8 Teams Who Could Win The World Series In The Next 5 Years And 7 Who Won't

The World Series is one of the most coveted prizes in all of sports. To win a World Series a team has to try to build a dynamic franchise. Building a franchise in the MLB can be one of the toughest things for a GM to do. To build a franchise that will dominate for years to come, it takes hard work, dedication and most importantly, time. Some teams in the MLB have a very clear and bright future while for others, it seems difficult to see what they are trying to achieve. Some teams build though their farm system while others try to build through big name free agents and trades. Both of these options can either go very well or be epic fails; it just really depends on timing and luck, but it is a risk teams have to make to make their franchise better. The teams that do successfully build their franchises, will always have the better chance of winning the World Series but there are always underdogs that could silently attack at any moment.

Every team will likely reach the World Series one day but there are a few teams that look as if they will reach the big stage sooner than others. This leads us into our topic of eight MLB teams that could win the World Series within the next five years, and seven who might not. Let's get into it.

15 Could Win: Houston Astros

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The Houston Astros are one of the most talented teams in the MLB. They are loaded with young superstars like George Springer, Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve. Not only do they have a bunch of young players but they also have vets like Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann and Josh Reddick. This team is also loaded with upcoming superstars! Alex Bregman and Lance McCullers headline the up and coming talent the Astros have brewing. The Astros also signed top international prospect Yulieski Gurriel two off seasons ago. Even though the Astros have a subpar pitching staff they are loaded with talent and potential for years to come. The Astros could be contenders this coming season and I see no reason why they could not win a World Series in the next five seasons.

14 Won't Win: Philadelphia Phillies

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The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the most confusing teams in baseball. They are technically going through a rebuild right now but they are not doing a very good job. Even though they did pick up future ace Vincent Velasquez in the Ken Giles trade and also got a ton of prospects in the Cole Hamels deal, their future does not seem to bright. The Phillies are building around power hitting third baseman Maikel Franco and All-Star center fielder Odubel Herrera. Even though Maikel Franco had decent power numbers he struggled to keep his batting average over .250. This makes most fans question if he is worthy of a team building around him. Even though Odubel Herrera had an All-Star season last year it is hard to believe that he will be able to repeat numbers of that caliber back to back years. This leaves the Phillies as one of the most questionable franchises in the MLB. They most likely won't be competing for the World Series anytime soon.

13 Could Win: Washington Nationals

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The Washington Nationals have been one of the most competitive teams in the National League the past couple of seasons. The Nats are lead by superstar Bryce Harper and pitching studs Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. They also have key players like Jayson Werth, Daniel Murphy and Adam Eaton. The Nationals have gone into a compete now mindset after trading away top pitching prospect Lucas Giolito for Adam Eaton this past off season. The Nats also have rising super star Trea Turner who had a great season last year and is about to start his first full season in the MLB. The Nats also acquired catcher Matt Wieters in free agency this past off season. If he can go back to his healthy ways, then he could make a big impact on this already-loaded Nats team. The Nats also have a great manger with Dusty Baker and a pretty good minor league system. Although the Nats are known to struggle in the playoffs, there is no reason the Nats can not win a World Series in the next few years.

12 Won't Win: Minnesota Twins

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The Minnesota Twins are very similar to the Philadelphia Phillies. Their future does not seem very bright due to lack of talent and potential. Even though they do have young players like Max Kepler, Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton, they have a brutal pitching staff with no talent or potential in sight. They are also held down by the brutal contract of former superstar Joe Mauer. Buxton also has not lived up to the "number one prospect in all of baseball" hype, even though I don't think its too late for him just yet. Overall, the Minnesota Twins are loaded with MLB journeymen and a decent, though not great farm system. Almost any baseball fan can see that the Twins do not have any World Series future in sight.

11 Could Win: Atlanta Braves

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The Atlanta Braves are one of the most iconic sports franchises in all of sports. Over the past three seasons the Braves have gone through a complete rebuild. They traded away players like Jason Heyward, Justin Upton and Craig Kimbrel. The Braves were dedicated to build around superstar first baseman Freddie Freeman and they have done a great job so far. They have added multiple top prospects to their minor league system while also acquiring MLB talent like slugger Matt Kemp and former Gold Glove winner Nick Markakis. The Braves also added to their team this off season by signing free agents like RA Dickey and Bartolo Colon. They also traded for veterans Jaime Garcia and Brandon Phillips. Bringing in vets like these to pair with rising stars like Ender Inciarte, Dansby Swanson and Mike Foltynewicz can only mean good things for the Braves in the future.

10 Won't Win: Tampa Bay Rays

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Let's be honest here, the Tampa Bay Rays have a decent rotation led by ace Chris Archer, but that is about it. Even with Evan Longoria having a great season, they still finished the season dead-last in the AL East. The Rays acquired some hitters this past off season like Colby Rasmus, Wilson Ramos and speedster Mallex Smith. These hitters are not really the kind of players that make a team go worst to first though. The Tampa Bay Rays do have a decent farm system but I don't think there is any way a few decent prospects could turn this thing around. The only way the Rays will win a World Series is if they clean house and go through a full rebuild but I don't see that happening in the next five seasons.

9 Could Win: Chicago White Sox

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The Chicago White Sox have done a whole lot to start their rebuild this off season. The White Sox traded away ace Chris Sale and star outfielder Adam Eaton. These trades did come with some crazy returns though. From Chris Sale, the White Sox acquired top prospects Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech from the Boston Red Sox. They also made a trade with the Nats sending them Adam Eaton while acquiring top pitching prospect Lucas Giolito. The White Sox not only have a great minor league system, they have a very good team as well. The White Sox are lead by ace Jose Quintana and sluggers Jose Abreu and Todd Frazier. With players like these and potential superstars brewing up in the minors, it is not hard to see how bright the future is for the White Sox.

