Giants Fan Has A Lit Barbecue And A Dog On His Kayak

The San Francisco Giants play baseball at AT&T Park and behind the right field wall is a section of water that has become known, unofficially, as McCovey Cove (named of course after the great Giants first baseman Willie McCovey).

As many of you may know, during every Giants home game you can find fans in the water on boats and kayaks hoping to get their hands on a home run ball that flies high and far enough to make it into the water.

Unfortunately, for those folks that hang out in the cove - hitting a ball there isn't very easy. In fact, since the park opened in 2003 there have only been 68 "Splash hits" (a "splash hit" is recorded when a Giants player hits a ball that lands in the cove on the fly) and 35 of them were hit by Barry Bonds.

Also, when San Francisco hosted the Home Run Derby back in 2007, not one of the eight participants hit a ball into McCovey Cove!

So, needless to say, if you are out there on the water waiting to get a ball you will have lots of time to kill. So, I can understand wanting to cook some food on the barbecue and wanting to bring along your dog. But all of that on a kayak? Well, that's what one fan did the other day.

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