20 Blockbuster MLB Trades That Will Happen By The 2018 Trade Deadline

We are now deep enough into the MLB season where we can determine which teams are likely going to make the playoffs and who are not. With that being stated, it is now the correct time to start predicting where this season’s top players on the trading block will end up being traded. With this year’s free agency class being so strong, we will likely see some pretty big name rentals on the move. Also, we currently have a handful of divisions where the top teams are extremely close in the standings, so they will all want to make significant moves that will help their fortunes of winning this season. We are a little over a month away from the deadline, so the trades will be coming shortly.

With all that stated thus far, in this article we will be looking at twenty blockbuster trades that will occur by the MLB trade deadline. When it comes to determining the potential teams for these players reportedly on the trading block, one must factor what each team is primarily searching for. There is no question that many teams either lack a top notch pitching rotation or offensively depth within their batting order. For these potential playoff teams to make it to the postseason, they are going to have to address these issues moving forward. However, at the end of the day, we are going to see some very big moves that could even change the dynamic for the rest of the season.

Nonetheless, let’s look at the twenty blockbuster trades that will happen this trade deadline!

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20 Mike Moustakas: New York Mets

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Moustakas appears to be the lone bright spot on the Kansas City Royals this season. After signing a one year extension this past winter with them, it is likely that the team will end up moving him by the trade deadline. His power bat will make him a very popular option.

The New York Mets desperately need help offensively, as they are continuing to drop in the standings.

With Adrian Gonzalez being released, they could trade for Moustakas and put him at first. This would be a very solid trade for them and could end up saving their season if it all works out.

19 Josh Donaldson: Boston Red Sox

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays are going to be faced with a very tough decision. The face of the franchise, Josh Donaldson, is set to become a free agent this off-season. With the Jays looking like they are on the midst of becoming a rebuilding squad, they may look to trade away Donaldson come deadline day.

The Boston Red Sox released Hanley Ramirez and his replacements are not working out well. The Sox would be wise to trade for Donaldson and use him as their first baseman for the playoff run. Although they could potentially lose him this off-season, it would be worth the gamble if it give them a long postseason run.

18 Carson Smith: Chicago Cubs

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Smith is a very reliable relief pitcher and has grown into his game with the Boston Red Sox. However, after struggling from coming out of the pen, he throw his glove out of frustration and now has a serious shoulder injury. He is expected to come back in the near future, but it is a bad injury.

However, Smith is likely going to be traded at the deadline because of his open criticisms of manager Alex Cora. He stated that Cora has been overusing him and that is why he hurt himself. The Cubs could be a great destination for him, as they need another arm in the bullpen and they are contenders.

17 J.A. Happ: Philadelphia Phillies

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the Toronto Blue Jays likely out of playoff contention already, they will be big sellers this trade deadline. Basically any veteran who has one year left on his contract will be traded and that of course will be applied to starting pitcher, J.A. Happ. He will be a decent target.

The Philadelphia Phillies are red hot and could use another starting pitcher. Happ would be a marvelous and even nostalgic addition to the club because he used to pitch there when he was in his younger days. Happ is very reliable and could be a solid starting pitcher for them moving forward.

16 Greg Holland: Los Angeles Dodgers

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Holland is a very reliable relief pitcher and was a huge reason behind the success of the Kansas City Royals during their World Series run. Yet, this season Holland has struggled to find his game with the St. Louis Cardinals and may end up being moved because of it.

The Los Angeles Dodgers should make a call on Holland because they definitely need to improve their bullpen.

After starting the year astronomically terrible, they have managed to find themselves back near the top of the division. The Dodgers will be buyers and due to this, should make a deal for Holland.

15 Jed Lowrie: Arizona Diamondbacks

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Jed Lowrie has been a very effective infielder for the Oakland A’s, but this season he appears to be having his best season ever. This is fantastic news for the A’s because they are going to end up getting strong assets for Lowrie because his trade value is at its highest point.

When looking at potential suitors for Jed Lowrie, the Arizona Diamondbacks could be a team that makes a lot of sense. They are currently fighting for a playoff spot in a very tight NL West division and Lowrie would give them a top of the order hitter or even number eight hitter. Lowrie would give them marvelous depth.

14 Marco Estrada: Washington Nationals

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long ago, Marco Estrada appeared to be the best pitcher on the Toronto Blue Jays and it led to them to a lot of success in the mid 2010s. However, due to injuries, his play has dropped off a little this season, but he still packs a decent amount of value because of his past accomplishments.

With one year left on his deal, Estrada will more than likely be dealt away from the Toronto Blue Jays. The Washington Nationals would be incredibly wise to bring in Estrada because they could use another strong arm in their rotation. Estrada will likely find his game in Washington and could become their third starter.

13 Khris Davis: Cleveland Indians

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Khris Davis is continuing to grow his game with the Oakland A’s and a big reason behind this fact is because his power numbers are fantastic. Davis is the perfect clean up hitter and with the A’s looking to bring in some top notch prospects, Davis is their best trading piece and should be moved at the deadline.

With Davis potentially being shopped already at this point in the season, there will be many teams looking to get him. However, the Cleveland Indians seem like the best fit because they are struggling offensively this season and could use another star in the middle of their lineup.

12 Felipe Vazquez: Atlanta Braves

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Felipe Vazquez, formerly known as Felipe Romero, is the closer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Last season, he was virtually unstoppable in the ninth inning and quickly gained a lot of attention around the league. However, this season he has struggled and could be moved before his value drops more.

The Pirates are rebuilding so it would be wise to trade Vazquez. The Atlanta Braves could use a solid closer/set up man in their bullpen, so trading for Vazquez would be beneficial. If the Braves end up making the postseason as well, they need to bring in a player like Vazquez to carry them to success.

