Fan Drops Phone and Beer to Snag a Foul Ball

We often see fielders paying a huge price to catch a foul ball, whether they have to jump over rows in the stands, slide into the dugout or even knock a fan over to grab it, but it's not every day that a fan really goes all out for a foul ball.

In the fourth inning of a Royals/Indians game in Cleveland, Brett Hayes hit a hard foul ball at homerun distance, but it was well foul. The ball was resting in the middle of the stands, when a fan strolling through the standing area behind the bleachers, leaped over the railing, ditched his phone and his beer, hopped over some seats and snatched the idle ball.

I'm hoping that was the first ball the fan ever got in his life, because otherwise, it just seems weird to go through all that for an insignificant foul ball.

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