Kate Upton Or Daniella Rodriguez: Which Astros WAG Is More Attractive?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're well aware that the Houston Astros have won the World Series. And if that story wasn't big enough, Carlos Correa decided to top it all off by becoming engaged to his long-time girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez. Die-hard baseball fans may have been well aware of how gorgeous Daniella is, but many people were stunned to learn about who they may consider the hottest WAG in the world of sports. After all, Daniella is a former Miss Texas!

But she is far from the only dynamite babe on the roster. Justin Verlander and Kate Upton also decided to add to their ring collection, getting married in early November. Baseball fan or not, we're sure you know who Kate Upton is. And if you don't, you're going to be very excited to find out. Correa may have been the AL Rookie of the Year in 2015, but Upton has a Rookie of the Year title herself. Only it was from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Which of the two women is better looking? There's only one way for you to find out. Below we have some of the best photos of both women, including one extra unforgettable of the woman who is crowned on top. But trust us, with a list like this, there really is no loser, especially not you!

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15 Upton: Showing Off For Shape Magazine

via theqoo.net

There are some magazines where the main thing the model needs in order to be featured is good looking. But if you're going to appear in Shape magazine, you better believe you also need to have a vigorous workout routine and are passionate about talking about being healthy.

Upton is one of the many gorgeous women that have graced the magazine, landing on the cover back in September 2017. We're sure being able to workout alongside such a fantastic athlete like Justin Verlander is going to help motivate her! Though now that it's the off-season for Justin, perhaps she'll let her fitness slide a bit, especially after 60 pizzas were sent to the Astro's front office as congratulations for the world series victory.

14 Rodriguez: Was Named Miss Texas

via instagram.com

Kate Upton may be one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, but when it comes to pageant experience she definitely pales in comparison to Daniella Rodriguez. Rodriguez appeared in the 2016 Miss USA pageant and as you can tell from the photo, represented Texas. If you're curious, she was born and raised in Laredo, Texas.

While Rodriguez surely impressed the judges, she did not win. The crown was instead handed out to Deshauna Barber, who was picked to represent the District of Columbia. We're sure Rodriguez had no hard feelings though! Especially because it'd be hard to look like you do if you're Rodriguez and be disappointed with the results.

13 Upton: Looking Amazing At The Oscars

via instagram.com

Kate Upton is talented enough to land herself an invite to some of the biggest events in Hollywood. While her movies have not exactly been the best reviewed with critics, she has appeared in several films including Tower Heist, The Other Woman and most recently The Layover which also starred Alexandra Daddario.

The photo that we're sure you're still gawking at was taken of Upton when she attended the Oscars. Upton also has an appearance in the upcoming film The Disaster Artist with James Franco which is earning potential Oscar buzz, meaning that she should almost be a guaranteed lock to appear at the Awards ceremony in 2018.

12 Rodriguez: Amazing Little Black Dress

via instagram.com

The perfect little black dress is an outfit that every woman wants to make sure they have in their arsenal. And as if you had any doubt, it's a look that Rodriguez clearly knows how to pull off. Which is great news because we're sure Correa is going to attend plenty of fancy events throughout his career that'll require her to get dressed up.

Rodriguez added her own thoughts on the photo, saying "I think @nadia_mejia and her camera are going to have to follow me around everywhere. Thanks for the photo babe." We're sure that's a sentiment you'd also be able to get behind! Though now that she's engaged to Correa, the paparazzi will probably be more than happy to follow her around.

11 Upton: Chosen For 100th Vanity Fair

via instagram.com

Vanity Fair has featured some of the most beautiful women in the entire world throughout their storied history. But when they were celebrating their 100th issue of the magazine back in October 2013, they knew there was one woman above all else that they wanted to put on the cover. That woman was Kate Upton, and she definitely did not disappoint.

The pose of Upton with the moon is actually parodying what the original cover was way back on October 1st, 1913. There have been countless iconic images throughout the history of the magazine, and we credit Upton for giving fans yet another one with this tasteful tribute to the original cover of the iconic magazine.

10 Rodriguez: Elegant In White And Gold Dress

via instagram.com

Daniella Rodriguez makes it clear why many people consider her to be one of the most beautiful women in the world with this breathtaking photo. She captioned the photo "There's just something about white and gold that has always fascinated me." That fascination is a sentiment we definitely share with her as we can't look away!

Perhaps these are two colours that she'll draw on when trying to find inspiration for planning her wedding. If the size of the ring that Correa put on her finger is any indication, it's clear that they won't mind dropping some serious bucks to make sure she has the wedding of her dreams. At least he can guarantee that she looks tremendous in white.

