Chicago Cubs Prospect Always Has Tickets For Ronda Rousey

Hey Ronda, same location diff. opponent. 7 pm in Des Moines. Will call will have your ticket #Everyday @RondaRousey pic.twitter.com/J9sAatIB1B

— Anthony Giansanti (@GianSanity) July 20, 2015

At some point in our lives, we've reached out to our crush, be it in high school with an adoring love letter, or an invitation to a special event when we get past the letter stage. It seems Chicago Cubs prospect Anthony Giansanti reaches out to his crush regularly, as he always leaves a ticket for Ronda Rousey at every one of his games.

Giansanti plays for the Iowa Cubs, Chicago's Triple-A affiliate in Des Moines. Players are allowed four passes for every game and Giansanti always reserves one of his for the UFC Bantamweight Women's Champion.

The bummer for Giansanti is that Rousey's from Los Angeles, although she did spend some of her life in North Dakota, so maybe if she makes a visit to the Midwest, she'll pay a visit to the MLB hopeful. 

Giansantl spoke to MMA Fighting and opened up about his crush on Rousey.

"The funny thing about Ronda is, we’ve had a lot of conversations about her in the clubhouse, and I’m a pretty tough looking guy in the clubhouse," Giansanti told MMA Fighting. "And I’ve always been asked if I think I can beat up Ronda Rousey. And I’m like, I wouldn’t want to beat her up -- I want to take her out on a date."

There you go @RondaRousey A ticket will be waiting for you at will call... 7 o'clock game in Des Moines. Everyday. pic.twitter.com/kSA1O7Qw4i

— Anthony Giansanti (@GianSanity) July 16, 2015

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