8 MLB Teams Who Could Sign Manny Machado, 7 Who Should Stay Away And 5 He Wouldn’t Even Consider

The MLB offseason is here and there are a lot of headlines at the front of it. There of course is the Boston Red Sox, who just came off of a historic season. They won 108 regular season games before beating the Yankees in four in the ALDS, the former defending champion Astros in five in the ALCS, and the Dodgers in the World Series in five. There also is the period of qualifying offers and opt in contracts that has everyone wondering what their team is going to have next season. Then to make it more exciting, we add in some sizzling free agency rumors.

This 2019 free agency class has had a lot of hype to it for a few years now. Some of the biggest names in the game finally have a chance to switch teams or sign a long contract with their current team. A few big name free agents to start considering are Bryce Harper, Craig Kimbrel, and Josh Donaldson. Then of course, there is Manny Machado.

Machado is a four time All-Star and two time Gold Glove award winner that is looking for a new home this off-season. Names have already began to surface when being connected to the young superstar shortstop's name. Will he go to Philly? Will the Cubs make a late push? Will a team like the White Sox get in the mix? Will he join the Yankees? The questions are endless. So why not take a look at which teams are in the mix and which ones don't have a chance? Let's look at 8 MLB teams that could sign Manny Machado, 7 that should stay away, and 5 that have absolutely no chance.

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20 Could Sign: San Diego Padres

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

One interesting team that could be in the running to sign Manny Machado is the San Diego Padres. The Padres are a team that has not been afraid of spending money in the past. Just last off-season, the Padres went out and signed Eric Hosmer to a large deal. So, the Padres could be very aggressive during the off-season for Machado. The Padres could use some more production out of their shortstop role as they were 20th in the MLB in W.A.R. with a 0.2 rating. Machado could come in and help the Padres immediately and give them a 3-4 punch with Hosmer that could scare the rest of the National League West and the entire MLB.

19 Stay Away: Cleveland Indians

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

One team that should stay entirely away from Manny Machado is the Cleveland Indians. The Indians have been one of the best regular season teams in baseball over the past five years. They have a good core of players that can help them get back to the World Series and maybe win it all. One player that will be crucial to that run is shortstop Francisco Lindor. Lindor is one of the best young shortstops in baseball, so the Indians don't need to waste their money on Machado. Plus, they have Jose Ramirez at third base who was a finalist for AL MVP and they have other free agents to worry about getting signed.

18 Could Sign: New York Mets

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

One New York baseball team that could be very much in the hunt for Manny Machado is the New York Mets. The Mets have money to spend this offseason and new Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen has promised to do everything he can to make the Mets competitive once again like they were in 2015. The Mets had the fourth worst WAR statistics in the league as far as their shortstops were concerned. Machado would bring an instant boost to the Mets lineup and has proved he can handle a big market while playing for the Dodgers. Manny Machado to the New York Mets has a nice ring to it.

17 Won't Consider: Houston Astros

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One team that won't consider signing Manny Machado this offseason has to be the Houston Astros. The Astros obviously were disappointed they couldn't repeat as World Series champions after losing to the Red Sox in five games in the ALCS. The Astros are in a good position to be back in the thick of things next season, even without Machado. There would be no room for the superstar as Carlos Correa is one of the better young shortstops in the league with Alex Bregman being more than suitable at third base. The Astros should be focusing on their own free agents and adding pitching and shouldn't even look in Manny Machado's direction right now.

16 Could Sign: St. Louis Cardinals

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

One team that everyone should keep an eye on this offseason is the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are the middle of the road team right now in the National League Central with the Cubs and Brewers clearly ahead of them. But, that could change a bit this off-season with the signing of a Manny Machado. The Cardinals have the eighth highest payroll in the MLB with $103 million on their total 25 man payroll. They need a middle of the lineup bat and whether it is at shortstop of third base, Machado could bolster the Cardinals immediately. The Cardinals need that star player in their system again and Manny Machado fits the bill perfectly.