9 Upton: Listening To Music

via imgur.com

When it comes to the above photo, there's probably a pretty good chance that Kate Upton isn't actually listening to music. And if she is, we don't know where she's hiding the iPod! But we don't know if you're really going to be staring at this photo and thinking about how authentic it may or may not be. If Upton was listening to music, however, she's listed Tracy Chapman, Miranda Lambert, and Nicki Minaj as being some of her favourite artists; with her favourite song being Chapman's "Give Me One Reason." We aren't too sure if that's the same music Verlander uses to pump himself up before a game, but perhaps opposites attract?

8 Rodriguez: Will Amaze You In White

via pinterest.com

This list is going to make sure to let you know just how amazing Daniella Rodriguez looked when she appeared at the Miss USA competition back in 2016. But in order to receive the honour of participating in that pageant, she had to come out on top at the Miss Texas USA contest. That is no easy feat, as Texas is HUGE and filled with other beautiful southern women.

She was very clearly successful in the Lone Star State. In order to help raise awareness for the Miss USA competition, Rodriguez shared this above photo to her Instagram account. While her pageant days are over, we're sure she is never going to be receiving more attention in her career than right now.

7 Upton: In Swimsuit For Beach Bunny

via celebsvenue.com

Kate Upton made a name for herself in part to her jaw-dropping figure that appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. But that's definitely not the only company that put the pieces together that Upton would make any swimsuit look amazing. Just look at the above photo if you need proof.

Beach Bunny swimwear is one of the most renowned swimsuit companies, promising outfits that allow women to feel both gorgeous but also confident and fun. All emotions that we're sure you think Upton is putting on display with her photo shoot with the company. Modelling for them probably means that she can take the swimsuits home, something Verlander must love.

6 Rodriguez: Getting Ready For An Interview

via twitter.com

When Daniella Rodriguez decided to let the world know about the above outfit, she also informed people that she was on her way to an interview. At the time, it was for an obligation affiliated with her pageant history, but we're sure after such a public engagement that Correa and Rodriguez had to be ready for plenty of interviews.

When talking about the special moment with People, Correa said “I’ve been thinking about it for months now, but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity, you know. I knew we had a great team, we could accomplish this, and I wasn’t wrong.” It looks like he was syncing up winning the World Series with getting married so he would only have to measure his ring finger once!

5 Upton: Dropping Your Jaw For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

via weebly.com

Kate Upton looks tremendous in a variety of outfits, but there isn't anything more affiliated with her than her in a swimsuit. But when you consider the amount of success she's had with Sports Illustrated, we suppose that makes sense. After all, she is probably the most associated name with that issue of the magazine in its history.

Upton first made an appearance in their 2011 edition and was given the award for Rookie of the Year. She's got obvious selling power for the company, who has also put her back on the cover of the magazine in 2012, 2013 and again in 2017. The swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated has been going on since 1964 and won't be going away anytime soon. Thankfully, neither will Upton!

4 Rodriguez: Looks Amazing In A Swimsuit

via instagram.com

Kate Upton is definitely known for how amazing she looks in a swimsuit, but she isn't the only one! Daniella Rodriguez shared the above photo on her Instagram account back in June along with the caption "Hot summer days." She definitely puts the heat into the summer day with that beautiful swimsuit and those stylish sunglasses.

She may not have been in the spotlight quite yet, but she still managed to receive close to 2,000 likes for the photo and received plenty of comments from people who were more than happy to tell her how amazing she looks. Who knows, maybe we'll see the two in swimsuits side by side? We can dream!

3 Upton: Appearing In Vogue Magazine

via instagram.com

Kate Upton is no stranger to stepping in front of the camera for a stunning photo shoot. And as you'll see throughout this list, sometimes that means doing so while wearing clothing that leaves little to the imagination. But who needs imagination anyway?

She (or should we say, we) had the good fortune of posing for the Thailand version of Vogue magazine back in March. She shared one of her favourite photos to her Instagram, and judging by the 100,000+ likes it garnered, we're sure her fans were huge admirers as well. We'd be surprised if it was the last time she poses for Vogue, something we're sure her admirers are also grateful for.

2 Rodriguez: Gets Ready To Throw Out The First Pitch

via instagram.com

You better hope that Daniella Rodriguez is a huge fan of baseball, as she is going to be around the sport in a very real way for the rest of her life. One thing that may make her love the sport, even more, is when she gets to be an active part.

She was selected to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a game against the Angels back on September 24th, a moment she made sure to capture and upload to her Instagram account. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, she wasn't able to motivate the team to victory, as they lost 5-7. Don't worry though, we're sure it won't be the last time she gets selected for the honour.

1 The Winning Upton Photo

via imgur.com

Congrats! You've made it to the very end of our list. And while these two women have been neck and neck throughout the entire "competition", there can only be one woman who deserves an extra photo. And that's an honour that we're going to bestow onto Kate Upton.

But when you consider how unforgettable the 8th and final photo of her is, we're sure you aren't going to be left complaining - even if you were rooting for the underdog. Upton's acclaims have earned her a net worth of an estimated $20 million and over 5 million fans on Instagram. At 25 years old, it's clear her career is only going to keep going up!

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