Every MLB Team's 2018 Uniform, Officially Ranked

Baseball was the sport that popularized the idea of having one uniform for home games and another for away games. At first, the uniforms were pretty much all the same with just a few differences in logos. As time has gone on, many teams have adapted to different styles and fonts to make them stand out from the pack. Some do better than others as every team has a truly atrocious look they want to forget. That was especially true in the 1970s with garish colors and the ‘90s with some ugly design works. True, some teams are able to look great for all of their tenure but others have some pretty bad history in uniforms.

As the 2018 season is hitting its climax, some teams have shifted up some looks, taking on new tweaks, dropping old elements and taking on new ones. Naturally, home town fans will be eager to claim they have the best uniform around no matter what which makes judging them more difficult. But it’s clear some teams just look so much better than others on the field.

Making an official ranking is tricky but here is how every MLB team’s current uniform ranks to show how some teams are more stylish on the field than others to shine nicely in the baseball world.

30 San Diego Padres

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres have made a lot of bad moves over the years. But to many, one of the worst remains ditching those orange colors. They made San Diego stand out a lot more, fitting the city and its vibe and gave them something special.

The bland white with blue tints just looks too much like various other teams and doesn’t give San Diego its own identity.

That’s not to mention the poor looking camouflage alternates they have. Fans would love San Diego to go back to looking more offbeat than other teams and bringing back those uniforms would be a good move.

29 Arizona Diamondbacks

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona’s uniforms remain a serious step back from their original ones. Those purple and teal outfits still have an appeal when they don them for throwback games. After all, those were the colors won when the Diamondbacks won the 2001 World Series and still well regarded. The current outfits just don’t match it despite the attempt at a “desert” feel.

The road outfits aren’t bad with a darker color and a nice “A” logo, but the home outfits just look weird and not as cutting edge as Arizona boasted when they debuted in 2016. Maybe going back to the past can help the Diamondbacks look better.

28 Tampa Bay Rays

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays have always had a rough time with uniforms. Remember their very first ones with the idea of the logo colored as if rising up from the sea? Yet their current look isn’t much better with plain white and not using the aqua-theme as well as they could. Their light blue alternates are pretty good but the main outfits just look bland. They get points for how the end of the R in “Rays” is curved like a tail but overall, it’s a case of a team that could do so much more with their unis.

27 Colorado Rockies

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes being unique is a bad thing. For proof, look at the Rockies. A sleeveless uniform just looks dumb as heck and even mixed with same-color undershirts can’t improve it.

It’s not helped by the mix of darker colors of black and purple that fail to connect well with fans.

The mountain logo on the caps isn’t too bad but could be bigger and maybe mixed onto the jerseys as well. Overall, maybe a different style could be a benefit for Colorado as the sleeveless look just doesn’t fit as well as it sounded.

26 Miami Marlins

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins are currently working some teal into their uniforms to mark the 25th anniversary of the franchise. That might be a good idea given their current outfits aren’t too inspiring. When they had brightly colored hats and jerseys a couple of years back, it was garish but still stood out. Today, you have the blander white shirts and pants with a thin orange stripe. That just makes the huge “Miami” in teal and orange on the front and they “wave” logo look more appalling, like something you’d buy from a cheap Miami mall.

25 Texas Rangers

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers just can’t seem to decide if they want white, red or blue as their main color, having bounced between all of them. To their credit, they avoid the cliché of cowboy hats or other bits in the logo, a simple style that fits well. But it also looks rather poor overall, just not standing out from the pack. The font for the logo looks too busy with shadows and it looks more like a minor league team. That’s not helped by such things as red socks with the white shirts or blue tops. Maybe if they can just settle on a color, it can look better but as it stands, the Rangers just aren’t doing well in style.

24 Minnesota Twins

Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Their away jerseys are pretty good, a solid color mixing some nice motifs and comes off well. Sadly, for their home uniforms, the Twins prefer a huge logo in orange that just looks garish.

Really, if they switched it up more it would be better, or at least changing the color of the logo.

As it is, it comes off very ugly at home games which is something any MLB team should be avoiding. And let’s not get started on those horrible alternates of red with the atrocious logo. A great example of a team that’s using the wrong style for their uniforms.

23 Milwaukee Brewers

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers actually have a great alternate logo, a ball in a glove which looks great. Sadly, they don’t use that as their main logo and it hurts. That’s not to mention a good font for the Milwaukee name on their shirts and a decent color. Yet somehow, it just doesn’t work anywhere near as well as it should, the entire uniform coming off poor thanks to the yellow tinges.

It lacks a real identity that Milwaukee could use and that logo should be far more prominently displayed. That alone could give this uniform more of a kick rather than looking like a result of a rough night out.

22 Cleveland Indians

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians rise a few notches thanks to finally dropping the horrific “Chief Wahoo” logo from their uniforms, at least at the primary logo. That does help yet still not good with those navy alternates not aiding the look.

The 'C' logo isn’t too bad but still not showcasing a team that’s actually done better on the field in the last couple of seasons. The font just looks too old-fashioned and doesn't work well today. The Indians should be taking advantage of dropping that backwards image to redo their uniforms.

