Every MLB Team's Most Forgotten Uniform

Sure, the National Football League (NFL) may receive better television ratings across the United States, but baseball will forever be America's Game. The sport's simplicity can be best related to what's been labeled as America's Pastime; and with that being said there have still been notable phases experienced in baseball, but specifically Major League Baseball (MLB).

In fact, there are a handful of MLB teams that have had both almost an identical logo and brand which dates back, well, almost 100 years. Teams such as the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Dodgers come to mind for most sports fan alike. However, there are currently 30 teams in the MLB, and a majority of them have all worn uniforms that have gone both appreciated and unappreciated by baseball fanatics.

Some MLB teams have decided to add alternate uniforms or completely rebrand one's respective franchise overall, and to the point where a fan may not even recognize their favorite team when it runs out onto the classic baseball diamond.

TheSportster lists every Major League team's most forgettable uniform.

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30 Arizona Diamondbacks – Current Jerseys

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks joined Major League Baseball almost 20 years ago (1997), and even won a World Series Title just five years into the club’s existence (2001). So, they haven't had many looks to go by, hence our decision to choose their current unis. Then, the D-Backs not only displayed a passion towards putting a winning ball club on the field in Phoenix, Arizona, but the Diamondbacks had one of the most decorated uniforms in all of baseball.

Now, Arizona dons some of the most forgettable uniforms in all of professional sports. The Diamondbacks current jerseys entail the team’s most recent rebrand of mixing the club’s original team colors with the D-Backs' current red, black and gold scheme. These jerseys always reminded this sports jersey fanatic of something a young fan would create in an EA Sports video game’s “Creation Zone.” I’m sure all fans alike are looking forward to the team officially going back to the uniforms the Diamondback wore when they defeated the New York Yankees in the 2001 World Series.

29 Atlanta Braves - Powder Blue Jersey

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The Atlanta Braves are one of the National League’s most storied franchises. The Braves have established a consistent brand, especially in regards to the team’s uniforms over the past three decades. However, the team had recently worn a throwback jersey from the 1980s, which the Braves wore for about six seasons (1981-1987).

During the 1980s, Atlanta decided to wear all powder blue uniforms which also entailed navy blue and white as secondary colors. While the scheme does sound intriguing, the uniforms sure didn’t portray an appealing appearance. The jersey ditched the classic buttoned down design and for a V-neck design, too. Luckily, the Braves have decided to ultimately stay away from donning any sort of powder blue jerseys or alternate uniforms – stick the red alternates, Atlanta.

28 Baltimore Orioles – 1990-1992 Orange Alternate

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It seems that the Baltimore Orioles are one of the few MLB teams that have always had an alternate uniform, and one that’s base color is black. And, while the Orioles reintroduced an orange alternate jersey back in 2012, most fans probably can’t recall that the O’s wore a similar style uniform from 1990-1992.

The orange alternate jersey, which was unveiled in 1990, was officially the first third jersey that Baltimore donned. It only lasted two seasons, before being retired for a black third, which the club has worn variations of since the start of the 1993 regular season. Another interesting characteristic with the original orange jerseys, was that the O’s wore the all-black lids that also debuted the “Ornithologically Correct Bird,” which was then again modified in 1998.

27 Boston Red Sox – 2009-2013 Road Jersey

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Dating back to 1903, the Boston Red Sox have established themselves as one of Professional Sports’ most storied franchises and for the better, or worse. While the Red Sox haven’t switched their uniforms much over the past century, Boston has recently made one or two forgettable changes to one of its' uniforms.

From 1990 until 2008, the Red Sox’s road uniform entailed “Boston” across the jersey’s chest and with the font being in red. Then, prior to the 2009 campaign, the Sox unveiled a modern day retro road jersey. The buttoned down jersey still had “Boston” written across its’ chest, but the font was slimmer and also navy in color. Boston also added its secondary red-socks logo to the left sleeve of the uniform. The jersey was then retired after the 2013 season.

26 Chicago Cubs - 1912 Throwback Uniform

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Similar to the American League's New York Yankees, the National League's Chicago Cubs have stayed discipline and consistent when it comes down to the team's brand and uniforms. Chicago's beloved "Cubbies" have made only very, very minor modifications to their uniforms over the past three decades, but the team has worn one throwback uniform that most loyal Cubs fans would like to forget...if they haven't already.

In 2012, the Cubs wore a navy blue jersey with a white logo in the upper-right side of the uniform. The jersey itself also had a button down pattern, but one that stopped halfway down the actual jersey. Additionally, the Cubs wore all navy blue pants and socks to add to questionable appearance. The hat was also navy blue and with the classic Cubs' letter "C" stitched on in white.

