Every MLB Team's Jersey That Fans Completely Forgot About

When most baseball fans think of iconic MLB jerseys, the odds are that most people would think of the iconic Yankee pinstripe jerseys or perhaps even those Dodger blue jerseys. Many baseball teams brand themselves and their organization based off a logo, colour, and jersey design. However, this does not necessarily mean that baseball organizations don’t try to switch things up every once in a while.

In some instances, a change in jersey design can be a good thing for the franchise. For instance, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays completely rebranded themselves in 2007 to become the Tampa Bay Rays, which included completely new jerseys. Their new look is a considerable improvement, even if their organization still does not appear committed to putting a consistent winning product on the field.

As one could imagine, there have been many jersey appearances that have not gone over as well. There are some teams who change jersey appearances more frequently than others, which is not always a good thing. Baseball fans of each team can look through the history of their team’s jerseys and will inevitably find at least a few that they wish they could completely forget about. For this article, we have investigated and found the worst jersey in every MLB team’s history that fans completely forgot about – or wish they could forget about.

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30 Arizona Diamondbacks: Current Jersey

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In fairness to the Arizona Diamondbacks, they have only been in the league for 20 years now. This has not afforded them the opportunity to have very many truly forgettable jerseys. While the Diamondbacks used to have some fairly good-looking jerseys, they decided to switch to a new set of jerseys a couple of years ago. This new look sees the team rebranding their jerseys with a red, black, and gold scheme. In addition to the weird color scheme, the font style also leaves much to be desired.

29 Atlanta Braves: 1980s Powder Blue Jersey

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The Atlanta Braves have had a storied history in the MLB and have consistently been a pretty solid team for much of their history. The Braves have worn similar jerseys for several years now, which is a good thing since they used to wear some fairly unappealing jerseys.

One of the most forgettable were those powder blue jerseys the Braves wore between 1981 and 1987.

As can be seen, it is not visually appealing and abandoned the button-down design for a V-neck design.

28 Baltimore Orioles: 1971 Alternate Jersey

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The Baltimore Orioles may be one of the worst teams in baseball right now, and they also have had some of the worst jerseys. Most Orioles fans would likely agree that their worst jersey is their 1971 home jersey, which the team wore for several years. These jerseys were completely orange and, even better, featured all orange pants. Needless to say, it is a good thing that this uniform look is a part of the distant past (except for their brief resurrection in 2010). There was no need for that much orange.

27 Boston Red Sox: 1915 Jersey

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The Boston Red Sox current jerseys have remained virtually unchanged throughout most of the club’s history. There have been slightly different iterations of the jersey but, for the most part, the overall look of the jersey has remained the same. However, that did not preclude the Red Sox from having a pretty forgettable jersey. In 1915, the Red Sox actually wore these white and very plain jerseys. The fact that there was no logo or letters written on it to make them stand out says it all.

26 Chicago Cubs: 1912 Jersey

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The Chicago Cubs are one of the few baseball teams who have not changed their look or jersey throughout their history.

While they have made very few modifications to their uniforms, the team did decide to occasionally wear their 1912 jerseys as a throwback during the 2012 season.

Cubs fans likely wish this never happened, as those 1912 jerseys left much to be desired. These jerseys were entirely navy blue with a basic white “C” logo on the upper right side of the chest, with buttons only halfway down the jersey.

25 Chicago White Sox: 2001 Alternate Jersey

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It's completely understandable that baseball organizations want to pay tribute to the United States. Often times, teams will do this for the 4th of July by wearing special jerseys for that day. However, in 2001, the Chicago White Sox unveiled an alternate jersey they would wear for the entire season that was almost entirely red, white, and blue. It was plain white, buttoned down, featured a vintage White Sox crest, and their logo outlined in red. It was not really that memorable for White Sox fans, who prefer their classy white, black, and silver color scheme.

24 Cincinnati Reds: 1990s Home Jersey

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The Cincinnati Reds have worn the "C" logo on their jersey for several decades, and has become fairly recognizable across baseball. However, there was a period in the 1990s where the Reds decided to switch things up a little and introduce a new home jersey.

