Bryce Harper "Happy Gilmore's" A Golf Ball 340 Yards

We've all been fortunate to witness some of Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper's incredible home-runs, but this week Harper gave us another reason to shake our heads in disbelief.

Harper's power on the diamond is well documented - he's hit balls over 450 feet with ease - but does that power translate to the golf course? For the most part, athletes are either good at swinging a baseball bat or swinging a golf club; the motion needed for each are quite different, and because of it ball players shy away from the sport for fear of messing up their swing.

Harper doesn't seem to concerned about it, though, and showed that power does in fact translate from the ballpark to the fairways, as he absolutely crushes his drive in the video linked above - using the classic "Happy Gilmore" technique.

He even "pumps up the crowd," just like Happy did. If a second career in golf doesn't work out, perhaps Harper can turn to acting.

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