21 San Francisco Giants

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a case of a team that has a great home uniform but their away one is sadly not as good.

The home uniforms are great with the white coloring mixed with darker tinges, the orange popping quite nicely.

But the away uniforms add unnecessary piping which looks much worse than the simpler home gear.

The logo also looks different and not in a good way and takes something away from the Giants. When they’re in their home stadium they look great but road games expose the weakness in their uniforms.

20 Seattle Mariners

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The 1990s had a lot of teams adapting teal in an odd trend. For most, it was a horrible look and soon dropped. But Seattle managed to make it work and stick with it, probably using their environment well. It looks very good, the font of the team name and logo mixing with the coloring and helps Seattle stand out much better from the pack. Their darker away uniforms are good too, so while some may complain about the teal being a bit too much, Seattle actually makes it work better than you’d think.

19 Kansas City Royals

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The “KC” logo is a good one and the mix of blue and white is nice as well. What lowers it in the ranking is that the away uniforms tend to be more bland and not helping them stand out as much as they should.

The fact the blue and white look is a common one in the league works against Kansas City as some might think it’s better to get back to when they had “royal” yellow mixed up in the uniform to at least spark it up.

Sure, that could backfire but as it is, the uniforms don’t quite live up to the “royal” name despite one of the better logos in the leagues.

18 Washington Nationals

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

True, that huge “W” has led to more than a few guys cracking jokes about Wal-Mart. However, the Nationals do benefit from a classic throwback to how uniforms once were.

After all, red and white is the perfect fit for a team in the nation’s capital and kudos for avoiding going all out hog with blue and stars thrown in. The player font on the back is the best in the majors and the blue motif for the away uniforms is just as well done. Overall, it’s a great showcase for using the colors well and thus despite that giant letter, it’s a better uniform than most think.

17 Pittsburgh Pirates

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have experimented a lot with uniforms over the years, often in bad ways (the infamous “train conductor” outfits of the 1970s). Their current look is highlighted by the terrific logo font on the back which totally fits the swashbuckling theme. They don’t overwhelm with black and yellow but it looks great on their away uniforms along with the “P” font that’s stood the test of time.

Maybe it could use a bit more spark in some ways but it’s one of the better looks the Pirates have had in years and thus terrific in how they can avoid some of the problems of the past and do well with their team name.

16 Baltimore Orioles

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The O’s have been smart to never mess with their logo.

The grinning bird on a baseball has been a symbol of Baltimore pride for decades and no matter how the rest of the uniform goes, that’s never touched.

As for the rest, the font for the team name is good but the orange color can come off a bit too garish.

It’s worse with the away uniforms mixing it with a darker color and eye-catching in the wrong ways. Again, their classic logo helps boost the O’s up a few notches over other teams and highlight a uniform that can come off rough at times.

15 Toronto Blue Jays

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Naturally, the Blue Jays have to honor their nation a bit in their uniforms. Every now and then, they’ll wear caps with a big maple leaf and other touches to stand out more. The unique font for the numbers and player names is something special and the mix of blue and white is good too. The bird logo isn’t overdone, although its placement on the lower part of the jersey does leave it a little lost.

The away uniforms might be better with the navy blue and logo on the sleeves. Overall, it’s a good use of both color and country to help Toronto stand out although not as stylish as other uniforms in the league.

14 Atlanta Braves

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

That terrific “tomahawk” logo is one of the best in the league and the Braves match it with great colors. Their home uniforms are terrific with the white coloring and the logo brightly showcased and that alone rises them up. However, the away uniforms are darker in the wrong ways and the logo doesn't look as good.

There’s still talk on dropping the red uniforms, with fans continuing to go back and forth. As it is, if the away uniforms were as good as the home ones, the Braves would be a few notches higher but their entire set just doesn’t come off as well.

13 Cincinnati Reds

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds rode high in the 1970s as “the Big Red Machine” with a classic look of white uniforms with red colors in the right places. Sadly, they spent a few decades with much darker colors that didn’t do them many favors.

In 2007, they went back to a classic style with a modern edge and it’s done wonders for them.

The striping is good and the nice mix of colors for the “C” logo helps stand out in both home and away games. While there may be a bit too much black on it the edges, it’s loads better than what they had as the Reds know how to use their name color to the utmost.

12 Houston Astros

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The defending World Series champions have long relied on some flashier colors for their uniforms. That includes the infamous “Tequila Sunrise” outfits they wore for a long period which had some appeal for fans. Today, the Astros have nicely settled into a simpler but fun design, the orange piping for their home uniforms mixed with a nice font for the team name and logo. The away uniforms are good too, showing the same nice coloring to a darker shade and carrying them on.

11 Philadelphia Philies

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

A classic case of how changing a color can be a great thing. For a long while, the Phillies stuck to blue for their uniforms, fitting their home town and it wasn’t too bad. In 1990, they switched to red and it actually came off great. The logo is fun in red with blue stars dotting the “i” letters and that “P” logo has stood the test of time as well. The stripe pattern is also good with just the right fading to shine. Their away uniforms are also good and it showcases how shifting in color was a major benefit for the Phillies to look a lot better on the field.