This sleeveless jersey had red pinstripes on both the jersey as well as the hat.

The whole design concept was made pretty forgettable when they added red pin stripes to the plain white hat as well. The Reds fans were none too pleased with this new look, and it lasted only five years.

23 Cleveland Indians: 1909 Jersey

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In recent years, the logo, look, and team name of the Cleveland Indians have come under scrutiny because some argue it amounts to cultural appropriation. However, we will look back to the early days of the Cleveland Indians, which is when they wore some truly forgettable jerseys. In particular, their 1909 jerseys were pretty distasteful. With the thin blue pinstripes, it comes across as pyjamas or something a prisoner would wear. It appears on the New York Yankees are able to pull off the pinstripe look.

22 Colorado Rockies: 2005 Alternate Jersey

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The Colorado Rockies have been in Major League Baseball for around 25 years now, and have managed to maintain a relatively consistent brand and a similar style of jerseys throughout the franchise's existence. They have had a similar, if unexciting, jersey design that they have largely stuck with since Day One. However, their 2005 alternate jersey was particularly forgettable. In contrast to their regular jerseys, the Rockies wore a sleveless top that was essentially a black vest with purple tees underneath.

21 Detroit Tigers: 1995 Alternate Jersey

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The Detroit Tigers have been around since the early 1900s. As one would expect, the Tigers have inevitably gone through a number of jersey changes since that time.

In 1995, the Tigers took the bold step of undergoing a major jersey design modification process. 

This resulted in the Tigers now wearing a navy blue alternate jersey, one which was widely disliked by many Tigers fans. This jersey lasted only a single season, and the only similarity to their more frequently known jerseys was the classic Tigers logo.

20 Houston Astros: 1994 Jersey

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The Houston Astros have undergone multiple jersey designs and redesigns, perhaps more than any other current baseball franchise. While some of these designs were fairly minor, a couple of them drastically changed the entire color scheme. Their 1994 design resulted in the most forgettable jersey in Astros history. The Astros unveiled these white and navy blue jerseys, which also featured a newly redesigned Astros logo. Fortunately, these jerseys only lasted until 2000. Maybe undergoing so many jersey redesigns isn't always a good thing after all.

19 Kansas City Royals: 2002 Alternate Jersey

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The Kansas City Royals' current jerseys are admittedly some pretty nice jerseys. It's good to see the Royals franchise finally produce jerseys that  stand out in a good way in the 2010s, as some of their previous jerseys were quite forgettable. One of the most forgettable Royals jerseys were the ones introduced in 2002. Between 2002 and 2005, the Royals strayed from their usual royal blue, white, and gold color scheme for their home jerseys. Instead, the team wore some pretty bad black jerseys. Perhaps it was fitting since the early 2000s were a dark time for the Royals, who constantly finished in last place. Either way, these jerseys are ones Royals fans want to forget.

18 Los Angeles Angels: 1999 Jersey

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The Los Angeles Angels have rebranded a few times throughout the franchise's history - the California Angels, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Anaheim Angels. The Angels have actually had some pretty cool looking jerseys throughout their history, except for a dark time in 1999 when they unveiled some not so good looking alternate jerseys.

For the first (and so far only) time in franchise history, the Angels strayed from their typical red jerseys and wore navy blue.

This was accompanied by a gray baseball cap and an angel-winged letter "A", as can be seen in the accompanying photo.

17 Los Angeles Dodgers: 1990s Dark Blue Alternate Jersey

via sportsauctions.net

The Los Angeles Dodgers have become known for wearing their iconic "Dodger blue" jerseys. The franchise has typically avoided altering their jerseys too much, although they are yet another baseball franchise who made the mistake of trying to introduce an alternate jersey. This happened back in 1999 when the Dodgers introduced a dark blue alternate jersey, which featured the text "Dodgers" written across the front in white font. It was a departure from the typical Dodgers jerseys, and is one that most fans would probably want to forget about.

