Justin Upton Hits Teammate With His Helmet

Wow, when you're the San Diego Padres, nothing goes right. After Justin Upton was picked off trying to steal a base in a game against the Rockies, he tossed his helmet in frustration. Unfortunately for Upton, the helmet got stuck to his fingers and instead of dropping to the floor, it flew in midair and struck teammate Yonder Alonso.

Upton was very apologetic about it, but getting hit on the head with a helmet sucks and Alonso looked visibly upset, throwing a bucket of bubble gum to the ground. Luckily Alonso didn't hit anyone with that. He seemed to move on from it afterwards.

"But it's part of the game. Guys get upset. I'm fine. Luckily, everything checked out well. We're going to move on."

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