25 Chicago White Sox – 2001 Red, White & Blue Alternate

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When Major League Baseball fans envision the American League Central’s Chicago White Sox, fans think of the classy black, white and silver color scheme. However, Chicago’s other team once donned America's colors. And, in 2001 the Sox unveiled an alternate jersey which paid tribute to the American League’s 100th Anniversary.

The uniform was a plain white buttoned down, and had a vintage White Sox crest on the jersey’s upper left side. The logo and numbers were colored blue and outlined in red, too. Looking back on the uniform, this would probably stand a popular throwback/alternate uniform among MLB fans alike. Still, this gem is forgotten in relation to Chicago’s jersey rotation, especially in comparison to the team’s throwback jersey which honored the 1983 team; yes, the one that looks similar to the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater.

24 Cincinnati Reds 1993-1998 Home

AP Photo/Al Behrman

There’s no mistaking the Cincinnati Reds’ uniforms and classic letter “C” logo, either. Yet, in the early 1990s, the Reds did make a mistake by adding a (then) new home uniform which only lasted five seasons (1993-1998).

Cincinnati decided to introduce a sleeveless and red pinstriped home jersey with matching pinned striped pants too. While that wasn’t necessarily the biggest problem with the uniforms – the baseball cap that the club wore with the uniforms - ultimately ruined the overall appearance. For starters, anytime an MLB team decides to wear a lid that’s base color is white – is a huge mistake. Also, the hat for this uniform tried to stay too consistent with the uniform’s overall design. The Reds added red pin stripes to the white hat, which did not sit well with the city’s fan-base.

23 Cleveland Indians – 2002 – Home Alternates With Cursive “I”

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One of the MLB’s most controversial team names and mascot logos would be that of the Cleveland Indians. The Indians have also had a number of uniform changes over the past two-to-three decades; and some of which that were noteworthy in reference to the team’s jersey history.

In 2002, it seemed that a number of teams across the MLB were introducing an alternate home jersey, and one that entailed a sleeveless vest-top with a solid colored t-shirt that went underneath the top. Cleveland happened to be one of those teams, as they began wearing the uniform that can be seen above. It was an odd time for the Indians in general, who were also entering a rebuilding stage, plus the club introduced a new logo for one of the team’s lids – the cursive letter “I.”

22 Colorado Rockies – 2005 Alternate

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Considering the Colorado Rockies are one of the MLB’s expansion franchises (1993), the Rockies have established a consistent and exceptional brand, especially in relation the organization’s uniforms. Colorado has kept things simple with the team’s home, road and two alternate jerseys since the club’s inauguration.

Yet, the Rockies and the notable Coors Field have had one jersey setup that stands as Colorado’s mot forgettable uniform. In 2005, the Rockies introduced an alternate sleeveless top that could be worn at home or on the road (different style of pants were worn for home & road games). These uniforms aren’t terrible by any means, but in comparison to Colorado’s regular and other alternate uniforms – these black vest which also have purple tees underneath only lasted one season.

21 Detroit Tigers – 1995 Alternate Uniform

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Similar to most Big League Teams that date back to the early 1900’s, the Detroit Tigers have had a handful of major uniform modifications, at most. Yet, in 1995, the Tigers stepped outside the club’s disciplined uniform design and appearance, as Detroit unveiled a navy blue alternate jersey.

The jersey entailed Detroit’s secondary logo that has the  classic Tiger logo intertwined with the script letter “D.” The logo was placed on the jersey’s upper left corner, per usual for Detroit, but obviously only lasted one season. The Tigers also wore a two-colored (navy & orange) hat with the same logo. This jersey has “1990’s” written all over it, and while it was a good effort, the 1995 navy alternate is the Detroit Tigers’ most forgettable uniform in franchise history.

20 Houston Astros – 1994 Home Jersey

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The Houston Astros might have had more jersey designs, and uniform combinations, than any other MLB team in the history of the sport. Houston has drastically changed its’ color scheme more than a handful of times, but in the mid-1990s the ‘Stros donned their most forgettable uniforms to date.

In 1994, the Astros rebranded and moved away from the notable “Rainbow Themed” uniforms and by unveiling these standard white and navy blue jerseys. The team’s main logo was noticeably modified and was switched to the color, gold. These uniforms lasted until the 1999 season, as the team then rebranded again. There’s no doubt these uniforms get lost in mix of the team’s jersey history, as one could argue that they were a temporary experiment before the Astros rebranded in 2000.

