Derek was 43 years old. Part of the reason Derek actually decided to retire from the Yankees because of the fact that he wanted a family. It was always a vision in Derek’s life to form a family and have children, and he had the child he always wanted. Maybe one day, we’ll see a Derek Jeter Jr. And who knows, maybe there will be a new era of a younger generation in the MLB.

2 They Both Have Published Writings

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Derek Jeter is known as the former shortstop for the New York Yankees, and Hannah Jeter is known as a Sports Illustrated model. But did you know that the Jeters are both also known for publishing writings? That’s right, both Hannah and Derek have recently gotten into publishing different pieces of writing. Derek started The Players’ Tribune, which allows players to write about first-hand experiences in their sport. He also had published some of his own books, including Jeter Unfiltered and The Contract.

Jeter writes more in depth about the sport he loves and some things that maybe you didn’t see when he would be interviewed on television.

Then, Hannah Jeter also wrote a nice piece on The Players Tribune, called “The Derek I Know.” The piece comes from a point of view of Hannah, talking about the Derek Jeter that she knew personally.


1 Hannah Knew Very Little About The Yankees Shortstop

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The crowds roared the name “Derek Jeter” on cold nights at the Bronx. They screamed, they cheered, and provided the standing ovations of a legend. Throughout the streets of New York, everyone knew who Derek Jeter was.

The two met throughout the offseason, and Hannah didn’t really know much about Jeter. It wasn’t until she went to her first game, until she realized how big of a deal he was. She finally realized how big of a deal he was to New York on his last game at Yankee Stadium, when the crowd was electrifying for his final performance.

Hannah wasn’t a baseball fan, in fact she thought Derek was actually a pitcher. Little did she know, she married one of the most iconic ball players of all time. It took two years for her to finally realize, she was dating number two, the shortstop, Derek Jeter.


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