Bronx Bombshells: 15 Gorgeous Women New York Yankees Players Scored With

When it comes to the MLB, there is one goal wanting to be achieved at the end of the season: winning the World Series. When talking about winning, there is one team that comes to everybody's mind: the New York Yankees. Coming from a Red Sox writer, this is one hard fact to swallow. But you have to give credit where credit is due, the Yankees have the most World Series wins in the history of Major League Baseball; 27 to be exact. With that much winning, people want to be around it in some way, shape, or form. Some want to be in it to be a part of a winning culture. Others want to be in it because they simply have nothing better to do. Some might want to date the players. Wait, what?

That's right, for all of the winning the Yankees have done on the field; they have also won off of the field. They say that New York has the "bright lights", being in one of the most popular cities in all of the United States. Where winning comes in professional sports, women are sure to follow. This list contains some of the most beautiful women that fans will lay eyes on. What is great too is that there are a lot of well-known names that fans will easily be able to identify with. Some were models, actresses, and other well known celebrities as well. So without further adieu, here are the top 15 women that dated or had a thing with New York Yankee baseball players.

15 Joy Enriquez

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The number 15 female on this list seemed to like the classy type as she was one of several women here that dated long time Yankee legendary shortstop Derek Jeter. Joy Enriquez is a beautiful singer and actress that got the pleasure of seeing Jeter for two months from August until October in 2001. People might remember her from the legendary ABC Family show "7th Heaven". She also has appeared in movies such as "Chasing Papi" and also had a voice role in "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure". This photo does a lot of justice as to why Jeter had his little fling with Enriquez. She has a beautiful smile, beautiful set of eyes and apparently loved baseball enough to go out with Jeter for a few months. All one can say is Joy Enriquez would be a great wife to a lot of men, but this was only the beginning for Derek Jeter.

14 Lara Dutta

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The number 14 gal on this list was another one that had the privilege of dating the longtime Yankee captain. Lara Dutta is an Indian actress, model and beauty pageant contestant who dated Jeter in 2000 until 2001. She has appeared in films such as "No Entry" in 2005 and "Housefull" in 2010 among others. Her biggest claim to fame was being named Miss Universe in 2000. So as can be seen, Jeter has a wide variety of interest when it comes to women. Dutta is a beauty with big, brown eyes and a smirk that can get any guy drooling. It is hard to believe that Dutta along with Enriquez are the bottom two ladies on this list with their looks and credentials. But don't worry folks, Jeter will have more girls he dated on this list along with a former left side teammate of his; stay tuned!

13 Jordana Brewster

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The number 13 lady on this list likes to live life in the fast lane according to her movie roles and relationship lifestyle. Jordana Brewster dated...you guessed it... Derek Jeter! They dated from July of 2002 until 2003. Brewster has appeared on shows such as All My Children. She got her big break when she played the stunningly beautiful Mia Toretto in the Fast and Furious movie series. She also has appeared in "The Invisible Circus" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning". If that isn't impressive enough for some fans, check out the picture above of Brewster gazing at the camera here. Jeter might regret letting this one go just a bit. But then again, it was Derek Jeter and he did date a lot more beautiful women.

12 Vanessa Lachey

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Before there was Vanessa and Nick, there was Vanessa and...Derek? Wow, what a surprise there! The number 12 woman on this list decided before she was ready to settle down with a singer, she wanted to have a little fun with an MLB player. Jeter and Lachey dated on-again and off-again from November of 2003 until March of 2006. Vanessa Lachey is a model, host, and actress who has taken a turn with visiting Jeter often at his games at Yankee Stadium. She was named Miss Teen USA in 1998. With looks like these, it is very easy to see why she won the award almost 20 years ago. She has also been the host of several shows such as "The Real World" and "Entertainment Tonight". Nick Lachey better be thanking his lucky stars that Jeter didn't end up with Vanessa because she is a beautiful woman that could have been somebody's wife earlier than she actually was.