15 Stay Away: Los Angels Angels

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

One team that should stay away from Manny Machado this offseason should be the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels already have one of the more underrated shortstops in the league in Andrelton Simmons. The Angels were second in WAR at shortstop with a 3.9 rating, thanks in large part to the contributions of Simmons. The Angels also have to make sure they have the money available to sign Mike Trout long-term when his free agency period arrives. If they want to keep Mike Trout an Angel for life, it might be best to bite the bullet on Machado this offseason and let him go elsewhere.

14 Could Sign: Chicago White Sox

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

One dark horse team that's been in the conversation with Manny Machado and his agent has been the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox are not ready to be contenders in the AL next season. However, they do have a crop of young talent that can make the White Sox must watch baseball within the next few years.

Manny Machado would be a great addition for the White Sox to hit in the middle of the lineup and give young first baseman Jose Abreu some protection. The White Sox payroll is one of the lowest ones in the majors, but crazier signings have happened.

13 Stay Away: Colorado Rockies

Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Another team that should stay far away from the Manny Machado sweepstakes in the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies are getting closer and closer to making deep playoff runs in the future. They have no problem with the left side of the infield, which would indicate having no room for Machado in the field. They have Nolan Arenado at third base who is one of the best players in baseball and Trevor Story at shortstop who has been quite the surprise for Rockies fans everywhere. They certainly have money to spend, but that money would be better spent on pitching than it would be on Machado.

12 Won't Consider: Baltimore Orioles

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There won't be any reunion happening between Manny Machado and his old team. The Orioles are not in a position to contend and after Machado got his first taste of the World Series, he will not want to go back to a rebuilding franchise. The Orioles lost 115 games last season and do not look like they will be improving much on it in 2019. They should consider trying to build their minor league prospects up through the minor league rankings and get them ready for the future. They had six and a half good seasons with Manny Machado, but it is time to move on for good and focus on the long term picture.

11 Could Sign: Chicago Cubs

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The other Chicago team will be right in on the Manny Machado sweepstakes. The Cubs are looking to get themselves back to the World Series and need to upgrade in a few positions. Having an infield with Bryant, Machado, Baez, and Rizzo would be a scary sight for the rest of the Major League teams. Plus, the Cubs have one of the highest payrolls in the MLB, so they could make the money work. Theo Epstein is not afraid to go out and get the big name players. So, the Chicago Cubs will be very busy trying to sign some big names, including Manny Machado.

10 Stay Away: Seattle Mariners

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

One team in the AL West that should completely stay away from Manny Machado is the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are in for a complete transformation this offseason. The Mariners have come out and said that they wouldn't be opposed to blowing up the franchise and basically start over again. One position they don't need to worry about is shortstop as Jean Segura helped the Mariners have the sixth highest WAR in the MLB with a 2.1 rating. The Mariners may have some work to do to get back to contending in the AL West, but shortstop is fine for now. They don't need Machado; they need a lot more.

9 Could Sign: Atlanta Braves

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A National League East team that could very much be in the hunt for Manny Machado is the Atlanta Braves. The Braves surprised a lot of people with their NL East title and their trip to the playoffs. They eventually lost to the Dodgers, showing they are still a few years away. The signing of Machado could be very essential to the Braves' future success though. The Braves will probably lose Nick Markakis and they will need another bat in the middle of the lineup. They also could upgrade their shortstop production as they were 17th in WAR with a 0.9 rating. What a signing that would be for the Braves!

8 Won't Consider: Miami Marlins

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

One team that should continue their rebuilding process and not even look in the direction of Manny Machado is the Miami Marlins. The Marlins made it very clear to everyone last offseason that they are starting new and going in a different direction. Do not be surprised if the same thing happens this offseason. There are already murmurs that J.T. Realmuto could be on the move. Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, and Marcel Ozuna were dealt last offseason. The Marlins are clearly going with their youth and their development. Plus, their payroll is near the bottom of the league. It would be very bad for the Marlins to sign Machado with not much else around him. And it's likely not a situation Machado would want anyway.

