10 MLB Players Who Will Be Traded In The Offseason And 10 Who Will Sign With A New Team

The MLB offseason is quickly approaching and there is absolutely no question that we are in for a very epic one. It is quite apparent that there is an abundance of big-name free agents available this offseason, as well as potential trading pieces as well. When looking at how the MLB postseason has gone thus far, it is quite clear that there are a number of teams that are looking to improve upon their finishes this year. It is quite apparent that the league is extremely competitive and close right now, so there will be a lot of big moves to enhance their chances of winning the World Series for next season.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at ten MLB players who will be traded in the offseason and ten who will be signing with a new team. It is important to note that there are many top name free agents who likely are going to stay put with their current teams. However, that does not mean that others are not going to end up looking for new environments. At the end of the day, there are likely going to be some pretty spectacular moves this offseason that will result in some major changes to the MLB’s structure. Each offseason leaves a massive impact, but there is no question that this one is going to at an all new level.

20 Will Be Traded: Kendrys Morales

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There is no question that the Toronto Blue Jays are looking to rebuild. They had a very tough season this past year and veterans like Kendrys Morales will likely be dealt. Morales may be a bit overpaid at this present time, but with him having only a year left, there is bound to be a contender who would want him.

Morales actually is coming off a season where he did put up some fairly decent numbers. It is quite apparent that he still has a decent amount of pop in his bat, so that could be beneficial for any team. At the end of the day, Morales will likely be starting next season on a new team.

19 Will Sign: Brian Dozier

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When Brian Dozier is on his game, he is one of the most entertaining second basemen in the entire league. Dozier is capable of hitting a plethora of home runs and that is what draws so many teams to be interested in him. However, there is no question that he struggled this season.

Dozier simply had a very tough adjusting to playing with the Los Angeles Dodgers and will likely look to move forward from the team next season. There will definitely be a number of teams interested in giving him a one year deal. He is just two seasons removed from a 42-home run year.

18 Will Be Traded: Sonny Gray

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees have openly stated that things have not worked out with Sonny Gray and that they are shopping him. There will absolutely be a number of teams who will be intrigued by making a deal for the veteran, as he is a quality starter a lot of the time.

At the end of the day, it should not take much time at all for Gray to be picked up by a new team. It is a bit surprising that the Yankees are giving up on him so quickly, especially after the success he had in Oakland. Nonetheless, Gray will be happy to have a fresh start next season.

17 Will Sign: Dallas Keuchel

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Dallas Keuchel is definitely going to aiming to get his massive payday this offseason, but as a result of this, it is likely that he could end up leaving the Astros. This would be extremely strange to see because he has grown into a franchise player there, but budget is a problem in baseball.

At the end of the day, Keuchel will be going to the team that will give him the most money and Houston could end up having difficulty in doing that. Keuchel is also easily the best pitcher available this offseason, so there is no question that he will an abundance of offers.

16 Will Be Traded: Paul Goldschmidt

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There have been a number of trade rumors involving Paul Goldschmidt and this is definitely surprising. However, when seeing as how the veteran has just one year left on his deal and the Diamondbacks appear to be a tweener team, a trade may be their best bet for their future.

There is no question that the team cannot afford to lose the veteran for nothing, so they should at a minimum listen to offers for him. Although it would be extremely tough to lose him in the short term, it would be better to get something for him than for them to end up losing him as a free agent.

15 Will Sign: Josh Donaldson

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Josh Donaldson had a very tough season this year and that can be blamed on the fact that he simply kept getting injured. However, even with this, there is absolutely no question that the veteran will be receiving a lot of offers as a free agent because he is still a star.

Donaldson is a player who can truly bring everything to the table and that is why it will not take long for him to land on a new team. The Indians will likely decide to move on from him because it is clear that it did not work with him in their lineup and they will be looking elsewhere.

14 Will Be Traded: Evan Longoria

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The San Francisco Giants made a huge splash last offseason when they traded for Evan Longoria. However, it simply has not worked out for both parties and it is likely that a potential trade could happen this offseason. It is time for the Giants to rebuild and he would get them a decent return.

At the end of the day, Longoria would benefit with a change in scenery because it simply has not been a good match in San Francisco. Although his contract has a handful of more seasons left, there should be a few teams who would be willing to add him as a veteran piece.

13 Will Sign: D.J. LeMahieu

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D.J. LeMahieu is one of the most underrated players in all of baseball, but he will finally be getting his large salary this offseason. There is no question that the Rockies would love to keep him on their roster, but it is going to take a lot of effort to do so if he hits the open market.

At the end of the day, there is no question that there will be a number of teams who will be willing to give him a monster deal, so it is likely that he will end up on a new team in 2019. This will definitely be a significant loss for the Rockies and hurt their place in the challenging NL West.

12 Will Be Traded: Noah Syndergaard

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The New York Mets are in a position where they should start their inevitable rebuilding period, One player who they should trade now for a massive return is Noah Syndergaard. There would be a plethora of teams willing to pay a very large price to bring in this superstar starter.

At the end of the day, it simply does not make much sense for the Mets to keep him during his prime years if they are not going to do any damage with him. This is why a potential move could very well be the best decision for both parties and it is one to look out for very closely.