19 Kansas City Royals 2002-2005 Black Alternate

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Since the 1960s, the American League’s Kansas City Royals have primarily portrayed a consistent brand and color scheme (royal blue, sky blue, white, & gold). And, there’s no mistaking the intertwined “KC” logo either…well maybe there was for parts of the early 2000’s.

Like most professional sports franchises, alternate jerseys, a black jersey to be specific, ruled the lay of the land as alternates grew more and more popular from the mid-1990’s to early 2000’s. That time frame could also be considered a dark era for the Royals. The team typically finished in last place for the League’s standings, but Kansas City also introduced a black alternate jersey too. Most Kansas City fans cringe when they see the black and blue jerseys, as the club hopped on the bandwagon for including black into the team’s primary color scheme.

18 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – 1999 Jerseys

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The California Angels, or Los Angeles Angels…or Anaheim Angels…however which way you remember the MLB’s Angels organization – the clubs has notably re-branded several times over the past three plus decades. Most MLB fans alike can recall when the team originally donned red as the team’s primary color, but most forget about the late 1990s navy blue uniforms.

While most teams during that time frame, as mentioned above, were focused on introducing a black alternate; the Angels decided to wear an all gray baseball cap, with a forgettable road jerseys too. Then, the logo was a “angel-winged” letter “A,” and the team’s color scheme also entailed more navy blue than red for the first time in franchise history. The Angels eventually went back to their grassroots and unveiled a modern day logo, which did justice to the club’s storied past.

17 Los Angeles Dodgers - Blue Alternate

via sportsauctions.net

Yes, another classic Major League team’s most forgettable uniforms is a “failed” alternate setup. It’s no surprise that the Dodgers have stayed far, far away from unveiling alternates since the club has been based in the City of Angels. However, the Dodgers gave into the third jersey trap during the late 1990s.

In 1999, the Dodgers designed a blue alternate uniform, which read “Dodgers” across the chest in the normal Dodgers’ script but in white. The jersey appeared to portray more of a marketed “style” jersey that are only usually seen in the stands and worn by fans. The worst characteristic of this uniform was the hat. Los Angeles added a gray colored brim, and the classic interlocking “LA” logo was given a new chromed-esc paint job.

16 Miami Marlins – 1999 Turn Ahead the Clock Uniforms

via gameuseduniverse.com

Unfortunately, during the 1999 MLB Regular Season, the league decided to dedicate one day in June towards promoting a “Turn Ahead The Clock” theme for select teams' uniforms. While this may have seemed like a good marketing idea at first (then), it panned out to be one of the MLB’s most forgetful ideas, ever.

And, the Marlins were one of those select clubs who were victimized by the random promotion. The Marlins’ uniform seen above portrays the controversial NHL alternate jerseys which were introduced in the mid-to-late 1990s, where the front of the uniform looks more like an art design or painting – rather than a professional sports’ jersey. The (then) Florida Marlins already had a well appreciated logo and unique uniforms (teal, black & silver), but this jersey is by far the most forgettable jersey in the franchise’s history.

15 Milwaukee Brewers – 1994-1996 Home

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Since the Milwaukee Brewers left the American League and moved to the National League, the Brewers have had one of baseball’s more popular logos and appreciated uniforms. Yet, while Milwaukee was playing in the American League and during the mid-1990’s, it had some of the worst uniforms for the given era.

After the 1993 season, the Brewers ditched the royal blue and maze-yellow color scheme in favor of navy blue, green, and a Vegas gold. The Brewers updated brand left behind the classic “M” and “B” logo that also portrayed a player’s glove; and those same letters were then intertwined forming a confusing appearance. When fans think of the Milwaukee Brewers, most cannot recall these uniforms which lasted from 1993-1999. Now, Milwaukee dons the royal blue and yellow themed “throwbacks” as a third alternate.

14 Minnesota Twins – 1997 Red Alternates

via flickr.com

Whether Minnesota wants to admit it or not, the Minnesota Twins have been the MLB’s lovable underdogs since the club last won a World Series in 1991. Still, the Twins have always put some of the best baseball uniforms out on the field. Minnesota has typically kept a rotation of four jerseys; two home and two road uniforms.

However, one could argue that the Twins most forgettable uniform is, and was, the red alternate jersey the team decided to wear during the 1997 campaign. Yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the uniform was retired after one season. As it should be, Minnesota has always worn navy blue as an alternate color, which can be mixed and match with a variation of lid choices too.

13 New York Mets – 1993 'Swoosh' Home

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Yes, the New York Mets made the transition in the late 1990s to introduce black not only into the team’s official color scheme – but two different types of black alternates (home & road). Yet, those black alternates were well liked by most. The Blue and Orange could simply pull off a new and modern intimidating look and in the Big Apple.