16 Miami Marlins: 1999 "Turn Ahead The Clock" Jerseys

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The Miami Marlins, formerly known as the Florida Marlins, have already undergone a few major changes to their franchise despite being one of the youngest franchises in baseball. Many Marlins fans are not pleased with the way their current jerseys look, however a particular 1999 jersey tops the list as the most forgettable Marlins jersey. This 1999 jersey occured as part of MLB's "Turn Ahead The Clock" event. I'm not too sure what the Marlins were aiming for with this design as it does not look visually appealing, and placed way too much emphasis on the Marlin. This is one jersey that many Marlins fans want to forget about.

15 Milwaukee Brewers: Gold Alternates

via SI.com

The Milwaukee Brewers have had more jersey appearance changes than almost any other team in baseball over the past few decades. This has inevitably resulted in some pretty forgettable jerseys, but these ones have got to be their worst.

These jerseys are mustard yellow and just do not come across as a design that many Brewers fans would rush out to purchase.

The silver lining is that the Brewers will likely have a new jersey design in a couple of years.

14 Minnesota Twins: 1997 Alternate Jersey

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Here is yet another alternate jersey that an MLB franchise introduced, yet failed to be well received. In 1997, the Minnesota Twins unveiled their red alternate jerseys - a welcome change from the black alternate jerseys many teams introduced. Unfortunately for the Twins, these red jerseys were not much better. The Twins have always worn navy blue as their alternate color, and it has remained that way through much of their history. The change to a red jersey color was not well-received by Twins fans, and so the this alternate jersey only lasted a single season.

13 New York Mets: Mid-2000s Black Jersey

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The New York Mets have actually never really introduced a jersey design that was completely awful or forgettable by Mets fans. The one jersey that seems to have been largely disliked by Mets faithful was when the team introduced the mostly black jerseys during the mid-2000s. These jerseys had blue outlines down the middle of the chest, and a "Mets" written in blue font. Making matters worse, the Mets players also had to wear similarly dark baseball caps and black undershirts. It's a good thing the Mets reverted back to the blue, white, and orange not too long after.

12 New York Yankees: 1912 Throwback Jersey

via espn.com

As hard as it might be for Yankee fans to believe, but the New York Yankees have actually worn a jersey that did not feature the iconic pinstripes. In 2012, the Yankees wore a 1912 throwback jersey for their game against the Boston Red Sox (also wearing throwback jerseys).

While it was different to see the Yankees wear these throwback jerseys, it is a design that most Yankee fans want to forget all about.

After all, the Yankees have become widely known for their pinstripe jerseys. This means that most Yankee fans likely would not take too well to their team wearing a different styled jersey.

11 Oakland Athletics: 2008 Alternate Jersey

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The Oakland Athletics’ current jerseys might be pretty forgettable and not look visually pleasing, but we will have to go back to the jerseys the Athletics introduced for the 2008 season. The Ahletics were yet another MLB jersey to try to adopt a black alternate jersey in the 2000s, and this is another example of why that was such a poor idea. On these forgettable jerseys, "Athletics" was written in a white font with yellow outline - a departure from the usual font style the team has often used for their jerseys. These jerseys only lasted a handful of seasons.

10 Philadelphia Phillies: 1979 Jersey

via phillyvoice.com

The Philadelphia Phillies are yet another baseball organization who were apparently fashion-challenged in the 1970s as they unveiled a very unappealing jersey in 1979. These questionable jersey designs featured a very large letter "P" on the upper right hand side of the jersey, and really not much else. While this design was relatively simplistic, there is no disputing that this was by far one of the worst jerseys in Phillies history. Fortunately for Philadelphia fans, they can forget all about this jersey because the team now wears some much better looking jerseys.

9 Pittsburgh Pirates: 1979 Jersey

via thescore.com

Bright yellow jerseys do not look particularly flattering for baseball players, or athletes from any other pro sport for that matter. This did not stop the Pittsburgh Pirates from introducing their bright yellow home jerseys back in 1979.

These jerseys are not visually appealing at all, and Pirates fans should be fortunate that the team did not choose to keep these jerseys for very many seasons.

The Pirates appeared to have learned not to incorporate as much yellow into their jerseys, since their current ones only feature very minimal yellow.