7 Could Sign: Philadelphia Phillies

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

One team that should be very aggressive this offseason with Manny Machado is the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies had the lowest production out of their shortstops last season with a -3.6 rating. The Phillies were right with the Braves for the majority of the season until September came into play. The Phillies could use Machado to lengthen out their lineup and help Rhys Hoskins in the middle of it all. Machado is familiar with the Phillies front office and how they work. That is a huge advantage that other teams do not have at this moment. Seeing Manny Machado as a Phillie could be very entertaining in the National League in 2019.

6 Stay Away: Oakland Athletics

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Athletics have once again become baseball's Cinderella story. They made it to the Wild Card game before bowing out to the Yankees. But remember, these are the Oakland Athletics, who have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. They also have solid players with Matt Chapman and Matt Olson, who just won gold gloves at first base and third base.

By signing Machado, they would not be able to do much else in the offseason. That's not the way the A's operate and we doubt that GM Billy Beane has even considered Machado. It's just as well.

5 Won't Consider: Tampa Bay Rays

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another team that Manny Machado will not even bother with is the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays were good last season, going 90-72 which would have been in playoff contention in just about every other division in baseball. The problem is that they are in the same division as the Red Sox and Yankees. This off-season, the Rays will look for some signings that can help maybe make the playoffs next season. However, they have one good pitcher with Blake Snell and do not have much else in their lineup. Machado wants to win now and he will not want to deal with the Red Sox and Yankees from April until October just to make playoffs.

4 Could Sign: New York Yankees

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Arguably, the favorite so far to land Manny Machado is the New York Yankees. It is very simple. When the New York Yankees set their sights on a specific target, they go out and get them. The Yankees have Didi Gregorius, who just had Tommy John surgery. So for the short term, the Yankees need a shortstop. Plus, Machado hates the Red Sox, so he would be perfect to add to the already heated Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. The Yankees obviously have the money to sign Machado and Machado has expressed interest in the Yankees in the past. Keep an eye on all Machado to the Yankees rumors during the offseason.

3 Stay Away: Los Angeles Dodgers

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The team that should stay away from Manny Machado is his most previous team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Machado did help the Dodgers get to the World Series, but he will be looking to go elsewhere. Don't forget, Corey Seager will be back in 2019 which would cause a problem with Justin Turner at third base. The Dodgers also saw that Machado does not like to hustle down the baseline and has been involved in some dirty moments during the postseason. The Los Angeles Dodgers will be fine without Machado, so they should upgrade other parts of their team and let Machado part ways for good.

2 Won't Consider: Minnesota Twins

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One team that Manny Machado will probably not be paying attention to is the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are in a state of transition. In 2017, they made the Wild Card game and took a huge step back in 2018. They no longer have Paul Molitor at the helm and Brian Dozier is now in Los Angeles. The Twins need an identity, but unfortunately, it will probably not be in the form of Manny Machado. They were 24th in the MLB in shortstop production for WAR with an even zero rating. The Twins have a lot to improve on this offseason, but they will not be improving by signing Manny Machado.

1 Stay Away: Boston Red Sox

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

This is the most obvious case for both sides involved. The Boston Red Sox should have no interest in Manny Machado and Machado will want to stay as far away from the Red Sox as possible. The Red Sox have the left side of their infield all set for the long-term with Xander Bogaerts at short and Rafael Devers at third base. Machado has had his issues in the past with Red Sox and their organization. It is clear he has a lot of disrespect for the franchise, which is why Red Sox fans loved seeing Chris Sale strike Machado out on a slider to win the World Series that had Machado basically falling down. Bottom line is the Red Sox should stay far away and Machado probably will not look in their direction anyways.

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