10 Los Angeles Angels

Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels have been messed around with their city name quite a bit, but they've settled on just being the Los Angeles Angels. They’ve also improved their logo, dropping the cheesy wings but keeping the fun halo around the name to stand out.

The white and red style is good and somehow, the Angels avoid the trap of being confused for the Reds or Nationals with their design.

The logo name is nice and stylized and the darker tone for away games works just as well. Thankfully, dropping the wilder elements make this uniform among the best in the majors.

9 Los Angeles Dodgers

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers may not talk about Brooklyn much but they still honor their history. All you have to do is switch the “LA” for a stylized “B” and it looks just like the outfits they’ve worn for a century. That blue and white motif is great with a stylized “Dodger” font and mixed well together. The away uniforms are also good with the flip in colors but still looking great with their colors.

“Dodger Blue” has been a slogan for fans for generations and the team smartly also makes sure to keep it going to maintain themselves as one of the classic teams of MLB on both coasts.

8 New York Mets

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets may have been a total joke on the field when they began in 1962. But they managed to get a terrific logo off the bat they haven’t messed with it over the years. Today, they do well with a nice pinstriped look that’s a lot better than the print stuff they had for a few years. Plus, there’s the great cap logo mixing NY and M together well in a good style. The color is also good, not too obtrusive or bright but fitting into the white of the uniform. Thus, no matter how bad the Mets may be on the field, in terms of looking good while they play, they’re one of the best of the bunch in the majors today.

7 St. Louis Cardinals

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

They’ve played with it a bit now and then but overall, the Cardinals have stuck to one of the best looks in the majors. The logo is terrific with the bird on a bat and matched by the great way the city letters flow together on the cap.

Put that in red on a white uniform and it looks absolutely amazing on the field. No wonder St. Louis doesn’t mess with it.

The away uniforms are good, grey with a slightly different logo featuring two birds and yet not too distracting. It’s a look that remains a classic, a common sight in the NL Central and the Cardinals still flying high in terms of great looks in MLB.

6 Chicago White Sox

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The White Sox have had some bad looks over the years like the horrible shorts of the 1970s and the garish “block” logos of the ‘80s. Today, they’re going with a simpler but better look. The home uniforms are great with a classic motif for the team name over the heart. The away uniforms are good but the alternates are even better, the rare case of black looking terrific on the field. Yes, it may seem odd for them to not use much white but oddly, the darker colors fit the team much better and either home or away, the Sox are able to rank among the most stylish in MLB.

5 Detroit Tigers

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best cases in baseball of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” The bold and stylized “D” has been unchanged almost since the Tigers started.

No matter the uniform color, that bold and proud letter has dominated the Tiger look and fans never get tired of it.

It’s a bit better this year, more streamlined but it's the font that gets so much attention. Mix it with a nicely styled white shirt (darker for away games) that looks like a classic 1940s outfit for today and the Tigers have proven their uniform can stand the test of time better than almost any other in the majors.

4 Oakland Athletics

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

They’ve tried some changes now and then. But in the end, Oakland and their fans just can’t get rid of those classic green and white colors. The home uniforms are great, mostly white with the classic logo in a fine green and yellow mix on the front. The darker uniforms are good too, utilizing the same colors and font quite well. Better are the alternates that throwback to the era of the 1970s dynasty with bright green that still looks good. Oakland just can’t stop using that fun look and it does great to make the A’s among the most colorful teams in all of baseball.

3 Boston Red Sox

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Boston has played with the whole “Red Sox” logo a bit, sometimes making it bigger or smaller depending on the times. That bold stylized “B” is still the same as well as the bright red coloring that’s been maintained for years.

The current outfit is simple but stylish, a clean white with red coloring and the nice team font.

The darker away uniforms also do well with the logo and look just as nice. The Friday red uniforms could be garish yet somehow work and the darker blue for the away Friday outfits is great. Overall, it shows how Boston still prides themselves in their beloved team and use the red just enough to spark the Sox up more.

2 New York Yankees

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The pinstripes just can’t be beat. The Yankees haven’t messed with their uniform over the last century as they know that classic style is key to their success as the greatest dynasty in baseball. The road uniforms are also good with a darker style and just the team name. However, it’s their classic home uniforms that get attention in the best way. Those simple stripes with the classic “NY” logo font are part of New York’s lifeblood and showcase how the Yankees dominate in uniforms much like they do on the baseball field itself.

1 Chicago Cubs

Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a classic design that just never fades. The white suits with the blue pinstripes being as much a part of Chicago as Wrigley Field itself. The classic logo of the huge red C has never gone out of style and remains a top sight in the crowd of fans. The bear face on the arm just adds to it as the Cubs are brilliant using their team name well. The logo is bright and clear on the front over the heart and on the cap so it just doesn’t lose any of the impact it’s had for decades. It’s truly amazing how it all comes together and with the Cubs finally World Series champs, their uniform continues to impress.

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