11 Asdrubal Cabrera: Milwaukee Brewers

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Asdrubal Cabrera is one the only batters on the New York Mets this season that is having a very solid season. Cabrera has developed into an under the radar five tool player over the years, but has never amounted into a legitimate superstar. Yet, that does not mean that he is not very talented.

If the Mets fail to fix their issues by the deadline, they will be sellers. Cabrera would likely be the first player to go because he has a lot of trade value and is set to become a free agent this winter. The Brewers would be wise to bring him in as a starting middle infielder for the postseason.

10 Mark Trumbo: Los Angeles Angels

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Trumbo is having a bit of trouble with his power numbers this season, but his average is actually fairly solid. The Orioles are astronomically terrible this season too, so that could be impacting his play.

With one year left on his deal, he seems to be a likely candidate of being a rental.

The Los Angeles Angels should consider trading for Trumbo. He would be back where he started his career and it would give the Angels another power bat. The Angels are fighting for a playoff spot and are only a few games back from the Mariners and Astros. A small move like this could result in a big change.

9 Chris Archer: Seattle Mariners

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

When Chris Archer is healthy and confident in his game, he is a legitimate ace at the MLB level. This season has been a little bit challenging for Archer, but he will turn it around. There have been rumors that he is in the trading rumor mill and that would be a huge splash at the deadline.

The Seattle Mariners are a team that would benefit immensely trading for Archer because it would give them a top talent for years to come. The Mariners definitely need another starter for their postseason run and have a good trading relationship with the Rays. Expect to see this happen shortly.

8 Jonathan Lucroy: San Francisco Giants

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Lucroy is one of the better catchers in the MLB today because he can hit and field very well. He has an abundance of experience under his belt and that will make him a very intriguing option for many contending teams. The A’s will end up moving him at the deadline.

When looking at potential teams that could make a trade for him, the San Francisco Giants would be an excellent location. With Buster Posey having many injury problems, trading for Lucroy would allow them to move Posey to first permanently. With his leadership too, Lucroy would be a marvellous pick up.

7 Cole Hamels: New York Yankees

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers are in a horrible state right now and could trade Cole Hamels. Hamels would be one of the top pitchers available, as he is an ace. The Rangers should move him because they would land a plethora of top notch prospects that would assist in their rebuild.

There have been numerous reports that have stated that the New York Yankees are extremely interested in Hamels. This would make a lot of sense because the Yankees need some serious upgrades in their starting rotation if they want to win the World Series this year. Getting Hamels would change everything for them.

6 C.J. Cron: Minnesota Twins

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Cron has all the making of becoming a legitimate power bat at the MLB level, but his development has been slow because he has been injured a lot. With the Rays this season, he is having a career year and it shows with his power numbers and batting average thus far.

With the Rays looking to rebuild, they may end up trading Cron for the correct price. The Minnesota Twins could be a team that would like him because they are trying to fight their way back to playoff contention. By getting Cron. it would allow them to get a player for the future as well, rather than just a rental.

5 Zach Britton: Boston Red Sox

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Britton is one the top closers in the MLB today, but he is sadly stuck in Baltimore at this moment. Yet, it is inevitable that the Orioles will trade him by the deadline because he is a free agent this year.

The Orioles need to enhance their prospect pool, so he will be dealt.

The Boston Red Sox have a spectacular closer in Craig Kimbrel, but picking up Britton would not be a bad idea. The Sox need some serious help with their bullpen this season and Britton as the setup man would be marvelous. Pitching wins in the postseason, so the Sox need to make a splash like this.

4 Scooter Gennett: Los Angeles Dodgers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Scooter Gennett is one the best stories in all of baseball because he has become a top notch player after getting released by the Brewers. With the Reds, Gennett has become one of their best players. However, he has been in the rumour mill and it would make sense to trade him for his maximized value.

The Los Angeles Dodgers need to bring in a solid bat in their lineup and Gennett would be an excellent call to assist in that. Gennett could play anywhere in the infield and it would be an upgrade for the team. The Dodgers need to make the postseason and this trade would increase their chances.

3 Lance Lynn: Chicago Cubs

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Lance Lynn was one of the top pitchers in baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals, but he has struggled immensely with the Twins. With him having only one year left on his deal and the Twins likely out of playoff contention, a trade involving Lynn is likely going to occur.

The Chicago Cubs look like the perfect destination for Lynn because they need pitching help immensely. The Cubs have the potential to be champions again, but not without some upgrades. If Lynn could find his game with the Cubs. this would be a fantastic move and be worth the gamble.

2 Manny Machado: Philadelphia Phillies

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the Baltimore Orioles playing so atrociously and Manny Machado’s contract set to expire, he will be traded. The Orioles need to bring back a big package for him because they cannot lose him for nothing. Looking at the value of Machado, this trade could help accelerate their rebuilding period.

There have been a number of teams looking to bring in Machado, but the Phillies make the most sense. They currently are in a very close battle with the Washington Nationals at the top of the NL East and could use a star. They also have the money and desire to lock up Machado long-term after this, so they make this deal come to fruition.

1 Jacob deGrom: Houston Astros

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob deGrom is one the top pitchers in the MLB right now, but he is wasting his prime years with the New York Mets. The Mets are failing to provide him any offense, while he is pitching marvelously. There have been reports that the team may move him this deadline while his value his value is at its highest.

The Houston Astros could look to make a trade for Jacob deGrom because Dallas Keuchel is struggling immensely. This would allow deGrom to be his replacement for next season, as well as be a top notch pick up for their postseason run. This could be a huge blockbuster for this season.

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