Playing The Field: 15 Baseball Players Who Are Notorious Daters

Baseball season is finally here, but what does this mean? Baseball season marks the start of lovely weather, drinking beer with your friends as you watch your favorite major league team battle it out for a spot in playoffs.

Baseball season also means we get to see many of the MLB stars' gorgeous wives, fiancés, and girlfriends in the stands. We get to see a part of the stars personal lives that we normally don't get to see from watching them on the field or at the press conferences. Some players have maintained long, beautiful relationships, while others aren't so lucky. Over the years some of the most beautiful women have snuggled up to some of your favorite MLB stars.

So here are some of the MLBs most notorious daters:

15 Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez is on the top of this list because of his prominent and extended dating career. Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to the dating world, in fact he is almost the opposite. Alex Rodriguez has a long exclusive history with dating. He has dated musicians like Madonna to Hollywood actresses like Cameron Diaz. Alex has had his fair share of breakups, exes, and one night stands, but when it comes to dating Alex doesn't hold back. In 2009 Alex Rodriguez also dated actress Kate Hudson for a brief period of time. Currently Rodriguez is currently in a relationship with the talented and beautiful Jennifer Lopez. These two have been in a relationship since January of 2017, but who knows who might be next up on the dating list for Rodriguez.

14 Derek Jeter

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Another stud to the dating world is Derek Jeter. The former New York Yankees shortstop has had a lot of hot moments in his life, such as having 14 All Star Game experiences, and helped the New York Yankees win five World Series Rings. We all know Jeter is a winner, but who knew he was winning on and off the field. It is well known that Jeter has got a good game, especially when it comes to dating women. Jeter has been in a number of relationships with some of the most talented and most beautiful women. Jeter has dated some of the sexiest american actress such as Minka Kelly and Jordana Brewster. Jeter has also dated his fair share of models and singers such as Vanessa Lachey, Joy Enriquez, Mariah Carey, and Bridget Hall.

13 Chuck Finley

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Chuck Finley was a mediocre pitcher for the Angels in the 1970s and 1980s. After his MLB career Finley purchased the Oakland A's. Finley is known more for getting beaten bloody by his wife with a stiletto heel then his baseball career. Finley married Tawny Kitaen in 1997 and got divorced in 2002. The cause of the divorce was when his wife, Tawny Kitaen, beat Chuck bloody with a stiletto heal. Tawny said she did this because of Chucks steroid and other drug use, but Chuck has never been caught using drugs. Domestic violence is not a joke in the MLB, many players end up getting charged with this crime, and it can ruin a persons life, but in this case it is kind of funny.

12 Joe DiMaggio

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When I think of baseball the first person that comes to mind is the goat, Joe DiMaggio. He is without doubt one of Americas most iconic and best ball players of all time. His success on the field is incomparable to most modern day ball players. He is three time MVP winner, has 11 All-Star appearances, nine World Series rings, and won two batting titles. Joe DiMaggio is without doubt the most consistent hitter to ever play the game, he had a 56-game hitting streak, which is still an unbroken Major League Record. With a baseball resume like this it's almost impossible to keep the ladies away, hence Joe DiMaggio's long list of girlfriends. Joe lived a very passionate and graceful life. He was previously married to actress,  Dorothy Arnold. He had his son, Joseph Paul DiMaggio II, but three years later he divorced Dorothy. Joe DiMaggio dated many famous actresses, models, and singers throughout his life, but the most important women in Joe's life was the up and coming actress Marilyn Monroe. Even after the two divorced they both had feelings for each other. Marilyn would often turn to Joe because he was extremely loving, devout, and dependable.

11 Chipper Jones

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Chipper Jones is perhaps one of the most overrated players ever. He has limited accomplishments in the MLB, and was extremely poor at fielding. The Braves saw that Jones struggled in the field, and moved him to the third base position. However his career isn't full of below average stats, he was one of the most consistent hitters. He had a batting avg. of over 300 from both sides of the plate, which is extremely hard to do. Jones' personnel life is a little more complicated then most. He has had a number of divorces, and is currently married to Playboy model Taylor Higgins. Jones has been married three times and divorced two times. He previously was married to Karin Fulford and Sharon Logonov. His first wife, Karin Fulford, ended the marriage because Jones had an affair and knocked up a Hooters waitress. His second marriage didn't last long either, after Sharon Logonov divorced him for unknown reasons.

10 Barry Zito

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Ex-MLB Pitcher Barry Zito was the best pitcher in the MLB in 2002. He won the Cy Young Pitching Award in 2002, had three All-Star game appearances, and won a World Series Ring with the Giants in 2012. Barry started dating Alyssa Milano, the american actress and singer. The couple at the time has been seen at many exclusive Hollywood events. The relationship was short lasting and ended in a quick four months. Barry is currently married to former Miss Missouri Amber Marie Seyer. The couple wasted little time and got engaged in April of 2011 and the marriage was finalized in December. The couple is still together today and are happily married.

9 Carl Pavano

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The 2004 National League All-Star Carl Pavano played from 1994 to 2014. Pavano played for six different teams throughout his MLB career. Pavano is well known for giving up Mark McGwire's 70th home run in the 1998 season. Like Barry Zito, Pavano also dated the actress and singer Alyssa Milano. Pavano and Milano's relationship also was short ended, and lasted only a mere two months. Three years later Pavano found another women by the name of Gia Allemand and the two started dating. Gia was an actress, model, and reality TV star. Unfortunately the couple lasted for about a year and ended in turmoil when Pavano was caught cheating on Gia. Gia reported saying that her relationship with Carl was "As bad as Carl's pitching!" On August 14th 2013 the once talented and beautiful actress decided to take her own life.