11 Madonna

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Derek Jeter can't have all the fun on this list, can he? Of course not! That is why we are going to change things up a bit and focus on a new player. During the 2003-2004 years where the Yankees were battling the Red Sox for American League supremacy, Jeter held down the left side with Alex Rodriguez. Like Jeter, Rodriguez had his fun on the field as well as off of it. The number 11 woman on this list seemed a bit old for Alex, but he didn't seem to care. Madonna was one name in the 1980s and 1990s that couldn't be missed. She was a singer and actress that couldn't stay out of the spotlight. She had hit songs such as "Like A Virgin", "Like A Prayer", and "Papa Don't Preach" just to name a few. She is known as one of the most famous female recording artists in musical history. The two reportedly had a small fling occur in 2008 while going through hardships with their significant others. Apparently, A-Rod was hitting some home runs off of the field that we didn't see on the field.

10 Marilyn Monroe

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How can we leave a woman like Marilyn Monroe off a list featuring the most beautiful women who ever hooked up with Yankees players? Monroe was an icon of her time and defined what beauty was perceived to be at the time. She also happened to marry longtime Yankees star Joe DiMaggio, forming one of the most well-known power couples in the world of pop culture. Their marriage was short lived, but one could argue she began the trend of famous women hooking up with Yankees players. They sure were the 'it' couple.

The couple originally got together because DiMaggio had asked an acquaintance of his to arrange a dinner date with Monroe. Must be nice to have that kind of pull when you're a Yankee, right?

9 Minka Kelly

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She played an angel on television before and she looks like an angel in real life. The number nine spot on this list goes to a lady who enjoyed a nice little stint playing her role as Derek Jeter's lady choice. Minka Kelly is an actress who had popular roles on "Charlie's Angels" as well as "Parenthood" and the ever popular Friday Night Lights. In this photo of her in a bikini, her flat stomach, perky breasts and long legs make any man cringe along with an award winning smile. Kelly and Jeter dated from October of 2008 until August of 2011. There were even thoughts they would eventually get married, but that eventually fell through. Jeter eventually would marry so this isn't seen as much of a loss to him. But for Kelly, she is still available gentlemen; so maybe you can be the lucky one to marry her instead.

8 Cameron Diaz

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The number eight candidate for this list has made quite a name for herself in the movie industry. But along the way, she made a pit stop by dating Alex Rodriguez like other women on this list have done as well. Cameron Diaz is an actress who has been in countless films. She had her early days starring in "Charlie's Angels" and "There's Something About Mary" and has starred in some good movies recently such as "Bad Teacher" and "Sex Tape". But from July 2010 until September of 2011, she was seen on the arm of A-Rod. After the break-up, she reportedly had a hard time getting over it much like any person who has ever gotten out of a relationship as well. Diaz is now happily married, but it would have been interesting to see if this relationship had lasted. One could guess Diaz and Rodriguez view this as a fun fling that just wasn't meant to last.

7 Kate Hudson

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Does anybody remember the movie, "Almost Famous"? Now, do people remember Penny Lane? That was played by the lovely Kate Hudson and that is who locks up the number seven position on this coveted list. Hudson had her breakthrough in that film and went on to star in others such as "You, Me, and Dupree" and "Raising Helen". The couple of her and Rodriguez had a little fling that went on in 2009. The reason for the fling supposedly ending was because Alex Rodriguez wasn't necessarily over his ex-girlfriend at the time who turned out to be Madonna! A-Rod must have really had a thing for older women because Kate Hudson is one woman that he should have been with longer. The blonde hair and smirk of a smile she has going on now might have A-Rod thinking about why he didn't pursue her more than he actually did.

6 Mariah Carey

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During the Yankees championship runs of the late 1990's and early 2000's, Derek Jeter was one of the consistent pieces that performed well in the clutch. He also performed well in the women category with this candidate coming in at number six. Mariah Carey is a singer, songwriter, and producer that came onto the scene in 1990 with her album, "Vision of Love". She is also well known for her Christmas album that can be heard blasting through every car driver's radio during the holiday season. Carey and Jeter had a relationship from 1997 until 1998. Some say the reason for them breaking up was all the media covering every detail in the relationship. Some fans might even say it was better for Jeter to focus on winning championships as opposed to fooling around with Mariah. But on looks alone, Mariah more than solidifies her spot at number six.

