Justin Verlander Takes Awesome Selfie With Unsuspecting Verlander Fan

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Remember a little while back when Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price inserted himself into some kid's selfie during a hockey game? Well, this Justin Verlander's selfie is kind of the exact opposite.

Instead of the star putting himself in a fan's selfie, Verlander put an unsuspecting fan in his selfie.  He took this great shot off himself at a Starbucks in front of some kid wearing a Verlander shirsey (yup, a shirsey is a thing. it's a t-shirt/jersey).

This shot is also reminiscent of a Roy Halladay pic from a few months back when he took a photo of himself in front of some guy at an amusement park wearing his shirsey (see photo below).

And in case you were wondering, Verlander did say that the kid was quite surprised when he turned around (unlike Halladay's fan who never knew it happened - unless he saw the photo on Twitter).

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