8 San Diego Padres: Current Camouflage Jersey

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The San Diego Padres have been wearing camouflage jerseys since 2007. While this type of design may have been fashionable at one point, it is safe to say that this is no longer the case. Wearing a camouflage jersey is good if you are trying to blend in with the environment, but this should not be what a baseball team is trying to accomplish. Many teams try to make their jerseys stand out and differentiate themselves from other teams, but the Padres appear to have done the opposite with these forgettable jerseys.

7 San Francisco Giants: 1999 Jersey

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I’m not really sure what the San Francisco Giants were trying to achieve when they revealed their new jersey designs back in 1999. There probably isn’t much disputing that this design is one that Giants fans wish they could forget about. The jerseys are a plain white color, and it features the logo in a very prominent manner. The Giants logo is boldly enlarged and slanted, occupying much of the front part of the jersey. Thankfully this design did not last very long.

6 Seattle Mariners: 1997 Alternate Jersey

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The Seattle Mariners are one of the more adventurous organizations when it comes to jersey designs. They are not afraid to have some particularly colorful jerseys, as they have shown throughout their history. While some of their colorful jerseys are questionable at best, we will go with the 1997 white alternative jerseys as the one Mariners fans would most want to forget.

They were one of the teams in baseball to decide to incorporate a vested jersey, and paired that with a navy blue T-shirt underneath.

More peculiarly, the Mariners accompanied these jerseys with a cap featuring the team's secondary logo rather than their main one usually worn.

5 St. Louis Cardinals: 1982 Baby Blue Jersey

via flickr.com

The St. Louis Cardinals have largely remained identifiable because of their red jerseys, which is especially appropriate given the color of a cardinal. However, in 1982, the Cardinals made the mistake of changing up the colour of their jerseys. As you can see, the Cardinals decided to introduce a baby blue colored jersey. While this color scheme might work for some teams, it absolutely did not match well with the cardinal color on the front of the jersey. This unusual jersey design makes it the Cardinals’ most forgettable.

4 Tampa Bay Rays: 1999 Devil Rays Jersey

via: tampabaytimes.com

Odds are the Tampa Bay Rays organization and fans both want to forget the time when they were the "Devil Rays". The organization wisely underwent a complete rebranding in 2007, with a new team name and logo. As a result, the most forgettable jersey could be any jersey from their Devil Rays days but the 1999 jersey has to be their worst one. For some reason, the then-Devil Rays decided to not just stick to one or two primary official colors. Instead, the word "Devil Rays" on the front of their black jerseys were written in multi-colored rainbow logos.

3 Texas Rangers: 2016 Throwback Jersey

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As with a couple other teams on this list, the Texas Rangers introduced a throwback jersey for the 2016 season. While throwback jerseys are meant as a tribute to earlier years when designs weren't as complex, couldn't the Rangers have made these jerseys a little more exciting? It's not that these jerseys are particularly bad, it's just that these ones are honestly quite boring. Grey jerseys that feature the word "Texas" in some basic font lacks much creativity and does not look too exciting, which is a shame since the 2016 Rangers had a roster that left Rangers fans with much to be excited about.

2 Toronto Blue Jays: 2001 Alternate Jersey

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The Toronto Blue Jays wore black jerseys for most of the 2000s, which were hated by much of the Blue Jays' fanbase. While those jerseys were bad, the alternate jerseys introduced in 2001 were arguably even more forgettable.

The Blue Jays were among the teams who unsuccessfully tried to introduce a vest-style jersey.

The jersey itself featured two distinct Blue Jays logos: a Blue Jay with the letter "T" on the chest and a Blue Jay logo inside a red maple leaf on the arm. That design is particularly unusual and overkill, if you ask me.

1 Washington Nationals: 2016 Father's Jersey

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In 2016, the Washington Nationals unveiled a new jersey design that they said was to be made in honor of fathers. While that might have been their intention, it was by far one of the worst Nationals jersey design and one that fans wish they can completely forget about. The font color is so faint and blends in so closely with the rest of the jersey that it is barely readable. Most teams want to have their team names emphasized, but the Nationals went in the opposite direction on this one.

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