8 Teams That Should Trade For Giancarlo Stanton And 7 That Should Stay Away

Giancarlo Stanton has developed into the best pure power hitter in all of the MLB and yet has been the subject of trade rumours throughout the season. The Miami Marlins are not necessarily a bad team, but are open to parting ways with him because of his obscenely large contract. Despite that, Stanton remains by far one of the top players in all of baseball and has garnered a lot of attention from other MLB teams since his availability on the trade market was made public.

In this article, we will be looking at eight teams that should look to trade for Stanton and seven that should avoid it. Although every team would love to have Stanton on their roster, some simply cannot for a number of reasons ranging from a low budget to lack of ability to meet the Marlin's asking price. It is also important to note that Stanton has full control over where he ends up because of his no trade clause. That is another huge factor behind deciding the teams on this list.

Here is a look at the teams that should and should not acquire Giancarlo Stanton.

15 Should: Los Angeles Angels

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The Los Angeles Angels are a baseball team that finally seems to be heading in the right direction. After struggling the past few seasons, they are having a strong 2017 campaign and this should continue into next season. With Mike Trout and newly acquired outfielder Justin Upton, Stanton would be joining great company.

The Angels are a baseball team that have a good amount of money and could make this trade a reality. However, their main issue with pursuing Stanton is that their prospect pool is not very strong. This would most likely mean that they would have to part with at least one of their top roster players, but Stanton would be worth it.

14 Should Not: Oakland A’s

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The Oakland A’s should avoid trading for Stanton because financially it would simply be too much of a burden. The A’s are a team that have also played with “Moneyball” tactics, meaning they avoid acquiring players who carry large contracts. As nice as it would be to see Stanton in Oakland, it just cannot happen.

Besides the fact that the A’s do not have the budget for Stanton, they are a rebuilding club which means Stanton may not have much interest in going there. Stanton has a no trade clause so he has all the power to determine where he is willing to go if traded. His list definitely does not include the A’s.

13 Should: San Francisco Giants

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Although the San Francisco Giants are having a year to forget, they are a team that should consider trading for Stanton because they are openly looking to retool their franchise. This season’s struggles are mainly due to the fact that many of their best players have been injured, including Madison Bumgarner.

The Giants have won three World Series Championships this decade so they do carry a rich history and would be an excellent landing spot for Stanton. Stanton would give them that huge power bat that they have been lacking since the Barry Bonds era. It would be a great sight to see.

12 Should Not: San Diego Padres

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The San Diego Padres have been at the bottom of the league for years now and that ultimately makes them a terrible spot for Stanton to join. There is very little chance that Stanton would be willing to leave Miami to join a team that has not been a legitimate force in the MLB for the past two decades.

The Padres should also avoid going after him because the last time they went after big name players it backfired immensely. When they brought in Matt Kemp and Justin Upton, they did not have the budget to build a team around them and failed miserably in the process. This would happen with Stanton as well.

11 Should: Toronto Blue Jays

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The Toronto Blue Jays are having a bad season and most likely need to change their roster, meaning Stanton going there would make perfect sense. With players like Josh Donaldson still on the team, the Blue Jays do have potential to win in the near future, but they need another superstar.

Stanton would be an excellent replacement for the aging Jose Bautista and give the Jays another power bat. The Blue Jays were spectacular in 2015 when they went with a team of power hitting players, so going after Stanton would fit their philosophy and make them a bigger threat.

10 Should Not: Houston Astros

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Although Stanton would probably love to play for the Houston Astros, it simply is not possible for him. The Astros do not have a large budget and they can not afford Stanton’s contract with the immense talent they already have on their roster. It is just too much of a stretch.

There is no doubt that Stanton would be a superstar for the Astros and could be the player that carries them to their first World Series title. Although the idea is a beautiful one for Astros’ fans to think about, it just will not happen for them. 

9 Should: Cleveland Indians

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians are one of the best teams in the MLB and will most likely be for a few more seasons to come. Because of this they would be an excellent candidate to acquire Stanton’s services because they still could use another superstar batter. This could ultimately carry them over the hill.

