A-Rod Hits No. 660, Ties Willie Mays

Last Friday Alex Rodriguez came up to pinch-hit in the top of the 8th inning against the Boston Red Sox and hit a solo Home Run to give the New York Yankees a 3-2 lead. The Home Run was his first ever pinch-hit HR and it would end up being the game-winning run as well. But that isn't why it was a big deal for A-Rod. It was also his 660th career homer, which ties him with the great Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time HR list.

It should have been a truly special day for Rodriguez, The Yankees and even baseball fans in general. But with all the suspensions and doping scandals surrounding A-Rod's career over the last many years, few people were that impressed or consider it a record on par with the "Say Hey" Kid. Including the Yankees organization.

We had all heard the talk that over the winter the Yankees had told A-Rod privately that they weren't going to pay him the $6 million marketing bonus when he tied Mays. But on Saturday Yankees GM Brian Cashman said so publicly for the first time.

The team is saying that given Alex's suspension all of last season for performance-enhancing drug use they can't market his accomplishments and that that voids any bonuses (which had been originally negotiated as part of his 10-year, $275 million deal signed back in 2007.

I think we can assume this won't be the end of it.

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