5 Torrie Wilson

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With ballplayers, they typically like to date actresses, singers, etc. But there are the exceptions where they will date other athletes in different sports. By the look of the number five lady on the list, maybe A-Rod wanted to spark up his love life with a lady he can get a little rough with. Torrie Wilson is a woman who has made a name for herself in the WWE rankings. Rodriguez and Wilson dated from 2011 until February of 2015. They ultimately ended things because A-Rod didn't want to be married quiet yet. This was probably due to the fact that he had too much fun getting with different women. Whatever the case was, it didn't last and Torrie Wilson is still unbelievably good-looking. Wilson can probably get any guy she wants and will probably want a guy that can handle her crazy lifestyle; which Rodriguez maybe could not have done.

4 Adrianna Lima

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If you had the opportunity to date a Victoria's Secret Angel, wouldn't you want to find a way to marry that woman any way possible? Apparently, Derek Jeter didn't receive that memo in the mail with the number four woman on this list. Adrianna Lima is a Brazilian bombshell of a model. She is well-known for being a Victoria's Secret Angel since 1999. She has also been featured in commercials for KIA Motors and has done several runaway modeling shows. Jeter and Lima briefly dated in 2006, but nothing was made of it. Lima's look of fierceness in this photo is severe enough to make any man's spine chill and knees quiver. She is now married with kids, but imagine the type of kids Lima and Jeter could have had together if they pursued their fling beyond 2006.

3 Jennifer Lopez

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There are some women that age horribly and some women that age beautifully. The number three gal that makes this list has aged beautifully. All of the ladies mentioned above have had affairs with Jeter or Rodriguez that eventually ended. Jennifer Lopez is reportedly still with Rodriguez today. "J-Lo" as she is so often called is a singer, actress, and dancer that has made great strides in all of those fields. She had her big break into the entertainment business when she was alongside Jack Nicholson in "Blood and Wine". Since that film, her career has really taken off. The ultimate question that still remains here is this: Will the couple stay together and tie the knot? Or will Lopez be like so many of A-Rod's past girlfriends and get the boot? This will be a relationship that people will pay close attention to in the near future.

2 Jessica Alba

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The number two woman on this list did something to Derek Jeter that he wasn't used to before: giving him a short life experience. Jeter had a long baseball career, had long postseason runs, and had a long year of retirement gifts received during his last season. The only thing that was short was his affair with actress Jessica Alba. Alba is known for starring in such films as "Good Luck Chuck" and "Fantastic Four". Supposedly, the couple had a very brief affair in July of 2004. The reason for it ending was because of Jeter's on again and off again relationship with an ex-flame. Now, does one think it is a coincidence that these two ended their fling the same month the Yankees fought the Red Sox and helped the Sox start their magical 2004 run? Yes definitely. Maybe Jessica Alba was the mystery good luck charm the Red Sox never knew about because of her break-up with the Yankee captain.

1 Jessica Biel

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The number one bombshell that hooked up with a Yankee baseball player is none other than Tanley Parrish herself, Jessica Biel! Anybody remember the movie, "Summer Catch"? If you do, then you definitely remember seeing Jessica Biel in a bikini and being your first crush as a kid. From November of 2006 until January of 2007, Biel had herself a good time with Derek Jeter. The couple eventually split, but it goes to show just how much Biel loved being a cleat-chaser; especially in the MLB. Everything about this picture shows why Biel is worthy of the number one spot on this list. She is beautiful, she has a great smile, and has a great personality to match all of that. Biel was also a star of "7th Heaven" in the 1990's. Any lucky fan would be in heaven if they were in a relationship with Biel. Unfortunately, she is now married to popular singer Justin Timberlake. But we can still enjoy Biel being the number one Bronx Bombshell that a New York Yankee player hooked up with.

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