It is likely that Stanton would be willing to play in Cleveland because they are a team that look very close to winning it all. This past season they came within one game of a World Series championship. The time for them to get a player like Stanton is now and this option should be explored.

8 Should Not: New York Mets

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The New York Mets have had an abysmal season and look like a team that has lost their identity. This makes it highly unlikely for Stanton to be willing to join their team anytime soon. If the Mets somehow do acquire him, it is likely that Stanton will become disgruntled if they continue heading in the same direction.

The Mets should avoid acquiring him because they should hold on to their prospects and not send them to a division rival. They appear to be a club that needs to be looking toward the future because many of their current superstars simply seem to have checked out at this point.

7 Should: Philadelphia Phillies

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The Philadelphia Phillies are an intriguing team in this case because although they have struggled a lot this season, they want to transform their team. They are open to trading away their top prospects because they have an abundance of them in their system.

Although the Phillies are in the same division as the Marlins as well, trading their prospects would be less dangerous for them. It is clear that they have a plethora of them and getting rid of a few for a legitimate superstar would ultimately be a wise decision. It would finally give them a franchise player to be the face of the team.

6 Should Not: Detroit Tigers

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The Detroit Tigers made it clear that they are officially ready to rebuild by trading away a huge chunk of their core players. Superstars like Justin Verlander and Justin Upton are now out of Detroit, so acquiring Stanton seems completely out of the question.

It is doubtful that Stanton would be willing to join them at all because it is clear that he wants to win as soon as possible. Besides Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers lack a good cast of players and that would ultimately turn Stanton away from wanting to play there. Do not expect to see Stanton in Detroit.

5 Should: Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Los Angeles Dodgers should absolutely look into picking up Stanton because they are a team that needs to win now and they have the cash. The Dodgers are one of the most expensive clubs in all of baseball, so acquiring Stanton would not have much impact on their budget at all.

The Dodgers are borderline unstoppable in the league this season and most likely will be again next year. They should seriously look at bringing in Stanton because adding a sensational power hitter to the lineup to help Clayton Kershaw would make them a team to remember.

4 Should Not: Washington Nationals

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Although having a team with Bryce Harper and Stanton would be legendary, it simply cannot happen for the Nationals. The Nationals do not have the money to be able to afford the two and also need to bring back Harper on a mammoth deal in the 2018 offseason. Getting Stanton will make this impossible.

Stanton would probably have no issue playing on a powerhouse like Washington, but it will never happen. The Nationals realize that they need to work on bringing back the face of their franchise and cannot jeopardize that by bringing in Stanton.

3 Should: New York Yankees

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Whenever a superstar is in the trade rumor mill, you know that the New York Yankees are a prime candidate. They are a baseball team that have the money and prospect pool to land a superstar like Stanton. A lineup with Stanton and Aaron Judge would be a pretty scary 1-2 punch.

The Yankees have been looking at Stanton for awhile now and ultimately could be the team that acquires him. It is clear that the Yankees are on the verge of being one of the best teams in baseball and acquiring Stanton would help speed along this process. There is a distinct possibility that Stanton will soon be in pinstripes.

2 Should Not: Chicago Cubs

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Although the Chicago Cubs are on the best teams in baseball and will be for a long time, acquiring Stanton may not be likely for them. The Cubs have a lot of budget already dedicated to their best players and taking on Stanton’s contract may make it hard for them to lock up Kris Bryant long term.

In a perfect world, the Cubs would love to have Stanton on their roster and in the middle of their lineup. However they simply have too much money already wrapped in their top players and need to save the rest as carefully as they can. Either way, the Cubs will still be fine without Stanton.

1 Should: Boston Red Sox

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Stanton and the Red Sox would be a match made in the heaven. The Red Sox need a power hitter to replace David Ortiz and Stanton would love Fenway Park’s left field. With the Red Sox being at the top of the league already, they would distinguish themselves as the best team in the AL if they got Stanton.

The Red Sox do have the prospect pool to acquire Stanton and have shown that they are not afraid to part with some of their young talent. Although trading for Stanton may delay them from bringing up some prospects, the Red Sox are a team that are built to win now and ultimately would with Stanton in their lineup.

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