The most forgettable uniforms the New York Mets wore had to be the when New York rebranded its’ front jersey logo to “Mets” in a “swoosh” font. The team introduced the uniform change for the 1993 season, and the club’s record that year was just as bad, if not worse, than this uniform seen above. Not even a handful of seasons later – New York reverted back to the Classic “Mets” scripted logo on its’ home uniforms.

12 New York Yankees - 1912 Throwback Uniform

via espn.com

It may be hard to believe, but the New York Yankees have actually worn another uniform other than the traditional home and away set, and on two separate occasions. In 2012, the Yankees took to the field at Boston's Fenway Park, and while donning the team's 1912 throwback uniform designs. Most die-hard New York fans may be able to recall the rare sights, but the average baseball fan more than likely wouldn't be able to, nor appreciate the uniform's overall appearance. Why did the Yankees wear these throwbacks?

As noted above, the Bronx Bombers were visiting a Boston Red Sox club that was celebrating its' Centennial season that year. Both teams turned back the clock and the game was also a matinee. So, the road interlocking "NY" uniforms go down as the Yankees' most forgettable.

11 Oakland Athletics – 2008-09 Black Alternate

via manginphotography.net

The Oakland Athletics have established one of the most popular brands in all of the Major League Baseball with the A’s decorative green and yellow uniforms. And, Oakland has seemed to always have carried an alternate jersey which dates back to the early 1970s.

Typically the A’s alternate jersey has had a primary base color of either yellow or green.Like most organizations in the early 2000’s, the A’s decided to add a black alternate jersey into the club’s uniform rotation (Athletics was written in green script & outlined in white). No surprise there, right? However, those jerseys don’t stand as Oakland’s most forgettable uniform. While those black alternates only lasted for a couple of seasons, the Athletics decided to unveil a modified black alternate yet again in 2008. That time around, “Athletics” was written in the A’s notorious script font but was white in color and outlined in yellow.

10 Philadelphia Phillies - 1979 Red Alternate

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All four of Philadelphia's major sports teams have gone through a number of phases and in relations to each respective team's brand. Both uniform design and color scheme have changed for all, but the Philadelphia Phillies may have the most unique uniform history, overall.

The Phillies' current uniforms arguably land in the top ten for the best in the MLB, but during the 1970s the City of Brotherly Love's baseball team donned some questionable uniforms. Philly's logo was an enlarged letter "P," which was stitched on the upper right- hand side; and the all-red alternate (1979) goes down as the Phillies' most forgettable uniform that the team has worn. Philadelphia typically wore these at home and on Saturday nights, as they were marketed as the “Saturday Night Specials.”

9 Pittsburgh Pirates – 2007-2008 Red Alternate

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

The city of Pittsburgh not only plays the role of home to arguably one of the MLB’s most beautiful and scenic ballparks, but also one of the league’s top uniform designs. The Pittsburgh Pirates have traditionally worn and stuck with a black, yellow and white color scheme; which also includes just a hint of red, too.

However, the Pirates took things a step too far and during the 2007 and 2008 seasons. Pittsburgh unveiled a sleeve red alternate jersey, with a black tee underneath. The Bucs also wore a two-colored hat, which entailed a red brim. Using the color red for the brim was pushing it as it was, so the fact that Pittsburgh introduced a controversial red alternate jersey in general was a mistake as well.

8 San Diego Padres – Brown and Yellow

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There’s probably only one professional sports franchise who can pull off the color brown as primary or secondary color…the Cleveland Browns, right? To a surprise an MLB team once wore team colors of brown and yellow. Yes, that already sounds awful and even before fans can even picture what a uniform of that color scheme could possibly portray.

The San Diego Padres wore brown and yellow uniforms from the late 1960s until the 1991 season – when the club switched its color scheme to navy blue and orange. San Diego now wears a modernized brown and yellow alternate uniform as tribute to the team’s past, but either way the original Padres jersey should be long forgotten. And, even though San Diego has gone through a handful of notable uniform changes…none were worse the ones mentioned above.

7 San Francisco Giants – 1999 Turn Ahead The Clock

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Like the Marlins, the San Francisco Giants were victimized by the MLB’s failed marketing idea of “Turn Ahead The Clock.” The Giants futuristic uniform design was less busy and simpler than other MLB teams, but it’s still a blur in reference to the team’s jersey history.