8 Won't Win: Texas Rangers

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Now don't get me wrong, the Texas Rangers are a good team. I just don't see them winning a World Series anytime soon. The Rangers have a ton of stars like Adrian Beltre, Jonathan Lucroy and Rougned Odor. One thing that the Rangers don't have though is a farm system. The Rangers have one of the worst farm systems in all of baseball and a lot of their players are going through their prime right now. The Rangers are also in the same division as the loaded Houston Astros and I don't see the team repeating the record they had last season. Texas is going to compete for sure but they are known for blowing it in the playoffs. The Rangers are probably a shocking listing for most but I don't see them winning a World Series in the next five seasons.

7 Could Win: New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees were one of the easiest teams to put on this list in my opinion. The Yankees are loaded in the majors and in the minors. They are a young dynamic team that also has some key veterans. With the additions of Matt Holliday, Aroldis Chapman and Chris Carter, this team has brought some great vets to play with the young guns. It's hard to say who the Yankees are going to build around because they have so many young stars. Aaron Judge, Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez all have superstar potential and will be dynamic major league players. The Yankees also have Jorge Mateo and Clint Frazier just waiting for the call to the bigs. I figure they'll trade either Jacoby Ellsbury or Brett Gardner to open up some room for Clint Frazier. Jorge Mateo is still young so he has some time left. The Yankees are ready to compete now and I wouldn't be surprised to see them win at least one World Series in the next five seasons.

6 Won't Win: Baltimore Orioles

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The Baltimore Orioles have some of the best hitters in all of baseball but their pitching staff is very bad. The Orioles are led by superstar Manny Machado, veteran All-Star Adam Jones and sluggers Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis. Their pitching staff is lead by Ubaldo Jimenez and Chris Tillman. It is easy to see that their hitters are much better than their pitching rotation. The Orioles are also in one of the most crowded divisions in baseball with the Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays. The Orioles also have one of the worst minor league systems in all of baseball, with their top prospect being catcher Chance Sisco. Sisco will help the Orioles for sure, but their lack of pitching and pitching prospects is alarming. The Orioles are only going to start going downhill and I don't see any World Series Championship for them anytime soon.

5 Could Win: Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Dodgers have the perfect mix of veterans and young talent. They also have the most dominant pitcher in baseball in Clayton Kershaw. Not only do they have Clayton Kershaw but they also have Kenta Maeda, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Alex Wood. The Dodgers also have some great hitters with Corey Seager, Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez. Another big reason why I had to put the Dodgers was Yasiel Puig. If Puig starts to play like his old self the Dodgers could be huge playoff contenders this coming up season. Another guy is Joc Pederson, who had a down season last year. The Dodgers also have one of the best closers in baseball with Kenley Jansen. The pitching is going to be the bright point for this Dodgers team. Like a lot of people say, "Pitching wins championships." If this is correct then the Dodgers should make a World Series appearance pretty soon.

4 Won't Win: San Diego Padres

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It is very hard to find a bright spot on this Padres team other than Wil Myers. The Padres have a decent lineup and terrible pitching staff. The Padres do have some young talent on their team, though, with Hunter Renfroe and Manuel Margot. They also have former top prospect Christian Bethancourt who can play catcher and pitch a little bit. The Padres also have one of the top minor league systems in baseball but most of the prospects are a couple of years away. The Padres top prospect is pitcher Anderson Espinoza, who could make a huge impact when he makes it to the bigs, but they will need some more help with the team they have now. The Padres should just go through a full rebuild and load up their minor league system while they still have the chance.

3 Could Win: Boston Red Sox

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The Boston Red Sox are probably the best team in all of baseball right now and it was very hard for me not to put them at number one. The Boston Red Sox are basically an All-Star team lead by the best outfield in all of baseball. Also, this Boston Red Sox pitching staff is crazy, as they're led by new ace Chris Sale and former All-Star David Price. This pitching staff also features 2016 Cy Young winner Rick Porcello and young knuckleballer Steven Wright. The Red Sox also have arguably the best outfield in all of baseball with Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr and Andrew Benintendi. We also can't forget about their infield with Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia and Xander Bogaerts. If they have the lead in the ninth they are most likely going to get the win because of closer Craig Kimbrel. This Red Sox team could win multiple World Series in the next five seasons.

2 Won't Win: Los Angeles Angels

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It seems that the Angels have wasted their time with Mike Trout. They have had the best player in all of baseball for years now and haven't been able to build around him. You can't say the Angels didn't try though. They brought in Albert Pujols who has not lived up to his contract. They also paid Josh Hamilton a lot of money but he couldn't stay on the field. Now the Angels actually have some decent hitters but the pitching staff is terrible. Matt Shoemaker is their best pitcher and he hasn't been able to repeat his rookie numbers. The Angels also have the worst minor league system in all of baseball. The Angels should abandon ship and rebuild. Usually, I wouldn't recommend trading the best player in baseball, but something needs to change. Until that change happens, the Angels will not be World Series contenders.

1 Could Win: Chicago Cubs

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How could I not go with the Cubs as number one? They are the most dominant team in baseball. The Cubs are absolutely loaded with crazy young talent. Jake Arrieta is still going to be amazing and the same goes for Kris Bryant. The Cubs will only be better this season, as they mostly played without Kyle Schwarber last year. Schwarber is probably going to put up massive power numbers in his first full big league season. The craziest thing about this Cubs team is how young they are. They should be able to keep most of these kids together for the next couple of seasons while also bringing prospects up. The Cubs have the brightest future of any team in the MLB. The Cubs are already early favorites for this season's World Series and I wouldn't be surprised to see them win two or three over the next five seasons.

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