11 Will Sign: Daniel Murphy

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Daniel Murphy has quietly been one of the most consistent players in the league for a number of years. This is a player who has been able to hit for a very solid average for all of his prime years and he still is a very reliable player even as he ages. This will get him a solid deal again.

Although the term of his new contract will likely be shorter, there is no question that there will be a large number of teams who will be looking to add the veteran to their rosters. The Cubs will likely look to move on from the veteran however because of how the season ended for the club as a whole.

10 Will Be Traded: Michael Fulmer

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Michael Fulmer has been in the rumor mill since the middle of this season and it is a bit odd if you consider that he is a young star in the game. However, Detroit has made it clear that they are in a rebuilding period and they could be looking to maximize a return for him.

There is no question that there are many teams who would love to add the youngster to their rotation. He would instantly be a solid upgrade for any roster and this is why he will end up getting a ton of interest. At the end of the day, a trade could very likely occur this offseason.

9 Will Sign: Nick Markakis

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Markakis had himself a very solid season this year and that will end up resulting in him getting a large contract this offseason. It is likely that the Brave will opt to move on from the veteran because of this, so Markakis will find himself with a new team.

Markakis is a bit of gamble of a signing because it is likely that he will have trouble replicating the numbers he put up this season. However, even with this being the case, it is quite apparent that he will still be a very reliable addition to any roster and could work nicely at the top of the order.

8 Will Be Traded: Starlin Castro

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Starlin Castro is in a very tough situation right now because he is a veteran with terms on his contract who is stuck on a rebuilding team. However, Castro did perform fairly well last season, so there definitely would be a handful of teams who would be willing to trade for him.

The Marlins should be looking to move the veteran as soon as they can because it is clear that he simply does not fit the direction that they are heading. The Marlins need to get younger and trade their veterans away, especially when they have decent value like Castro.

7 Will Sign: Matt Harvey

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Matt Harvey started this season with an abundance of issues and it is what led the Mets to finally move on from him. After being traded to the Reds, Harvey seemed to slowly find his game and he now looks like a player who could provide some solid depth to the rotation.

Harvey is a player who could very well continue to improve and even go back to the skill that he once had. He is still young enough where he could very well become stronger again and that is why there will be teams who will be willing to give him the chance to redeem himself.

6 Will Be Traded: Miguel Sano

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Miguel Sano struggled immensely this season and definitely dropped in morale while playing in Minnesota. Due to this fact, it is likely that the team could seriously look to trade the young power bat. It is clear that it is not working out, but he still has decent value because of his potential and past success.

At the end of the day, trading Sano would definitely be risky, but at the same time, could be the right move for both parties. Sano definitely could use a new place to play that will allow him to have a clean slate. He has the potential to be a star and deserves the chance to show it.

5 Will Sign: Andrew McCutchen

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Andrew McCutchen had a very tough season this year and that can be blamed on the fact that he was constantly on the move. However, even with this, he still put up decent numbers and it should be enough to get him another solid short-term contract for next season.

There is no question that McCutchen would prefer to play on a roster who has a real chance of winning a World Series. The Yankees are going to move on from because they are focusing on bringing in huge stars and was obviously a rental. Nonetheless, McCutchen will have a new home next season.

4 Will Be Traded: Salvador Perez

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Salvador Perez is definitely the last remaining solid piece of the Kansas City Royals and he is continuing to put up very solid statistics. However, with the team looking so poorly and there being no hope of redemption with this roster, a trade could very likely occur.

Perez definitely has a solid amount of trade value because he is still one of the top catchers in the entire league. However, even with this being the case, Kansas City may be better off without him so they can solely focus on their inevitable rebuilding period. It would benefit everyone involved.

3 Will Sign: Manny Machado

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Manny Machado is truly helping his value even more because he is having an extremely solid postseason run with the Dodgers. There is no question that Machado is set to make a large amount of money this offseason, but it will likely end up being with a different team.

Machado is definitely a player who is worth spending on because he currently is one of the best players in all of baseball. There is a number of teams who have already been linked to signing him, so we are truly going to be in for a very entertaining offseason when it comes to his decision.

2 Will Be Traded: Jacob deGrom

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob deGrom had one of the best seasons in the history of the MLB, but the Mets were so bad for him that he ended up having a losing record. This is truly a disaster because he really could not have pitched any better. The time is now for New York to move him because his value is through the roof.

deGrom is easily one of the best pitchers in all of baseball and he has a large number of years left in his prime. The Yankees are a team that has shown immense interest in a deal, so that is the team to watch for as the trade sweepstakes begin to draw closer.

1 Will Sign: Bryce Harper

Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

Based on how poorly the Washington Nationals did this season, it appears likely that Bryce Harper will be signing with a new team this offseason. The Nationals failed to extend his deal and now he will have the opportunity to sign with any team of his choosing.

Harper had a bit of down year this past season, but that will not lower his value at the end of the day. He is one of the best all-around players in the entire league and there will be plenty of top-notch teams looking to acquire him. Free agents like him do not become available very often, so he is going to benefit immensely from it.

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