8 Josh Beckett

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Josh Beckett, currently pitches for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Josh Beckett has a list of major accomplishments he has acquired over the years of him playing professional baseball. He is a two time World Series Champion and World Series MVL Winner, Winner of the Babe Ruth Award, and three All-Star appearances. Josh dated the beautiful county singer, Danielle Peck. However, Beckett dumped Danielle, and returned to dating his high school sweetheart Holly Fisher whom he is currently married too. Danielle sang the national anthem at the 2007 ALCS, a game in which Beckett had 11 strikeouts in eight innings. You could say Beckett performs well when others are watching.

7 Matt Kemp

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Matt Kemp is one of the MLBs most prestigious outfielders. Matt Kemp has quiet the resume when it comes to baseball and dating. He has been selected for two All-Star games, was nominated and won two golden glove awards, and two Silver Slugger Awards. Does Matt Kemp's success on the field carry onto his dating life? You could say so. The talented Matt Kemp has been seen dating The Caribbean Queen, also known as Rihanna. We know Rihanna has had her fair share of relationships, but who knew she dated Matt Kemp! That's not the only dime Kemp has pulled over the years. He was also seen dating Kloé Kardashian. Both of these relationships lasted under a year, but why? Rumors have it that Matt Kemp was somewhat abusive, although none of these rumors are proven to be true, their has been speculation about the stars act of violence.

6 Justin Verlander

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Justin Verlander, perhaps the best pitcher in the MLB today. He won rookie of the year in 2006, was the leagues MVP and Cy Young award winner in 2011, and 2011 and 2012 pitcher of the year. His list of accomplishment that he has achieved in the MLB has brought attention to him on and off the field. Justin is on this list not because of his high number of girlfriends, but his loyalty to one girl. Justin Verlander is currently engaged to model Kate Upton, one of the most iconic models of all time. Kate is very well known because of her curvy body that was on 2012, 2013, and 2017 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. The couple has been together since 2011 and have been their for each other every step of the way.

5 Nick Swisher

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Nick Swisher, the former first baseman and outfielder for the New York Yankees has had quiet the career. He was nominated as a 2012 All-Star, Home Run Derby Participant, and World Series Champ in 2009. Nick has been described as very hardworking individual. In 2007 Danielle Gamba and Nick Swisher started a relationship. Danielle is an american model , dancer, and former NFL cheerleader. This relationship was only temporary, and ended within a year. After dating Danielle Nick found the love of his life, JoAnna Garcia. The couple dated for 9 months before getting engaged. The couple has been married for 6 years, and have a daughter named Emerson Jay who is only three years old.

4 Evan Longoria

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Evan Longoria is currently one of the best MLB third baseman in the league right now. His all around play style is what makes him a one of a kind player. Entering the league in 2008 he won AL Rookie of the Year, an AL All-Star from 2008-2010, 2009 Slugger of the Year Award, and two Rawling Gold Glove awards. His success is surely to bring a beautiful women his way. Longoria met his current wife, Jamie Edmondson, in 2009 and were engaged four years later. Jaime was Playboys "Playmate of the Month" in 2010. The couple is still together today and have two kids, a boy names Nash Harrison and a daughter named after Evans mother, Elle.

3 Carl Crawford

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Carl Crawford, nicknamed "The Perfect Storm," has appeared in four All-Star Games, was nominated at the 2009 AS MVP, Winner of the 2010 AL Gold Glove Award, and 2010 AL Silver Slugger Award. Crawford met Evelyn Lozada in July of 2013. After about five moths of dating the notorious ball player the couple got engaged on Christmas of 2013. Although the relationship seemed very rushed they are still together and are extremely happy together. The couple also have a three year old little boy named Carl Leo Crawford. Needless to say, Crawford got it right in terms of dating and the woman he chose.

2 Ryan Braun

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Ryan Braun is a left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. He won Rookie of the Year in 2007, NL MVP in 2011, six All-Star Game appearances, and five time NL Silver Slugger Awards. Braun is one of the most consistent power hitters in the Brewers team history. His successful career is what has made Braun the iconic player he is today. In 2011 Braun was started dating Lingerie Model, Larisa Fraser. The couple dated for about two years, and then got engaged in 2011. The dynamic duo were officially married in December of 2013. Even though the couple have been together for a long time rumors have come up that Braun has cheated on his wife, but these rumors have not be proven true. The couple had two children together, but still ended up getting a divorce and now live separately. The couple have one daughter together named Celine Elysse Braun.

1 Brad Penny

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Brad Penny, the two time All-Star and former World Series Champion has pitched for a number of Major League Teams throughout his lengthy career. Penny is currently ranked at number 35 of The Best Miami Marlins Player of All Time. Like Carl Pavano and Barry Zito, Penny dated Alyssa Milano (there was seemingly a running theme about Milano throughout this entire piece). In 2005 Penny started a new relationship with Eliza Dushku, the actress and model. Years later Penny started yet another relationship to ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff, later to be married to the All-Star Brad Penny.

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