For starters, again, no team should wear a white hat and think it’s a good idea unless it’s an all-star game. And, there’s also not enough orange entailed with the unique design. The color orange is a key characteristic to the team’s past, so you would think that San Francisco would have wanted to continue that tradition in the future – hypothetically speaking. Yes, the Giants have made some notable modifications to their uniforms in the past two decades, but the Turn Ahead The Clock Giants’ jerseys are the team’s worst.

6 Seattle Mariners – 1997 White Alternate

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Similar to the Seattle Mariners American League West rivals in the Oakland Athletics, the M’s have had some of professional baseball’s most decorative uniforms since the club’s inauguration back in 1977. Seattle has also been a club that’s always carried an alternate sweater, too; whether it would be a navy or teal uniform setup, or even a throwback blue and maze jersey.

The Mariners were one of the MLB’s teams to don a white and sleeveless home alternate and back in 1997. The white vest was paired with a navy blue t-shirt underneath, but entailed a different lid which lasted one season. Seattle would take to the field with these alternates while wearing a cap that had the team’s secondary logo on it – the Nautica Baseball Crest.

5 St. Louis Cardinals – Powder Blues

via flickr.com

For over a decade the St. Louis Cardinals made the mistake of wearing powder blue uniforms. While they Cards may have had a string of successful years donning the “Victory Blue” road jerseys, there were to many other teams during the era that did the same. And, not only were the Cardinals not the first team to do so, St. Louis never used the sky blue before in its color scheme.

Then, the Cardinals should’ve have done something more original and wore red on the road. It would have stood out compared to the other 10-plus teams that decided to retire the gray road jerseys for the powder blue visitor jerseys. The Cardinals also caved, and ditched the classic buttoned-down tops, for the pull over nylon jerseys.

4 Tampa Bay - Devil Rays Days

via si.com

In 1995, the American League added an expansion franchise (debuted in 1998) based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays were born and played baseball out of a (then) new and state of the art indoor facility called, Tropicana Field. The MLB’s newly born club decided to go against the grain when choosing an official color scheme, too.

From 1998-2000, the Devils Rays wore three different uniforms (White Home, Gray Road & Black Alternate) with two different choices for hats – the home hat was black with a purple brim – and the road hat was all black. The original uniforms are well remembered and celebrated as throwbacks by MLB fans alike. However, the team modified the multi-colored rainbow logos in 1999 from “Devils Rays” and the Devil Ray (animal) logo to letters “TB” with a smaller Devil Ray beneath the letters. The 1999-2000 uniforms go down as the Rays’ most forgotten uniforms.

3 Texas Rangers - 2004-2008 Home Alternate

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The Texas Rangers join the likes of the American League’s New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers for having some of the more consistent designed uniforms since the team’s inauguration back in 1972. The Rangers’ jerseys have always entailed a similar and notable font that either read “Rangers” across their buttoned down home uniform, or “Texas” across their road jerseys – the same could be said for the team’s red or blue alternate jerseys over the years, too.

However, in 2004 Texas strayed away from the club’s consistent branded uniforms and added a sleeveless white alternate. The top was a solid white, which entailed the team’s primary cap logo, the letter “T” and in red. The home alternates lasted until the end of the 2008 season and have not been reintroduced since.

2 Toronto Blue Jays – Black, Blue and Gray 2004-2005

via thestar.com

One of Major League Baseball’s most iconic team nicknames and logos happens to be located North of the Border, and in Toronto, Ontario. The Toronto Blue Jays have decided to rebrand a number of times over the past three decades, and the club’s variety of modifications to its’ logo has usually been widely accepted.

Yet, for the 2004-2005 campaign, the Jays caved and made the mistake to change their color scheme to (a different shade of sky) blue, black, gray and silver. And, in that same year, the Jays wore an all gray baseball cap with the team’s new logo and usually at home with a plain white jersey. There’s no debating that this is the most forgettable uniform in Toronto Blue Jays history.

1 Washington Nationals – 2007-2008 DC Alternate

via baseballessential.com

From an organizational standpoint, the Washington Nationals franchise history dates all the way back to when the Montreal Expos joined the MLB in 1969. Still, this list will focus on the Nationals’ team history and Washington’s most forgettable uniform.

The Nationals unveiled the team’s first alternate jersey, since relocating to Washington in 2004-2005, during the 2007 MLB campaign. The Nats decided to use one of the team’s original secondary logos (Interlocking “D” & “C” in white) for a jersey crest, and on a red uniform. It was good try to start, but the uniform was retired after one season, and since that time the Nationals have avoided using the “D.C.” logo on past alternate jerseys. These uniforms always reminded this jersey enthusiast of a college or minor league team.

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