15Marty Bergen (1900)

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Marty Bergen had a strange, tumultuous career with the Boston Beaneaters. He played four seasons as their catcher. Although his bat left much to be desired (.265 batting average with 176 RBIs over four years), his defense earned admiration across the league. He caught 313 runners stealing during his career.

The Beaneaters won the pennant twice with Bergen behind the plate and came in second during his final season with the team.

Despite Bergen’s defensive prowess, his experience in Major League Baseball was plagued with strife. He suffered from fits of depression and irrationality. He would often disappear from the team for weeks at a time and refuse to return. Bergen accused teammates of mistreatment or plotting against him. It led to him sitting sideways in dugouts or during road trips in case the other players attacked him. The mental anguish led to tragedy in 1900. Marty Bergen slaughtered his wife, son and daughter with an ax. He slit his own throat with a razor. The cut was so deep it nearly beheaded him. If Bergen had been born a century later, he may have received the mental help he desperately needed. Instead, a family of four brutally lost their lives.

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